From First to Third…Sloppy is the Word


D-Backs vs Rockies Game 4

Weather: 65 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 7 mph, Out to CF.
T: 2:57.
Att: 31,285

Rockies fans look at the month of May as a test. Instead of starting the season off from behind and playing catch up the Rockies changed things up this season. We started off with a bang, and now it seems were out of ammo and just chuck’n water balloons.

Rantics in attendance today were, Robert, Dan, Emily, Amy, Jersey Geoff and Mike The Rox Addict.

Those of us who really like Ubaldo can feel his pain. I need to see the old “Nasty Fasty” back in action.

A few game shots for you.

We did get to see Bruce Billings Major League Debut. 

Here’s his first pitch. He threw for two innings. His ERA is now 4.5

For me the highlight of this game was seeing Eric Young Jr back.

Here’s another familiar face. Holliday didn’t even get to take a swing.

Robert showed up for the game today. Was good to see him. Robert has reduced the number of games he’s attending. He’s not happy with the Rockies organization at the moment. If you’ve got some time ask him he’ll tell you about it.

Mike the Rox Addict and I hung out beside the ROOT SPORTS desk post-game to show our support despite this third  loss at home to the D-Backs of all teams. You can see the final embarassing final score in the background.

Something’s wrong. The Rockies don’t feel like the Rockies to me. I’ll blame part of it on the lack of fan love they’ve been showing.

Remember fellas the same fans you diss pre-game are the same ones showing up supporting this half-as-sed team as we painfully watch you try and get it together.

Respect your fans and they’ll always support you and always remember where you came from.

Colorado Springs is only an  hour away 🙂

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter.

Rockies fan but not standing nearly as tall as I used to.

ranter hat.jpg


  1. prettyinpurple

    Very, very tough month. You’re right- they don’t feel right- there’s no magic…yet. Hopefully it’s just a April/May month switch and June gets better.
    I blame it on whoever might have foolishly washed their jersey. That’s all I got.

    They’ll turn it around- they have to. Still a BelieveR.

    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      PRETTY in PURPLE-Glad May is over. The magic IS missing. Somebody fly David Copperfield’s a’ss out here quick and hook up the Rockies.
      R-LUV-You kind of remind me of the first time I got Helton’s autograph after a long time trying, that’s too cool congrats…When’s your next game?
      ANDREW-Of course I remember you brotha. You were the first D-Backs fan inside Salt River Fields :). The Rockies will get it together and Rockies fans are used to a Roller Coaster ride as far as seasons go. D-Backs are doing great props to you man…D

  2. RLuv

    Hey D,
    Dang! Wish the Offense could be consistently better!
    On a way happier note….I GOT TODD HELTON’S AUTOGRAPH TODAY!!!!!!!!! Been trying for years and finally got it today. Was soooo surprised when he came over to sign for us behind homeplate …AND……………. he signed for everyone!!!!!!! What a guy!
    We should compare games and see when we’ll both be there next, would be good to see ya. Hope things are well in the ever lovely Ned 🙂

  3. Andrew M.

    Hey D,

    You might not remember me… we hung out pre-game at the opening game at Salt River Fields. Dude… I totally get the loss of a bit of love for your team and not standing as tall for it. My DBacks prior to this year were just plain sad. Even though the management tried to make the stadium fan-friendly, the team itself was not so much. We were a major-league joke. I even ended up giving one of our reporters the business for dissing the team mid-season.

    The Rockies are too good a team to stay like this forever, though. I have faith that they’ll make another good run later in the season (though, hopefully when my DBacks have a comfortable lead in the NL West… haha!).

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