When you’re not Legit…You eat Bird Shit

February 2, 2014


I went back and forth on whether I wanted to write a blog about this game. In the end I decided to do it because I need to get this out of my system.

The last time I remember being this upset over any professional sports anything was when the Rockies attended the World Series in 2007 and decided not to show up. That is exactly how I felt about Superbowl XLVIII. The Broncos may have been wearing their orange home jerseys but I didn’t recognize anyone on that field in New Jersey.

I can’t even begin to tell you how kerfuffled I am right now. Before the game began I was chatting with my wife about the Superbowl being in Arizona next year and  Peyton Manning had agreed to play another season. We discussed how close Arizona is and how cool it would be if the Broncos were in the Superbowl next year and the possibility of actually attending the Superbowl if a lot of things fell into place.

Now I’m confident I wouldn’t make that trip to Arizona.

Ask the Broncos fans flying home who attended the game yesterday how they’re feeling and see how confident they are in ole Peyton’s post-season performance now and going forward. I’ll tell you what, that has got to be one depressing flight home. These Broncos fans probably spent upwards of  5 or 6 grand a piece and it wasn’t even a good game. In my opinion this was the worst Superbowl I’ve ever watched.

Even the commercials were extremely lame compared to previous years. An entire year to work on those commercials you’d think they could come up with some funnier stuff.

Way to go Joe…He’s the man, but I can’t believe they still let him attend Superbowl’s loaded. Don’t you love the way he flipped the coin before heads or tails was called? That’s a flip fail.

Former New York Jets quarterback Namath performs the official coin toss prior to the start of the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football game in East Rutherford

The game pretty much went downhill from this point…The first play.


Props to the mighty Seahawks. They were everything some arrogant fans said they were and more. They DOMINATED this entire game. I’ve never seen a team make the great P-F-M look more like an aging chump than the Seahawks did last night. What I needed to see was a tight game. I needed to see the Seahawks under pressure.

I needed to see the Seahawks defense scramble to adjust to Manning’s last-minute changes at the line.

manning at the line

I needed to see Knowshon Moreno having the game of his life.

Knowshon Moreno

I needed to see my man Pot Roast serving up some dinner.

pot roast

I needed to see Champ Bailey seize this opportunity. You know,.. 15 years in the league and this being his first Superbowl and all.

champ stiff arm

I saw none of that, not even an onside kick after the half? Sometimes I wish John Fox had a pair. It’s the Superbowl and you go big or you go home a loser. Words can barely convey how disappointed I am in my team.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not sure what I was watching but it didn’t look like the same Broncos team that I’ve seen breaking NFL records all season long. Now we get to start over which I find extremely depressing because even if the Broncos go 16-0 in next years regular season….

I have absolutely no faith that Manning can win the big game.

Peyton choke

That folks,…just sucks…Think about it.


I’ve never heard of Bruno Mars before but I’ve been listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers since the 80’s.

red hot chili peppers

Again props to the Seattle Seahawks..Superbowl XLVIII Champions.

seahawk sb champs

I’m “D” the Ranter…Always a Broncos fan.

Futures not so bright and bird shit ain’t right.


Ranter logo best copy purple

Manning Delivers…Rivers Withers


Say that title three times fast.

Alternate title… “A broken bolt has no volt”

time to ride banner

Chargers vs Broncos Playoffs at…

b vs c 1

For two weeks I had to listen to folks that know more about football than me tell me not to count out the San Diego Chargers. Granted they are coached by a former Bronco, but I just didn’t believe the hype. Plus I like Phillip Rivers about as much as I like the smell of that Purina dog food plant on I-70 mid-summer.

The Broncos parking lots open 5 hours before the start of each game.  That means if you’re mountain folk, you need to wake up and hit the road way to early and be in your car in line by at least 7:30am. If not, you’ll be trying to tailgate on some side street and the homeowners who live there don’t dig on that too much(especially that early). I had no troubles getting up this morning, I was so ready for this game I couldn’t sleep.

