Vertical Lift isn’t my Gift



I had a dream I caught a home run ball from Todd Helton the night before this game.

I had front row seats for this game.

I clean caught the first BP home run ball of the day within seconds of reaching the pavilion.

I was in the perfect seat to snag Carlos Lee’s home run in the first inning.

Here’s a link to the video of Lee’s homer and my still ongoing quest to catch a live game home run.

I heard the crack of Carlos’s bat and I knew immediately that this ball was launched close to where I was sitting. Never taking my eyes off of the ball I got up out of my seat and tracked the ball about ten feet to my left. I found myself pressed against the railing behind me. It all happened so quick, as the ball sailed closer I realized it was going to land slightly over my head. I jumped up as high as my body would let me. I’m still not sure if the ball bounced off of my glove or the dude behind me hit my glove with his, but something touched my glove.

I missed it, the perfect opportunity blown.

I sat back down after this and told Amy who was sitting  beside me with her dad,  “I might as well go home cause nothing else is even going to come close, that’s it for tonight”.

 I stayed of course but I was right…Great game, the Rockies take two straight from the Astros with a final score of 8-6.

My quest continues….

Robert recently took his VW bus “Jim Morrison” on his final journey. Robert and Jim headed up to Seattle to catch a couple Mariner games and to get a shot of Jim in front of the space needle. Apparently Robert had tried to get the same picture years back and the weather didn’t cooperate.

Here’s Jim in front of the Space Needle after almost a half a million miles…


Happy Trails Jim…Jim’s replacment…Janice.

My VW bus..aka..Vanny Castilla is coming along too.

I’m the Ranter and right now I’m wishing I was one of those guys who had the “Gift of Lift”.

Props to the Rockies who continue to play better as the season winds down.


  1. Bryan

    Hey Ranter,

    One afternoon in 1997 we headed down to Denver from Vail to catch a game. We got into town early and checked into the hotel to get a quick nap before heading over to Coors Field. As I slept, I had a dream that I caught a home run ball. It was still wrapped in plastic (still not quite sure what that means).

    That night I ended up catching a HR clean out of the air in left center off the bat of Vinny Castillo. It was so awesome and I can still feel the emotions in stlow motion when I think about it. It was able to get my friends at home to record SportsCenter that night and later contacted the TV station to get film of the game. So periodically when I want to show my wife how much of an athelete I was I pull out those tapes and play them for her.

    The coolest thing about it was that the ushers came down and got my name. A few weeks later I received a contract making me a honorary off the field member of the Rockies. It was signed by Don Baylor and everything. A couple of years ago I had it and the letter that came with it framed with some pics of Vinny. Although I never was able to get him to sign the ball. I have sinced moved to South Carolina and live vicariously through your blog. I really enjoy the live action shots. Keep it up!



    BRYAN- Welcome to the Rant and thank you for your support over the years. I enjoy a home run story with a happy ending and yours about Vinny Castilla is a great one. The Honorary Off the Field member of the Rockies thing is something I’ve never heard of but that’s very cool. That must have been what they did before they started handing out “Clean Catch Pins”. Unfortunately the really cool “Clean Catch Pins” have now been replaced with “Clean Catch Buttons” which are totally lame(BAD MOVE ROCKIES). I’d love to see a picture of the Honorary Off the Field stuff the Rockies sent you…D

  3. Dan Sauvageau

    Don, when you catch your first game home run, I will trade your button for one of my clean catch pins, I have a few extra lol. Also, they used to give you a certificate saying you were a member of the Rockies, etc., and put the date of your clean catch. I will have to take a photo of one of mine and send it to you, if I can figure out what box I have them in. Dan

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