No need to be an Ass…Just cause you got a Pass


This isn’t the Rockies Opening Day Blog..This is the prelude to it.

I’ve got to tell you about  a Denver Post photographer who was so rude she gets her own blog entry.

Rantics meet Helen Richardson, don’t let the smile fool you.

Helen is a photographer for the Denver Post and has the credentials to prove it. Helen’s mission today was to get 200 pictures of  Joe Salazar’s mohawk  no matter what the cost. If you’ve never seen Joe’s mohawk it’s a fregg’n thing of beauty.

Helen asked Joe if he wanted to be in the paper and the first six times Joe said “No”.

 Before Helen had to actually beg Joe for the picture he caved in and let her take a picture of him standing in between three of Denver’s finest. Helen decided she needed to partially stand in my space to get the much desired picture of Joe’s mohawk.

Picture by a rude Helen Richardson of the Denver Post.

So I sat there as she popped off a few pictures. Being a photographer myself I had no issues about that. I was a bit upset that she was in my space and kind of disregarding that fact that it was MY space. After a minute or so of her still taking the same picture of Joe I stood up hoping to give her enough space to finish so I could get back to watching the game.

 A minute later Helen was STILL taking pictures of Joe.

The entire time Helen was taking pictures of Joe she was oblivious to the fact that she was bothering me. She didn’t acknowledge my existance or ask if she could share my space. Finally after letting Helen’s “invasion of my privacy” wreck enough of my Opening Day experience I said “Ya Know a couple of pictures is cool, 200 pictures is douche baggery”.

Then she said “Excuse me am I bothering you?” I said “Yes you are, I’m trying to watch the game and take pictures and you’re in my space and  have been for a while”.

At that point instead of realizing she had over stayed her welcome and politely leaving, she proceeded to verbally F’ck with me and tossed a few expletives my direction. Finally after enough of being harassed by someone who didn’t even pay for her ticket I stuck out my hand and said:

 “Hi I’m D the Ranter and you just made the blog“.

She wouldnt’ shake my hand and just stared at me with a pissed off look on her face.

The look was followed by “Ewwww, are you going to put my picture in your blog?” belted out very sarcastically.

 I said “Naa”.

 At that point she still wouldn’t take the hint and leave so I got a pen from Mike and jotted the name down I that could see on her press credentials.  When Helen noticed me doing that she proceeded to turn her credentials around so I couldn’t see them…

Too late Helen 🙂

I never mess with folks, especially when I’m at a Rockies game. All who know me know that I go to Coors Field to hang with the Rantics, take lots of pictures and cheer on my Rockies. Baseball is my escape from the real world and I’m there to relax, not get all bent out of shape.

I gave Helen plenty of time to do what she needed to do and she abused her “Press Pass” privilege by being a nuisance, not leaving soon enough and by verbally harassing me.

This is professional behavior? Denver Post do you agree? Rockies do you agree?

Helen here’s a tip, next time start off with “Excuse me could I stand here in your space and take a few pictures?”.

Asking is a good thing and is respectful to fans who actually PAY for their tickets and stand in those long lines to get inside the stadium.

Then take a FEW pictures and then get the hell out-of-the-way.

I purposely sit in the front row so I don’t block anyone with my body or my camera lens as I take my pictures. In my wildest dreams I had no idea I’d have to deal with an annoying Denver Post photographer blocking my view in the front row of the Rockpile of all places?

When Helen finally disappeared I asked Mike the Rox Addict who is a professional photographer if I had been in some way out of line with Helen. Mike said she was rude, unprofessional and had abused her media privileges. Good, glad to have confirmation that it wasn’t me.

Helen, here’s a few nuggets of wisdom from the Ranter free of charge.

Remember, it’s not about the picture you take,  it’s more about the image you leave.

By the way, I only had to take one picture of Jeff’s mohawk.

Here it is:

 You should know better than to mess with someone with RANTER on their jersey.

I’m “D” The Ranter and I may take your picture but I’ll damn sure leave you some elbow room.

Go Rockies!!…Helen, I changed my mind about posting your picture and by the way you and your attitude can…



  1. Dan

    She sounds like a winner alright. As soon as I heard her cuss at me I would have had one of the cops escort her from YOUR seat.


    What got me about the whole thing was her smug “Holier than thou” attitude. She picked the wrong “Blogger” to cop that attitude with…”D”

  3. Lisa

    You need to let the Post know about it and let us know what they say. At least she won’t be around anymore, since it’s not Opening Day.

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