Rockies Lose…Somebody Light that Fuse


D-Backs vs Rockies Game 3 of 4

Another Rockies loss at home. Just like the rain and the last month of crappy weather, I’ve had enough of that. ROCKIES…Somebody step and be that guy. We need one Rockies player to grab a big ‘ole book of matches and start lighting  fuses under each of these Rockies a-sses.

                                                            It’s painful to watch. It’s even more painful if  you paid to watch it.

I took about 800 pictures at this game but due to upload limitations and the fact this game was a loss I’ll have to cut it short.

                      Rantics in attendance today were Joy and Jim, Geoff, Dan, Emily, Douglas, Mike, Amy and yours truly.

I like Amezaga, he’s one of the few Rockies this season that will sign autographs on the wall.

I’m not sure what happened but Joy has been bringing her Chris Iannetta bat to every game she’s attended and the bat remains unsigned…Rockies what happened to the autograph luv on the wall?

15 days…Wishful thinking. He was having such a good season too.



Here’s the final score. I’m curious to know how many games the Rockies have lost this season by one game?

C,mon Rockies, give the fellas a good win streak to talk about.

I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and if needed I’ve got matches.  

ranter hat.jpg  


  1. Joy

    You know, I tweeted to some of our ROOT friends, asking them if they could please find out why our boys are not signing and showing the Rockie love this season. The first time I asked, I got no response. Second time, Alanna assures me that they are signing. Alanna, come on. You are there every time. You see this.

    Wish we had some real answers about our boys, both in game and out.

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