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Feeling Fine Here’s a Rockies Rhyme


      New pictures have been posted at:  Rockpile Ranter’s Picture Blog

             Here’s a random screenshot from the MLBLogs home page that I liked:

I’ve got the best news, I’m going to a four day work week with Wed, Sat and Sun off. Now I can make the Wednesday Rockies games. I’m so freggin happy I felt like writing a Rockies poem.          


 He is my favorite player, the Rockie they call Helton.

If you’ve seen him hit it’s no sheet he can really belt-em.

He hurt his back and got off track but I know what I’ve seen.

He’s hitting well and time will tell what it means to this team.


 Ive taken a lot or razzing about the Rockies current state.

They say you have few wins, I say just you wait.

It’s all a part of the master plan I tell them with a grin.

Here me say come opening day Rockies finish with a win.


Cook’s in town and he’ll be on the mound, ready standing tall.

I’ll be there in my Ranter wear, ready to snag a ball.

The game’s against the Phillies, last year’s number one.

It’s no joke I’m pretty stoked the season has begun.

                                          From Marianne aka R-Luv:

The Rockies are my team, going to the Series was a dream

Other People don’t understand, what it is to be a Rockies fan.

                                                  From  R-Luv again:

Street, Gonzalez, and Smith came to playin place of our All Star Matt Holliday.

Our catchers are awesome there’s none better than Yovit Torrealba and Chris Iannetta.

Our pitching staff is good and deserves a look with Francis, Jiminez, De La Rosa and Cook.

I’m almost done and then I’ll stop but not before I mention my favorite outfielder Bradly Bonte Hawpe

                                       Here’s a verse from Alex of:

Blogging With an Altitude, Baseball in the Mile High City

2009, here we come! Bring on the Purple Storm.

Cause once our players step up to bat, they really can perform.

Some people just don’t get it, they say we can’t play ball.

I dare them to say it again in October, once we win it all!


Thank you Alex and R-Luv. You are both true Rockies Fans

C’mon Rockies fans show me your creative side and add a verse…D
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Twenty five, until my little drive


Not MBU 1-29-09.gif(<—This is not the Moblile Blogging Unit)

Twenty-five days until the Mobile Blogging Unit reaches mobile blogability. I hope I don’t have any internet connectivity issues whilst I’m mobily blogging.

Congrats to Ubaldo Jimenez. The Rockies signed him to a four year deal worth 10 million and it’s loaded with all kinds of performance incentives.

The Rockies need Ubaldo to stay healthy this season. 

JFFG.jpgWho knows if Jeff Francis will be starting in April. He’s still having issues with that pesky shoulder of his.

 Cook, Jimenez, Marquis, who’s the Top Dog if Francis is injured and can’t start off the season?

Is Francis still the Top Dog even if he’s healthy?  

I wish I could be in Tucson mid-February to see the pitchers and catchers report. I keep hoping for a last minute surprise in the Rockies bullpen, but at this point I wouldn’t bet on it.

It does get me to thinking, “Who among the Rockies bullpen is ready to take it to the next level?”

UJ.jpgMy moneys on Ubaldo, but I still have high hopes of Francis returning to his past glory. Cook is a powerful weapon but tends to wear thin with too much usage.

MannyRamirez u neverknow.jpgGuess we’ll begin to see in a couple of weeks.

I wish we had somebody new to get excited about.

I wonder how Manny Ramirez would do at this altitude? Manny in a Rockies uniform, now that would be a sight. I’d take Manny for a season. The guy has spark there is no denying that.



 I have big hopes for Tulo this season which starts off with him not having any major injuries.

 It’s time for this dude to make his mark with the Rockies.

You want to be leader of this team Tulo, show us what you got brotha, and do it all season.

I really believe this is going to be his breakout year.

Tulowitzki healthy and producing all season long is a good thing for the Rockies.

And a good thing for the fans.

IS1-29-09.jpgIan Stewart, here’s another guy bursting at the seams with talent and waiting for everything to click.



