Orton Hears A Boo…Or Two



The end of baseball season for me means Nuggets basketball (although this season is a bust), and Broncos Football. If you follow this blog you know it’s not limited to baseball. I’m a Colorado Blogger and with that said I need to be flexible, so I blog about all kinds of events from Judas Priest concerts to my little town of Nederland’s famous “Frozen Dead Guy Days”.

 After almost ten years on the Broncos season ticket waiting list our number finally came up and Krista and I were offered the opportunity to purchase season tickets a few months ago. My wife is probably a bit more of a football fan than me(and a lot less of a baseball fan), but I’ve been a solid Broncos fan since 1989.

She supports me hanging out with the Rantics at Coors Field so I didn’t hesitate to get her the Broncos season tickets.

Happy Wife = Happy Life

 The plus side is I get to go too 🙂 Hunter and Mylee both were able to attend the two home pre-season games and they had a great time.

Our seats are on the fifth level and only thing in front of us is a railing. Cool thing, not too far from our seats  is the Broncos fan mascot known as the Broncnater.

Here’s the Broncnator in full effect on the Big Screen.

Here he is in person.

Gotta respect a guy who puts his trademark name on his Jersey 🙂

This particular game was my third Broncos game of the season and although it was the Broncos forth loss I felt this game was blog worthy. The game kicked off the with the announcement that the skydivers were jumping out of the plane.  Everyone stands there and looks up and waits for the skydivers to enter the stadium.

If you’ve never seen live before this it can get a bit tense at times as these dudes swoop over extremely close to the crowd. Once these guys manuver themselves inside the stadium they are haul’n a-ss.

Nobody took a boot to the head so I’d call this one a perfect landing.

Then there was the flyover…That never gets old…Jets will always be cool.

 Ok, I was not on the Tebow bandwagon at the beginning of this game. I like Tebow but I figured he needed more time to learn the Broncos system and mature. But I’m not seeing anything I like from Mr. Orton thus far into the season. 

Not long into the game the boo’s started because of Orton’s performance and not long after the Tebow chants started to echo the stadium.

 I felt bad for Orton but not only did he put on a lackluster performance he just looked like he wasn’t into it. Body language says a lot. Kyle’s body language said..”Bench Me”

Coach Fox succumbed to the crowd pressure, pulled Orton, put in Tebow and the Broncos were back in the game. Something about Tebow, when he is on the field it feels electric. It’s like the Mile High Magic is back.

Say what you want, I was there and I felt it.

Here are some random game pictures.  

This dude is gonna be great.

Gets the two point conversion.


Decker Flying

This catch was one Coach Fox reviewed. He clearly had possession.

Upon further review it was a reception.

 Champ Baily doing his thing.

Sends Mathews airborne.

Mathews lands and loses possession of the ball. 

Broncos ball.

 Rivers attempts a throw to Jackson.

 Jackson thinks he has it.

I think at this point Jackson knows he’s lost it.

The Broncos had a chance to win the game with one second left close to the goal but it wasn’t to be.

Broncos lose to the Chargers. The final score was 29-24. I’ve never exited Mile High with a loss and seen the crowd still buzzing with excitement. Is Orton done and the Tebow era begun?

By the way..Have you heard of Tebowing? You’ll love this 🙂

I’m the Ranter…I’m on the Tebow wagon, I like a quarterback with heart. 


  1. Joy

    Tebow gets my vote, too. 🙂 We were there yesterday. Tried to see you, but as we were in a suite, we didn’t have a view all the way up there. Anyway, fun 4th quarter, even though they didn’t quite pull it out. Not giving up yet!

  2. Ken

    D –
    Good to see that your back on the blog wagon. My thoughts on Orton are that he should have been the starting QB at the beginning of the season because he knows the offense best. If the Broncos started losing games, then it would be time to give Tebow a try to see what the man can do. If the Broncos still don’t see an improvement with Tebow then they can draft Andrew Luck from Stanford.

    It seems that Orton doesn’t care whether the Broncos win or lose, the guy is not an emotional leader. Now Timmy on the other hand is brings this team to life. He brings a fire the gets the whole team burning, and he makes the Broncos exciting to watch even if they lose.

    Fox needs to make the change and give Tebow two weeks to practice with the starters. It was never a fair competition during preseason as Tebow never got a chance to practice or play with the starters. Let’s see what #15 can do!

    – Peace Out Farm Trout


    JOY-Sorry we missed you, we usually tailgate in parking lot G. Agreed on the 4th quarter. Thought we were gonna do it.
    KEN-Thanks brotha, I was seeing it like you until this game. At this point I’d rather see Tebow play and lose games and get the experience than watch Orton’s depressing play. Inexperienced or not, Tebow is fun to watch and you never know what you’re gonna get. It’s great…D

  4. Emma

    The ski diving and jets never get old at Dodger Stadium for Opening days! I love it! You took some great photos there! What kind of camera do you have?
    Hey anytime you come to Dodger Stadium, let me know and I’ll give you that tour.

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