Crack of Dawn…Ready to Get it On


After a short day of work and taking care of a few loose ends, the Rox Addict and I hit the highway in search of the tall cactus and the green grass of Arizona baseball stadiums.

We rolled our tired asses into Salt River Fields at 6:30 this morning.

Tired but damn happy to be here.

Here’s a few shots of this beautiful facility early morning.

At this point it’s time to wander around a bit more then head out to the campsite and get set up.

Then it’s back to Salt River Fields at Talking Stick for our first Rockies game of the season tonight.

 I’m “D” The Ranter and I’m all about arriving really early…Stay tuned, this gets better.



    im here the rox are splitsquading today.early bird needs to fly his 30 miles east .to surprise.hitch a ride with tulo in his ride ,your on the downlow..IM ALL OVER ANY RF BOMBS. YOU GET LF BRO…..TC

  2. hi

    no hr s hit but nelson cruz caught the wheeler deep fly ball right in front of me .short of a hr by 1 foot…

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