Shrinking my Link in the Drink


Frozen Dead Guy Days 2012…Day 3

The Polar Plunge

I knew this day was coming. After watching and photographing the Polar Plunge last year I mentioned to my son that it might be cool to actually participate. Somehow that planted a seed and today I found myself standing in the Polar Plunge line wearing shorts on a windy 25 degree day with Hunter by my side.

I am not a Polar Plunger. I love water but I like it hot and preferably with jets. This water was neither warm, nor bubbly.

 It was just cold…Damn Cold

Normally there’s a warming tent to put your clothes on or take them off but thanks to the previous days wind, there was no tent. As much as that sucked in the end it didn’t matter.

The eager folks standing in line were there to get wet and tent or no tent it was gonna happen.

This was the first person to take the plunge.

So here’s Hunter and I.

The plan was to wear our Rockies jerseys, walk up to the hole cut in the ice, dip our toes in the water, assume a Tebow position and then fall backwards into the frigid water.

We executed perfectly except I forgot to dip my toe in the water.

Soon as I hit the water my mind went totally blank for a few seconds.

My first thought was…” this water is cold”.

My second thought was…”I need to get to the edge now”.

I was extremely proud of Hunter. He was right there with me and showed absolutely no fear…That kinda scares me.


At this point I realized I didn’t have my hat. As cold as I was I’d have jumped back in for that hat.

Lucky for me I could see it floating behind the paramedic.

Here’s the video of Hunter and I doing the plunge.

These were the Star Wars plungers.

Here the battle on video.

If you’ve never done the Frozen Dead Guy Days  Polar Plunge it needs to be on your bucket list. I’ve checked that one off and don’t think I’ll ever need to do it again. I’ll stick to taking pictures of other brave participants

Next up for us was the Coffin Races.

We had a spot by the finish line so my pictures are of the racers as they crossed the finish line.

So who was the winner??

The Pink Socks had the best time and won the Coffin Race for the third year in a row. This team is tight and they’re really something to watch in action.

I’m “D” The Ranter and I did it 🙂

That’s it for Frozen Dead Guys 2012…See you next year…If you dare.

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