 Thumbnail image for spilborghs1-29-09.jpgRyan Spilborghs, recently married. Happy wife = happy life. This dude should have the season of his life. He’s earned a starting position and I want to see him keep it all season and become a permanant fixture in the outfield.

Andy 9-15-08.JPGMan I love talking/writing baseball.

I need some warm weather and a break from the stresses of life.

cactus_baseball_1-29-09.jpg I’ve earned this little baseball vacation. I still have a spot on the MBU available. No worries here if it doesn’t get filled. Right now it’s Andy, Robert and yours truely.

(<——Andy snaggin at Rockies batting practice)



If all goes his way Robert will be staying in Tucson when Andy and I head back to Denver. 

Someday I’ll be able to do that. When I retire it’ll be summers in Colorado and down to Arizona for Fall Ball and Spring Training.

           You’ve got to stay busy.

Thank you all for the great comments on my last entry on concerts.

 Thanks for stopping by the Rant and reading my filler. You know me, I’m just waiting for the real stuff…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

It’s no joke when your computer’s broke


broken computer.jpg  
I guess at some point all of your crap just wears out. Not unlike the Rockies last few games of the season, my computers last days have been slow and painful.                        

 I was left with no option but to try and use my backup desktop computer. It’s damn near as old as my daughter Mylee, and she’ll be eight soon..

I got that thing up and crawling, but it’s just to old.

So after some tweaking, fixing, and replacing,  I’m up online again using my old broken laptop.

half full glass1.jpg


I’m trying to look at this with the glass being half full, so on a positive note let me say at least my piece of schit computer lasted until the end of the regular season.




Speaking of broke and finished, who do you think the Rockies are going to get rid of before next season?

 Do you like the way I just slid that in there? I got skills. 


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Matt Holliday 7-20 Picday.jpgMatt Holliday seems to be the  buzz name for now. I hope not.

He has another year still in Colorado but you know he’s got to be wondering what his market value is? I’m curious.

As a Rockies ticket purchaser,  I only help pay the Rockies salaries, I don’t sign their paychecks, but I think they should find a way to keep Holliday here. I’d pay a buck more for a Rockpile ticket. 

He likes it here, keep the man happy, and pay him what he’s worth. Even that might not be enough.

Next seasons pitching should be interesting. Brian Fuentes (super southpaw) is coming off his best season  and is now a free agent.

Fuentes112.jpgLets think about this:

Brian Fuentes = reliable closer

Yep, he is going to cost some the Rockies some green, but pitching has ALWAYS haunted this team and this guy does what you pay him to do, win games.

In my opinion he is only expendable if it involves some kind of deal that keeps Matt Holliday in Colorado.

Thumbnail image for cookie 7-1.jpgAaron Cook had a great season except the last month or so.

Jeff Francis never found his groove, and then he went on the DL for his shoulder. He struggled when he came off the DL, but was seemingly back in stride toward the end of the season.

Thumbnail image for Jorge.jpgJorge De La Rosa struggled early on, but showed us a few things the last part of the season. I think he’ll be back. Buchholz finished the season 50/50 and Manny Corpas was 3-4.

bits and pieces.jpgThere are bits and pieces of a good pitching squad here, but the Rockies are missing one major thing…A big name pitcher.

If we could guarantee a solid pitching season (we all wish), there is no telling what the Rockies could do in this Division.

Now let me take this full circle. In my opinion, Matt Holliday is only expendable if we bring in a BIG name pitcher. See,…it works both ways.


                      Catchers Duel


Yorvit 13.JPG
Chris Iannetta 13.jpg 








Yorvit vs Chris. Hurdle will probably split their action 50/50 until an injury or performance dictates which one will assume the position. Both these guys are excellent catchers and the Rockies are lucky they have them both to choose from. 



 Where will Garrett Atkins wind up next season? This one is a pickle.

 Garrett starts the season on third base. Todd Helton gets hurt midway through the year, Garrett takes over first base and does a great job.

Ian Stewart takes over third and does a better job than Garrett did.

Ian is younger, more athletic and gets paid less than Garrett.

On Garrett’s side, one thing he has that Ian doesn’t is a proven track record. Only time will tell for Ian.

