Null and Void…Pete Should Have Done Roids


Pete Rose or his likeness has not appeared on his own Topps card since Major League Baseball banned him in 1989.


Topps who holds the exclusive rights to produce MLB-licensed trading cards, has removed all references to Pete Rose on their cards starting with the release of 2013 Topps Series One.

The cards feature a “career chase” blurb on the back, indicating how far away players are from certain career milestones.

For example:

This is AJ Pierzynski’s card. No mention that Rose holds that record.

tops card no pete rose

Look on Parnell’s card, Jesse Orosco is mentioned as the record holder for games pitched??

bobby parnell card

 No mention of Charlie Hustle.. It’s not an error on Pierzynski’s card, as every other card where hits are mentioned in the Career Chase features no mention of Rose.

Topps said the omission was a “simple decision”.

Something I thought interesting… Rose is not be cited as the all-time hits king, however..Steriod monster Barry Bonds is referenced on the cards as the all-time home run king…Doesn’t seem fair to me.

Pete’s 71 now..and goes out multiple times a week to sign autographs to support his family. You don’t make a living by signing your autograph if folks dont love you.


It’s obvious that some folks in baseball don’t care for Pete…But it’s not hard to tell Pete still loves baseball.


I’m “D” the Ranter

Hunter and I met Pete Rose at an Office Depot in Westminster Colorado about 10 years ago and we both got to shake his hand. To this day it’s still one of my favorite memories.


Sorry Pete…The noose is a whole lot looser if you were a juicer…”D”

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