When It Stops Being Fun…I’m Done


When I started blogging in 2008 my intended purpose was to bring much-needed attention to the Rockies. I felt the Rockies were ignored by the media until the actual 2007 World Series.

I thought the Rockies were Legit…So Legit they Quit.

My first blog entry…Out of the Storm the Ranter is Born

It’s 2012 and I find myself not wanting to bring any attention to the Rockies. In my eyes this season is a bust and it started with the pre-spring training decision by Poot Warts to let Tom Helmer go.

Being at the ballpark just isn’t as much fun as it was with Helmer at the helm.


Not like there are a lot of wins this season, but what the hell do we do to celebrate now?

Poot Warts,  it’s not too late…If you seriously kiss Helmer’s ass and offer him a raise he may just consider returning. Helmer will always be a winner, I can’t say the same about Poot Warts and the Rockies this season.

Dan O’Dowd has got to go. He’s a major contributor to the Rockies internal blockage.

Drew Litton 

The problem is Dan has this remarkable ability to stay nicely tucked inside Dick Monfort’s colon. Personally I can’t stand the smell of hot dogs.

I’m not sure where I stand with Jim Tracy.

I like Tracy, but if you look at his past performances, he’s about par for “his” course here in Colorado.

 As I mentioned a few weeks back on Facebook, I think the Rockies need a fan induced managerial enema.

The “Year of the Fan” is a fregg’n joke. That’s an entire blog entry on its own but…Not worth the effort.

 The Rockies AAA team the Sky Sox have better game day giveaways(4 bobble head this season vs the Rockies none), and consistently treat their fans much better. I really like Security Service Field in Colorado Springs. If you’ve never been there it’s worth the trip.

I’ve never made a penny blogging about the Rockies. I’ve invested thousands of hours into my blog because I love baseball, love the Rockies and I love sharing my pictures and experiences with the Rantics and Rockies fans everywhere.

But, this season I’m…

I’m not finished with the Rant. I didn’t bust my ass to become the #1 MLBlogger in Colorado just to let it slip away because the Rockies suck. But on the other hand I can’t support this team on the level that I have been. I’ve decided to stop blogging about the Rockies for the rest of this season.

I’ll be checking out a few concerts this summer(Scorpions, Tesla, Kiss, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Motley Crue). I’ll blog about those for sure but I’m done wasting my time with a team that is plagued with issues on every level and has owners who will only pay attention when the Coors Field cash cow stops producing.

I haven’t left you totally high and dry. There are two up and coming Rockies bloggers, they are Mike the Rox Addict and Amy who writes “The Take from 20th and Blake“. Both are friends of mine and huge Rockies fans. This dynamic duo will keep your blogging needs fulfilled in my short absence. Please check out their blogs if you haven’t already.

Here’s a few Ranter nuggets of wisdom for next season Rockies. Go with the managerial enema, and clean that shit up. Invest some dough into this team. Our best homegrown pitcher was Ubaldo and you tossed his ass outta here. Homegrown pitching takes too long so try more of a combination of both next season. Consider Jamie Moyer as a pitching coach replacment for Apodaca. Chalk up some much needed wins, show the loyal fans you care and try to win back the ones you pissed off by not caring.

Finally… Get rid of that fregg’n embarrassing wussie purple dinosaur mascot…Please?

I’ve always heard you can’t polish a turd… So why do we keep buying turtle wax?

Next season…New look Rockies with new management, a new attitude, confident new pitchers and a new tough Looking Mascot. Anything less is a smack in the face of the Rockies fans who still go to Coors despite the Rockies being the bottom feeders of the NL West…Myself included.

Will I still go to Rockies games? Oh hell yeah, I have tickets to about ten more games and I’ll be there because win or lose it’s still baseball and the only show in town. However, I won’t be taking any pictures because there is nothing about this season I want to remember. I’m also a Broncos season ticket holder and I fully intend to blog about the Broncos again this year. Towards the end of June the family and I will be in Tulsa for our first Drillers game.

 What will I do with all of my free time? Were moving to a little town in the Colorado mountains called Wondervu and I’m going to take the rest of the summer to settle in, hang with my family, get to know my neighbors,  learn how to make my own picture frames, and throw one helluva house-warming party.

Rantics…Give me a pass on this one. With so many bloggers doing what I do now it’s time for me to “change it up”.  During my break I’ll be in my mountain lab secretly developing the next trends in Sports Picture Blogging, cause that’s what “I” do.

I’ll be back with a vengeance Colorado…Bet!

I’m “D” The Ranter and even the “King of Bloggers” needs to take time to work on his castle.

Rockies…Do something!!


  1. Dave

    D I’ll miss your pics and insight, but I totally understand the feeling. It’s not fair-weather fandom; when every time you watch you feel like you are seeing your dog get hit by a car, sometimes you just gotta look away for a while. Look forward to your Bronco’s blogs! -Dave O


    DAVE-Thx brotha I appreciate that. I’m not really looking away, I’m just choosing not looking through my camera lens…”D”

  3. Geri Schmid

    I totally understand how you’re feeling. Good for you for taking it easy and spending time with the fam instead of at the ballpark. I hope to see you and your family soon, but will understand if I don’t. I’ve never felt like I must be paid to go there, and now I kinda do . . .

  4. Dean

    “Tough love” I guess. Looking forward to reading about the Broncos. Good luck on your move. Let me know more about it. You better invite me to the house warming party. Even if I can’t make it.


    QUEEN GERI-I’ll still make my games with the kids when they can as the Rockies are the only show in town…But I will not spend my precious off-time recording this abysmal season in blog form.
    DEAN-Lil bro, you’re always invited. I’m also anxious to see Peyton Manning in action…”D”

  6. Roxrbest

    I just started following you after the Helmer mess. Sad to see you go. Maybe you could check into the Rockies board once in awhile. Don’t think I’ve seen you on that. Anyway have a good summer and enjoy your new home.

  7. Cook & Son Bats

    Sad news, D. Your blog really got me excited to come to Coors Field, and I had a great time at the ballpark with you and all of the regulars out in LF. I hope things improve and you come back strong in 2013!

  8. Jake

    Too damn bad. I hope my little stirrup thing didn’t play any role in your loss of interest. I had just started reading the rant and I sure will miss it.

    Suppose some of my socks do make it onto the field, would you consider taking photos of them?


    • RANTER

      JAKE-Lots of things contributed to my lil break. Your stirrup’s had nothing to do with it. Looks like my lil break is inspiring the Rox? If you get Rox players to wear stirrups and I’ll take pictures fo sho…”D”


    TODD-There’s too many folks rolling like I do. I gotta stay fresh and change things up in 2013. Was extremely cool meeting you and your family at Coors…”D”

  10. RANTER

    ROXBEST-Welcome to the Rant…Maybe I will get on the message board. It will have to be after my move but I’ll be checking it out…”D”

  11. crzblue

    Good luck D. We understand. Between working, going to games at home and schedulings some road trips on top of regular life it takes a toll on me. I blog about the Dodgers but also about baseball. Enjoy your new place, your new neighbors and above all your family and friends.
    Tough for me to take the Dodgers five game losing streak. Hope it ends soon! Tracy had his good points and bad ones when he was with the Dodgers.

  12. Ryan

    Looks like I found your blog too late, but I can’t blame you for being this frustrated, I found this while looking to buy an “O’Dowd Sucks” tee shirt. Rockies have lost me too until they show some type of interest in fielding a competitive team.

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