I have more plenty more questions as do you I’m sure. I also have five months to kill.

Tell me what you think the Rockies should do for next season.

Now that I have a functioning computer again, I’m going to try my hand at some playoff blogging..Thanks for reading…Watch out for those Phillies..I’m just saying…D 
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When Cookie crumbles the Rockies bumble


Gate -4.JPG




This will be mostly a photo blog today.

The kids and I were first in line today for batting practice. Rock Pile Tickets.JPG


These were our tickets. Rock PIle 


 That is until Alice,our season ticket holder friend showed up and gave us three coupons for free tickets. This is the second time she has done this for us.

Thank you Alice!  tickets from alice.JPG  


Sweet, we upgraded to Pavilion tickets. My favorite place to sit.

Soon as we got inside for batting practice, Hunter went after a ball that an Usher had tossed into the bleachers.

He got it. Then he got tossed another ball from Ubaldo Jimenez.

  Hunter waiting 8-4.JPG

 Hunter was really patient and It paid off. 

He was able to get ball number three tossed to him by a player and he snagged his fourth ball off of of a bleacher bounce and beat the crowd to it.  

  Thumbnail image for Hunters 4 8-4.JPG






Grand total of four for balls today for Hunter.

Pound for pound Hunter is Coors Field’s best boy snagger.

Pound for pound Dan’s daughter Emily would have to be Coors Field’s best girl snagger.RPR 8-4.JPG



Me…I chased a couple balls. When I was taking pictures I happened to look up and saw a ball coming right for me. I raised my arm just in time to have it hit my glove and bounce up to a kid two rows behind me.


Thumbnail image for Mylee filming 8-4.JPG

 Mylee was with us today and she was shooting some video. Most of it was really bouncy. She said the video camera was too heavy.

You know, there is a reason the Nationals kind of suck and it was obvious during batting practice. Other than the balls the players tossed to the crowd. I don’t think the Nationals hit more than a couple HR balls the whole hour or so they were practicing.

 So I decided to snap some pictures. That is after all what a Phoblographer does.

                                    Bear with me this will be long..but cool

BP Left 8-4.JPG


<—————-BP crowd to the left of me.

BP right 8-4.JPG  


BP Crowd to the Right of me————————->


Below is Jeff Francis with the backhand toss Francis tossing ball 8-4.JPG                                   A few of the Nationals players warming up   Nationals Practicing 8-4-2.JPG                                        Chris Iannetta Signing autographs Iannetta Signing Autographs 8-4.JPG                                           Next up is Tulo and The Boys                   Tulo and The boys.JPG

                                                       A few more Tulo and Atkins 8-4-1.JPG                                             Tulo, Atkins and Stewart Tulo Atkins Stewart 8-4.JPG                 (Super Southpaw)  The Fuentes Stare..Spooky The Fuentes Stare 8-4.JPG                                       Taylor and Brian Chillin Taylor and Brian Chillin 8-4.JPG                                     Vizcaino doing the same with Corpas Corpas and Vizcaino.JPG                                          The first pitch of the game                  first pitch 8-4.JPG                             Beginning of the game running onto the field Running onto the field 8-4.JPG                                          Tulowitzki’s first at bat

Tulo At Bat.JPG

The Nationals Pitchers. Look closely at the backpack under their bench..It’s a Hello Kitty backpack…Ha Ha Nationals PItchers.JPG

            A really nice Usher who gave the kids each a baseball card. Thank you !! Usher who gave the kids a baseball card.JPG                                     My dream job. This guy has it made I want this job.JPG                                           Clint Hurdle getting ready Relaxing 8-4.JPG                                    A couple shots of the National Anthem NA 8-4.JPG National Anthem 8-4.JPG NA 8-4-1.JPGI have a bunch more pictures but it’s late and I have to get up early. The Rockies lost this evening 9-4. We were up on them and I was sure were had this one, but it slipped away.

 Aaron Cook gave up seven runs on eleven hits and Hurdle yanked him after 5 2/3rds innings. That doesn’t happen too often to Cookie. He is now 14-7

Brad Hawpe hit a single and scored two runs and Holliday hit a double to score a run.

