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Ain’t no Jive…Gonna try it Live


               It’s time for an update about …….“Pitch Your Team”

In the couple of months since I came up with what I thought was a crazy cool idea I’ve had only one video sent to me. It was from Dan and Emily and I just wanted to thank them for jumping on the idea. They did a good job too.

                                    Here’s Emily show’n her Rockies luv:


It seems to me (by lack of video submissions) that Dan, Emily and I luv the Rockies more than any other reader, writer or fan of baseball who owns a video camera.

                                         Don’t you hate me for saying that?

no hate logo.jpg              Prove me wrong and send me your “Pitch Your Team” video 

 The planned cutoff for video submissions is the All-Star game. If in the next week people express interest and tell me they have a video in the works I’ll extend the cutoff to Aug 7th. If not, then Super Rockies fans Dan and Emily are the winners.

                 Despite the lack of interest I’m still working on my own video.

Live blog logo.jpg
So, if I’m going to be known as a trendsetting blogger, I guess I need to be bust’n out some more trends.

Here’s my new thing…..I believe I have the capability now to blog live from the games. Thursday’s game will be a test run for me. Internet connection is the biggest question right now. If that’s a go, then I believe all is a go.

       Here’s how I want this to work:

If you visit the Rockpile Rant at various times before and during the game I’ll have fresh content up.

You might get to see a video or picture of something cool that happened during batting practice or pictures of the Rockies before the game starts.

Maybe during the game I’ll get lucky and snag a picture of a controversial play or a “Coors Field crack of the game”? 

       For sheets and giggles I’m tossing around the idea of a segment called:

                                    “Where is Captain Earthman now?”
Cpt Earthman 11.jpg                           For some reason I laugh every time I think of that.

The only thing I won’t be able to do while I’m at the game is write the ending and upload the bulk of the pictures.

What do you think? Obviously I won’t be blogging during batting practice as catching baseballs is my thing. But there’s a nice break in between BP and the start of the game.
Am I breaking new ground here or is this already being done from a fans perspective? I have no idea; it just feels like the next step for me.

            I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter , I’m in it for the snags and the brags.

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