Scorpions still… “Bring the Sting”


Scorpions and Tesla at Red Rocks  

Any chance you get to visit Red Rocks amphitheater you take it.

 I wasn’t so sure I was going to make this show. The night before I started having some severe abdominal  cramps and the next morning I found myself in the emergency room. After about six hours of some procedures I don’t care to mention I was released feel’n a whole lot of woozy but determined to see the Scorpions and Tesla at Red Rocks as this could be the last time the Scorpions tour…Unless they do like the Eagles do and have a never ending farewell tour.

Truth be told I’d have been there with a fregg’n IV hang’n out of me.

 The last time I saw the Scorpions perform was when they played Red Rocks back in 1991.

The opening acts were Great White and Mr Big and my young happy ass was glad to be there. It rained for most of the Scorpions set and they played right through it despite some electrical issues. At one point Klaus Meine asked the crowd if he sounded all ok because he said his earpiece hadn’t worked all night. 

I remember lightning striking in the back sky as the Scorpions played “Rock you like a hurricane”, and images of scorpions crawling on those big old red rocks. I’m an old skool Great White fan too and Jack Russell and the boys didn’t disappoint either. 

I’ve been waiting a long time to see the Scorpions play Red Rocks again. 

 This time I kicked those heart attack inducing stairs in the ass because I’m a non-smoker and having lung power is a good thing.

 After a brief “feeling up” by the event staff I entered the amphitheater.

Sporting a “Frozen Dead Guy Days” T-Shirt and my trademark Ranter hat I found myself surrounded by a sea of balding long hairs(myself included), men too old to be wearing tribal print shirts and women trying to squeeze into the same outfit they wore the last time they saw the Scorpions.

Not that I really care what folks wear, realize I’m an observationist and I’m trying to describe the vibe here. My seat was in the third row and that’s the closest I’ve ever been to the stage before with a ticket and my good camera in hand.

As far as distance goes I was maybe fifteen feet from the stage…Choice real estate. 

My advice for catching a show at Red Rocks is arrive at least two hours early. Bring some food and beverage, park at the very top parking lot and just chill. I say that because that’s what I usually do and there is no traffic and no waiting behind a mass mob to get inside.  Today I entered the actual park at 7:00 pm and with all the traffic it was 7:25 before I was parked and 7::50 before I was standing in front of Tesla.

I’ve never seen Tesla before and I dig a lot of their music so this was a good line-up for me.


I can’t say for sure and I know he kinda acts like that anyway, but I swear the lead singer Jeff Keith was on something.

I realize that’s not a major sin in his profession but what comes to mind is …Really..Still?

 Anyway, drunk wired or whatever he got through it and they didn’t sound that bad. They performed “Coming atcha live”, “Signs”, “Modern Day Cowboy”, pretty much everything I wanted to hear.

I tried to shoot video in the third row but the security guard kept busting me. For some reason he didn’t have an issue with the 450 lb guy sitting in front of me who was filming entire songs, he just had an issue with me. I had no interest in filming the whole show, I  just wanted one full song.

Here’s a little bit of Tesla.


 The same security that kept busting me hooked me up later by doing a great job of removing random drunk folks who wandered into my seating area trying to block my view of the stage. 

Right now Colorado is on fire and the smell of smoke is everywhere. At Red Rocks there’s a different kind of smoke and it doesn’t smell like campfire. No way around it…Red Rocks smells like weed. Again I’m just making an observation. Like it or love it, marijuana is the incense of Red Rocks.

After about a 40 minute  reset, the Scorpions took the stage.

Klaus mentioned it had been a while since they played “The most beautiful venue in the world” and thanked everyone for supporting the Scorpions for all these years.

 Rudolf and Klaus are the only members to appear on every Scorpions album.

Rudolf Shenker is the only original member from of the Scorpions. Rudolf formed the band in 1965 when he was 17. He’s 63 and to watch him on stage you’d never know it.

Shot of the crowd, complete with three alien spaceships checking out the show.

Here’s a little video of “Big City Nights”.

If you’ve never seen the Scorpions do it because this could be your last chance and there’s still a little “Sting” left in them.

Just don’t expect them to “Rock you like a Hurricane”, be prepared for more of a Tropical Storm. 

I’m “D” the Ranter…If it’s too loud, just use earplugs…”D”

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