This can’t happen at home.

My next game is Wednesday in what better be a tiebreaker with the Nationals. I’ll be there with my buddy Jack from Summit County.

                                                         Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Holliday has a Helladay, but it isn’t enough


Right now the Rockies are 5-4 on this road trip and 11-5 since the All Star break.

Six and four would be much better. Game four is in  Florida and the Rockies need this win to break even in this set with the Marlins. Besides, I hate losing to the Marlins.

Valerio De Los Santos, I like this guy and wanted to see him succeed, but in the end he didn’t bring it when he needed to. In Saturdays game   Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for JeffFrancis_2007_008.jpgDe Los Santos allowed three runs, walked five and gave up four hits in only four-innings. Clint Hurdle let him go after the game. Good Luck Valerio!

Welcome back Jeff Francis. Jeff has been on the DL for a while now with a shoulder injury.

Before Jeff was injured he was  3-7 with a 5.67 ERA in seventeen starts.

Jeff fits in nicely with the Rockies.

 I hope his shoulder holds up and he can get back to last seasons level of performance.

 Good Luck starting on Wednesday. Show’em what Canada is all aboot…eh!

Thumbnail image for Matt H.jpg   

 Matt Holliday is flippin amazing. I can’t remember the last game in which he didn’t hit a homer. This is the second game against the Marlins this year that Matt has had hit two homers.  Even with his valient effort last night, the Rockies couldn’t get the win over the Marlins. 

They lost it 5-3. 

The Rockies return home to Coors Field on Monday and begin the start of a ten game home stretch against the Nationals, Padres and D-Backs.

Right now the Rockies are twelve games back from .500 and this next home stretch could possibly, maybe slightly, without a doubt, take it to the bank, you bet your bippie, if all goes well, so they tell me, wheres the beef, straight up, ultimately make or break the Rockies.


  Aaron Cook is the starting pitcher on Monday and that makes me feel good. He’s solid and hard to shake. Plus he has a cool nickname…Cookie

This year while pitching at Coors Field, Cook is  6-3 with a 3.43 ERA.

I’ll be at the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (my birthday) games..See you there.

                               Go Rockies…D
Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG  

Rockies blow the sweep we get none to keep

7/27/08 9:30 AM, three cups of coffee.

Humm 7-27-08.jpg<—–Humming bird snatching a drink in mid air.

You wouldn’t believe the amazing view I have as I’m sitting here working on my blog. 

I’m  on top of a mountain overlooking Nederland. Colorado.

 I’m secretely borrowing some free wireless internet so I can take care of some business and post this blog entry.

   chipmunk 7-26.jpg

 I’ve got a fold up carry chair, my computer in my lap, the sky is a clear jet blue and the wind is blowing tiny little ripples across the water.

 There is a chipmunk on top of a log about five feet away and a hawk big enough to carry away one of my pugs is flying overhead checking out the scene.


Here’s what we did this weekend while the Rockies were out of town. 


Lake view Best.JPG

  We (me, Berned, Hunter and Mylee) spent all day yesterday fishing at at Rainbow lake.

We didn’t catch a single fish except for  Berned who managed to snag a Rainbow trout.

Hunter Fishing.JPG





 Got up early again this morning.

   Still no luck.




Berned Mylee fishing.JPG


 Berned and Mylee fishing—————->


I would have taken a picture of Berned’s rainbow trout, but it was tiny and I didn’t want to embarrass him.





Me and Hunter 7-26.JPG




No worries, there really is no bad day fishing.

Just nice to get out and get some fresh air.

Mylee fishing 7-26.JPG




It was nice to get away from the heat of the city.

It was around 82 degrees up in the Mountains on Saturday and Sunday.

 Mid 90’s in Denver.




Go Rockies.jpgNow on to some baseball.

Rockies beat the Reds last night 5-1

Rockies have won the last eight of nine since the All Star break.

Thumbnail image for Jorgedlr.jpg

 Jorge De La Rosa has managed to save his job with some solid pitching when we need it the most.

