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It’s not often the Rant get’s some props from anyone in Colorado or anywhere for that matter.

 I was checking out local blogs and ran across an article about me. It was written by a local blogger known as Colin D. I first met Colin at the Tom Helmer rally at the Blake Street a while back. I knew the dude was cool because he was part of the duo who hosted the rally for the “Homeboy”.

Here’s the article Colin wrote:

Blog View: Rockpile Rant is a perfect fan blog

Written by  Colin D.

Blog View: Rockpile Rant is a perfect fan blog

 The Rockpile Ranter is all about the Colorado Rockies.

My first encounter with the Rockpile Ranter (who’s real name I do not know) came via e-mail. Homeboy was pissed at me for reals.

I had used some of his personal photos here on the site without asking his permission. One of them had his kids in it, posing with a local sports television personality.

I found the shots in a Google Image search. The Ranter had uploaded them to his site – Rockpile Rant.  I copied them and pasted them into a story I wrote about Tom Helmer’s stint with Root Sports – and how it had come to an unwelcome end. The photo I used really brought home the sense of loss I knew fans would feel when they learned Helmer’s contract had not been renewed.  Unfortunately, the photo wasn’t mine to use.

The e-mail I received demanded that I quickly remove the picture with the children in it – but made no threats. I took the picture down. Soon I would meet the Rockpile Ranter.

James Hernandez of 5280 Shirt Shop and I teamed up to put on a party for Helmer and about 50 of his closest fans at the Blake Street Tavern. The Ranter and his family showed up and showed up big. They brought signs and hugs and heaps of Helmer love.

I introduced myself to the Ranter and apologized for the confusion. He took one look at my Rockies gear and told me it was all good, Bro. When I got home that afternoon I checked out his blog and I have been reading it ever since.

It’s a perfect fan blog.

The Rockpile Ranter (who’s name I do not know) gives visitors to his site a first-hand view of the Rockies from the perspective of a maniacal fan who takes a million photographs.

He flashes his trademark peace sign in poses with players, coaches, statues, ball parks and mascots. It’s clear that he’s having a great time and that he absolutely adores baseball.

The Rockpile Ranter makes me want to trade lives with him when I see much fun he has following Rockies baseball. Folks out East don’t think basefall fans like him exist in Colorado. I’m not sure I thought they did, either, until I met him and his family.

You really should visit his blog. The URL is It is absolultely the best Rockies fan site I have found.

I hope the Rockpile Ranter Enjoys this edition of Blog View. I stole another one of his pictures.

You can check out Colin’s blog at :

Nice guy…Give him some hits…”D”


  1. Geri Schmid

    Nice article about you, and that was big of you to let the ‘disturbance’ go. Maybe if Colin will Don Rockies gear every game, we’ll tell him what your name is. 🙂 I also looked at his South Stands Denver blog. There’s a writer named J Reidy on it, and that’s the guy that my son Brian took over writing the column on the AV Club! Small world and 6 degrees and all that! See you in 6 days when we shall ‘Don we now our gay apparel.’

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