Tony Takes the Abuse…Then Lets Loose


Dodgers vs Rockies Game 3

Weather: 79 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 1 mph, Out to LF.
T: 3:34.
Att: 34,290

Hunter and I were the first in Line at Gate E. We let our out-of-town guest Zack Hample go in front of us because that’s the right thing to do. We figured we’d beat him to the pavilion anyway because of his ankle boot but he made it there first.

I snagged two balls on the fly today and was first to touch a toss-up that I handed to the intended recipient. Hunter managed to snag one toss-up.

Zack snagged his 400th ball of the season within just a few minutes.

Here’s a few game shots.

Crazy Scoreboard.

Tulo gett’n his rub on.

Nettie, Zack and Danny.

Remember folks, when at a baseball game “Just Say No” to the Wave.

Marianne, Hunter and I watched from the front row of the pavilion and listened to two drunk Rockies fans heckle Tony Gwynn for most of the game. Tony didn’t respond at all until the 9th inning. Here’s video of Tony finally acknowledging the hecklers.

 Shortly after Tony made a stellar flying leap to catch a bases loaded hit from Charlie Blackmon to the left field to end the game. Tony stood up, looked at the hecklers, smiled an “In your face” smile and headed off the field…Classy.

 Below is a link to video of Tony’s catch:

Rockies lose Game 3 to the Dodgers with a final score of 11-7. 

In the end Tony got his and I gained some respect for a Dodger despite a Rockies loss…“D”

 ranter hat.jpg


  1. RLuv

    Hey D,
    Tony Gwynn jr is a class act. Those hecklers were merciless and he realy handled the situation well. Nice getting to meet Zack Hample, cool guy for sure.
    Look forward to seeing you at another game and that pix of Gonzalez is unbelievable, you always get the best shots.

  2. RockiesBlow

    Classless act by drunk retarded Rockie fans with no athletic talent. I bet these fans would give alot to be a ML baseball player. Tony you are truly a clas act.

  3. Rays Renegade

    Miss seeing your name over in our slice of the Baseball Universe, but glad you are still writing and keeping the “Rockpile” alive. Funny thing about Zack, did you notice Mark and the MLB crew brought him over from the MLB Pro side just when you and I were climbingf the list?
    Still, he is great competition, but I miss you also there keeping us in line. Hopefully this will all get sorted out and I will again see my buddy in the Top 5.
    again, great to see you are still taking photos and snagging those errant fly balls.


    ROX ADDICT-Tony was impressive the way he handled those hecklers.
    R-LUV-I enjoyed watching that game with you Marianne. Never know what you’re going to get at a game eh?
    PRETTY in PURPLE-Agreed, think I saw you at the Rockies Photo day game on Saturday?
    ROCKIES BlOW-It was classless, but lets be real. This type of crap goes on at every ballpark so don’t act like the fans at Coors any different. Tony handled it extremely well, I agree with you on that.
    RAYS RENEGADE-Thanks brotha, I did notice the Zack thing. I changed back to a MLBlogs format blog. Been there so long I missed it, not sure if the “MLBLogsphere” is moving forward or not as I’m seeing a lot of MLBLoggers share my same feelings on the conversion to WordPress but “What is….Is” and we chug forward. I did learn even with 4+ years under my belt anyone is disposable without a second thought.

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