 Congrats on your first road win of this season. Good timing.. Jorge is now 5-5.

 Rockies are now only six games behind the D-Backs.

Aaron Cook1.jpg


 Aaron Cook..Congrats on the birth of your son on Thursday.

Ubaldo.jpgToday Ubaldo Jimenez gets to face former Rockie Pitcher Josh Fogg today in Cincinnati.

 Fogg, aka “The Dragon Slayer”, has a chance to put a halt to the Rockies sweep of the Reds.


COOL NOTE: Each Rockies starter in the last two games has had at least one hit.

Rockies have the most runs in the MLB for July so far with 135.

Rockies are tied for third in Home Runs with thirty five, and are tied for first place in stolen bases. Thank you Willy T.

I asked at the beginning of this road trip for the Rockies to bring some wins to back to Coors Field. So far this road trip they haven’t disappointed. Yep, I’m happy right now. 

 Lets see, a sweep today of the Reds then eastward to take care of the Pirates.. Fishing Morning 7-27.JPG 

                                                         Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

With Cook on the mound, justice is found

me 7-1-08.jpg7/1/08





I was prepared today.

 First in line, first through the gates, first into the Pavilion.

Thumbnail image for Pavilion Bleachers 7-1.JPG



Right after I snapped this picture a ball was hit to the next section over and I casually walked over and picked up ball number one for the day. Ball 1 7-1.JPG





 That is why it pays to show up early.





7-21 Crack.JPG





Sometimes the view can be amazing !


Full Moon—>




 Berned got stuck in traffic so I knew he would miss most of batting practice. Rockies finished up their BP and then the Padres took over.


Ball 2 7-1.JPG

I was standing in the middle of the Pavilion, and saw a screamer heading about thirty feet  to the left of me.

 I jumped a several rows of bleachers and managed to beat a couple of Padre fans to it.

 I snatched it up and quick and they mumbled something. I replied, ” you shoulda been quicker..maybe next time” . Sorry they were too slow. In a future blog that statement will come back to haunt me. 

Thumbnail image for Give Away Ball 7-1.JPGWhile I was waiting to get into Coors Field for BP I had a brief chat with a guy named Mike and his grandson Turf.

They were from out of state.

.He and Turf (who informed me that he was from the same town as Todd Helton), were in the first row trying to snag and were having no luck.

I figured that he had probably traveled the farthest for BP so he needed to go home with a ball.


Enjoy Turf..It was an honor to meet you.

ball 3 7-1.JPG

 Fifteen minutes later I saw another ball launched towards me.

 I stepped down about four stairs and put up my glove. There were three of four people gathered around me and the ball hit a guys finger and went right into my glove.

 I was really surprised that I wound up with that ball. I barely felt it hit my glove.  Berned 7-1.JPG



Right after that lucky catch, Berned arrived after winning the battle with Denver traffic.

Fifteen minutes later batting practice was no more.

Not too bad today, three balls and I got to give one away to a nice kid who really deserved a ball. Matt 7-1.JPG













Our seats were right behind left field and and Matt Holliday. These are awesome home run seats. Problem is order to catch a home run ball one needs to be hit to you while your sitting there.

As luck would have it, no balls were hit to our area. I settled for taking a few pictures.  

Headley 7-1.JPG 

I have to point out a couple of fans that were sitting behind me.

 They were heckling ( I mean REALLY heckling) Chase Hedley the left fielder for the Padres.

 This was all in fun, but it really didn’t need to continue the WHOLE game.

Who knows maybe these fans got inside of Headleys head. 


                                           Here is a videoclip of Headley’s abuse

      Video 1 –> Chase Sucks.AVI                       Yet another video—> Red Rover.AVI

cookie 7-1.jpg




Rockies won this evening 4-0.

Cook pitched a five inning shutout in just 79 pitches.

Cook is the bright light in our pitching staff this year.

Great job. Keep it up Cookie.

It is fun to watch you pitch.


 This game was the shortest nine inning game ever played at Coors Field lasting one hour and fifty eight minutes.

 Worth watching every second when your team walks away with a shutout…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG