Iannetta Knew It…The Kid Blew It


Brewers vs Rockies Game 3


Our first Rockies Photo Day..For some reason we always seem to have something going when this day rolls around.

Our little roped off section of Coors field was filled with Rantics. The Rockies who were posing for pictures were all friendly and approachable other than “The Duece”,  who once again lived up to his number. I made a comment that out of the group of eight of us who were doing this round robin with the picture and camera switch during the photo session,   I bet that Tulo would diss four of us.

I was wrong, Tulo dissed six of us and left Hunter standing there just waiting for his picture as he moved past us as quick as he could.

Tulo, c’mon man…Most folks in this state look up to you…Hunter used to. I respect your athletic abilities brotha, but you need lessons on how to treat your loyal fans.

Believe me I’m not ripp’n Tulo for this just this “ONE” time. You don’t earn the nickname “The Duece” overnight :).


Way too many pictures today of players and Rantics to post em all but I’ll share a few.

 Skipper Jim Tracy 

Jim and I

Rox Addict and his famous “Running Man” Pose

Must be contagious, here’s Dan striking a pose.

Me, I’m not really a running man, I’m more of a glider.

Tom Helmer sport’n a mustache?…Guess I have been gone a while 🙂

Gary and Alanna X and the Coaches

Mike and Chris Iannetta “aka Spongebob” holding Spongebob…Perfect!!

Me n Wiggy

Hunter and Ian Stewart 

Ryan Spilborghs

Aaron Cook and the Rantic Red Beards

Cha-Ching on the mound, first pitch of the game after a brief  rain delay was a strike.

Best hat of the game.


I was a little late to the action but I got some pretty good pics.



 It was different watching Chris Iannetta getting gett’n all fired up as he’s usually quiet and reserved. I guess watching  Chris pop his cork got Jim Tracy all fired up.

Usually stuff like this jump starts a team… But this was not the case today.

I’m the “Ranter” and despite the loss I had a great time hang’n with the Crew.

ranter hat.jpg 



  1. Joy

    Awesome. I so wish we could have been there. We were planning on it! Only made it in time for that frustrating game, arrgh.

  2. Gary X

    What a good time with the Rantics — and with (most of) the players! They were so into just havin’ some FUN whilst we were takin’ pix 🙂 Our camera switch-off was definitely the way to go — and loved when the players talked about how we knew what we were doing!


    LUVMYROX-For some reason Ricky Weeks is responsible for a couple of Brewers wins at Coors this season. He obviously loves Coors Field.
    GARY X-I agree brotha, that was the most fun I’ve had in a month. Great hang’n with you all and we rocked picture day.

  4. Ken

    Hey – good to see you back on the world wide web. Love the pictures as always. Been awhile since I have been to a game. I think the next game I will be attending will be August 2nd against the Phillies.

  5. prettyinpurple

    Hey D. I also went to Photo Day. It was so hot standing in line. Sheesh, and a lot of people. I stood underneath the scoreboard because it seemed the least populated. But anyway, I got Nicasio, Ubaldo, Dex, Matt Reynolds and Matt Daley. Matts were really nice, as was Ubaldo, of course. Unfortunately, Tulo was on the otherside, and never rotated to the people on the right side of the field. I was very disappointed, seeing I had spent a lot of cash in tix for this day, for that reason. I also really really wanted Street, but had the same prob. Sigh.
    After the 5minute warning, I ran to the otherside and managed to get Spilly. It was so slow in RF.
    As you know, one of my goals this year was to get Tulo’s autograph. It hasn’t happened, and I’ve tried. It made me even more disappointed that I failed to get a pic with him. I don’t know, but I’m beginning to think I may never get his autograph/pic : ) I guess I really need to go to Spring Training or Fanfest next year.
    After the Photo Day event, I did manage to get Matt Reynold’s and Ubaldo’s autograph, so that was cool. Ubaldo is a class act and signs for every fan lined up along the firstbase side.


    Ken-Thanks man, blogging is in my blood. Felt good to be back at it.
    MIKE-Always a good time hang’n with the crew.
    ROCKIES BLOW-That’s ok, I like cheese, especially pepper jack.
    PRETTY IN PURPLE-Knew I saw you on Saturday. Ubaldo despite a crappy season is still a great dude. Most Rockies players get it…Tulo still doesn’t, it’s too badfor some reason people worship him.

  7. Mike S.

    We had the same problem with Tulo during Spring Training…he would walk by and say I signed earlier….We would think when was that as we were there at 11am, 2 hours prior to the Game….Your right Ranter…he doesn’t get it.

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