The BFD-Garage Days Visited


“The BFD” or the band formerly known as “Ear Infection”.

The band was originally Greg, Pete, Shaun and once in a while Chuck would come over and play drums. All friends of mine for well over 20 years and 4 of the coolest guys on the planet. They invited me to a band practice at Pete’s place one time and for shits and giggles I tried to do some vocals for them.

I remember Pete telling me I sounded like Lemmy from Motorhead on a bad day.

With that vote of confidence ringing in my head it wasn’t long before I picked up a Bass guitar and started learning how to play. Eventually the family and I moved away from Colorado Springs up to the Denver area which made attending band practice rather difficult.

For a year I drive down once a week and jammed with my buddies. Looking back on that year makes me appreciate my wife even more for letting me do that.

 Gas prices started to get insane which in turn made  my weekly trips to Colorado Springs a little pricey. Eventually due to the cost(not the lack of passion), I had to retire from the band.

I look at it like this…I’m never going to be a Rock Star but I got to play in a band with my buddies for almost 2 years. That right there is special.

This short video clip and a whole lotta memories are all that remain of “Ear Infection”.

The band however continued to evolve. A few changes in membership and a new name.. “The BFD”  now consists of Greg, Pete, Chuck and Matt .

I took so long to get these pictures and video to these guys that I figured I owed them a nice little presentation thus this blog entry.

The BFD’s

Greg (Bass)

Pete (Rhythm guitar)


Matt (Lead guitar)

Here they are..The BFD…Live(sort of) from Greg’s Garage 🙂

Covering Metallica’s “From Whom the Bell Tolls”

Changing it up a bit.

Then the smoke rolled in.

I mean it really rolled in.

Kinda made it just that much better 😉

I couldn’t be more proud of the fellas. They’ve been practicing a long time and this was their first time jamm’n in front of a bunch of friends. How cool is it to pick up a six-pack and go spend the evening watching your long time bro’s crank out some heavy metal tunes?

Rock on BFD!!

I’m “D” the Ranter and I’m a BFD…VIP.

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