Smooth sailing getting a tailgating spot and by the time we headed into the Stadium we were in the perfect mood to see some post-season football 🙂

Was it cold? There were moments of warmth when the sun would pop out of the clouds and for a few minutes I actually felt overdressed. But once the sun went down and the wind kicked up even harder it was cold enough to hang a coat off of ‘ole Elway’s nipples.

In order to have a good time at Mile High you have to seriously learn how to ignore the assholes. I figure a good portion of folks here have had a few more to drink than they should have and once they’ve had too many the dumb ass in them likes to find its way out. I find the older I get the less I like dealing with intoxicated people. I’m not sure where I stand yet with whether folks should be able to smoke weed inside Mile High Stadium but I do feel like people who smoke tend to behave better in public.

pabst-blue-ribbon rosey grier

I am in no way trying to start a debate here, I’ve just seen enough alcohol infused fights and piles of Pabst Blue Ribbon puke to last a lifetime. With all of that alcohol being consumed have you seen how long the line is to take a leak?


Seriously, you can wait up to 20 minutes or longer to whiz. That’s a LONG 20 minutes if you’re a man over 40…Just say’n.

On the other hand if everyone was high…


The line to whiz would be shorter, but when you got hungry the line for food would be a bitch.

I usually start my blog entries on MLBlogs(here), then when I start to get picture heavy I continue on my other blog as it is designed to show the pictures in full resolution. So with that being that please…


“D” the Ranter

Broncos T-Bag the Jags

nfl_jaguars_vs_broncosThere’s nothing like an early morning tailgate party.

Bronco’s parking lots open at 9am for a 2:00 game. Either you’ve got your shit packed the night before or you’re gett’n up at the crack of dawn to load that car. Krista and I have no elaborate tailgating ensemble right now until the VW bus is finished. For now we just bring food, booze, our chairs, my Broncos cornhole game and a lot of enthusiasm.

We rolled in about 10 am and managed to get a decent spot to tailgate and play a lil cornhole. I wanted to get inside the Stadium a bit early so I wouldn’t miss the Todd Helton tribute.

Tebow to Jacksonville…Hmmm?

2 TEbow to jacksonville

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Eagles are Grounded…Then Pounded


b vs e

I was explaining to Krista what kind of Quarterback Michael Vick is. I was like the dude can run, he can throw, he can make plays happen when nothing is happening, however he’s just not reliable or likeable.

Fair assessment?

I like Michael Vick about as much as I like taking my dogs to the Vet.

I noticed I hadn’t heard any smack talk from ANY of my Eagle fan friends?? ..Yeah thought so 🙂

I can’t tell you how much fun the “Peyton Manning Show” has been this season. As a fan, 4-0, Manning with career and record numbers. Witnessing touchdown after touchdown. Yeah it’s a good year to be a season ticket holder.

Today I got a shot of the skydivers from outside the stadium.

para guy upside down 1

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It’s Gonna Be Odd…Without Todd


bos rox helmets

I knew this day was going to be insane when I arrived an hour and a half early to Coors Field and it looked like Opening Day. DJ pumping out some techo on Blake Street and Rockies fans everywhere wearing #17 jerseys, it was an incredible sight. I normally don’t wear player’s jerseys (I have my Ranter jerseys), but there was a time when I did wear #17′s.

todd helton sign 1111

I arrived early with the intention of soaking in the sights and sounds of the last game my favorite player would ever play at Coors Field.

However, I found myself trying to snag a good place in line as it was not only Todd’s last home game it was his bobble head day and Rockies fans (including yours truly) dig-em. In fact Rockies fans like their bobble heads so much every single one of them showed up 2 hours early.

Never have I ever seen a crowd that big trying to get inside Coors Field at once. I’m glad I entered Coors early because as I hit the front row of the pavilion I noticed a 20th Anniversary logo ball sitting on the warning track. Twenty two games this season and I had not snagged a Rockies Anniversary ball. I noticed Chad Bettis walking up to the ball and I really wanted that ball. So I went a little out of my comfort zone and said “Sir, I’ve been to a lot of games this year and I’ve yet to snag a commemorative ball, any chance I could talk you out of that one.”

Chad looked up, smiled and tossed it to me. Never hurts to ask I guess 🙂

20 ball coors

Here’s the video tribute the Rockies did for Todd.

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