Pay to Blog…That’s Low Dawg


Giants vs Rockies Game Two

The Channel 9 Science Fair was going on. There were big smoke rings.

      And little smoke rings and lots of kids.

Here’s Tom, one of the nicest Rockies fans you’ll ever meet.

     Gary and Alannah to the power of X

Here’s LUVMYROX and her daughter.

 Hosers a hosing.

Here’s The Duece’s home run pictures series.


It looks good.

The ball is coming in, check out Dan in the top of the picture in the blue Expos jersey.

The ball bounces right in front of this guy.

The dude quickly snaps it up. Now that I have to pay to upload pictures if anybody knows this guy tell him I have a helluva picture of him for sale 🙂

Giant’s Sanchez hits one foul.

Older fella realizes this is his ball.


He makes the dive for it.

Just like a baseball snagg’n stud he’s victorious, get that dude a beer or maybe a stretcher.

Iannetta gets a nice double.      

Here’s Hawaii Bob busting another fan smuggling booze inside of Coors Field. When will they learn?

Cargo has one sweet swing.

Wiggy gett’n jiggy on first base.

Here’s Homeboy Helmer doing his post game desk climb. Often imitated but never duplicated.

The Cowboy signing a Cowboy hat, there’s something just right about that.

The Rockies faithful showing up post-game to celebrate the Rockies sweep of the World Champion Giants.

The best part of this game was the eighth inning. Rockies come from behind to take this game two.

Looks like I’m going to have to pay to blog from here forward. As you can tell from the compressed and reduced quality pictures in this entry,  MLBlogs has switched to a WordPress blog format. It’s cool in some aspects but I’m not digg’n the part where I have to pay. I put a lot of money and time into my blog already and coughing up more dough for a fan blog doesn’t sit well with me. Also the fact that MLBlogs neglected to mention that we would have to pay until after the fact was a total cop out.

MLBlogs, I brought you over 600000 hits in just 2.5 years, thanks for nothing.

I guess their reasoning was that the picture limit would only be a problem for a few select blogs. The Rockpile Rant just happen to be one of them. Also somewhere in the blogosphere are about 70-80 of my missing blog entries.

I’ll figure this out. I’m still the Rockies #1 and I’m still having fun.

Rantics feel free to vent your feelings. I’d love to hear them.

Go Rockies…”D”

ranter hat.jpg


  1. roxfandan

    I have some baseball items we could auction to buy storage, or we could auction off MY seats for a game. How about it? Anyone have any ideas what they would buy to help out the Ranter, I’m sure I have it. 🙂

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    DAN-That’s too cool brotha, it’s people like you that keep me blogging. People who would donate their own belongings or even their seats to help another fan promote their baseball team. Thank you Dan from the bottom of my heart but I can’t do that.
    Anyone out there looking for a Rockies Photographer/blogger?
    All I ask is you respect me and keep me in the loop 🙂 …D

  3. Marianne

    Hey D,
    Pay to blog? R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.!!!!!! Seriously, what a bunch of crap! Speaking of which, when are our bats going to start going again? It’s been hard to watch our pitchers lose because the O never materialized.
    Looking forward to the weather getting decent so that we can enjoy being at the stadium. Wearing a fleece hat just seems so wrong.
    I would be more than happy to help support the blog, you know we luv your blog and the standings prove that.

  4. Ken

    D –
    Not cool that you have to pay to post pictures! Maybe you could move your blog to another blogosphere that allows you to post some quality pics without a fee?

    Was in San Diego over the weekend and chatted with another ballhawk named PadreLeigh at the Padres-Mariners game. He asked if I knew you. I said of course and that you are the real deal, great all-around guy that loves the Rockies.

    – Peas Out


    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      MARIANNE-Thanks buddy :), the weather so far this season has been a total bummer. That 3 loss road trip just plain hurt, especially with the Giants sweeping during the same period.
      KEN-I’ve heard of PadreLeigh and we’ve recently become facebook friends. Wonder if that was because of you :). Thanks for the kind words brotha…D

  5. 2131andbeyond

    Phenomenal pics as usual! And I was actually talking to Todd Cook of Cook and Son Bat’s Blog earlier today about this. The picture file size limitation is a joke, and MLBlogs should either consider letting it’s top 50 (or more) fan blogs have free photo upgrades, or at least begin a revenue sharing program so that bloggers can gain money through views, and in turn use that to pay for photo storage space. Either way, it’s a problem that NEEDS to be fixed.
    -Avi M
    2131 and Beyond: The games. The news. The experiences. The Orioles.

    • Michael

      You have some awesome photos here, what kind of camera do you use?

      And yeah, the new photo thing is crazy. The main reason I started a blog was to show off some of my photographs since I’m hoping to get a career in photography. I guess I’ll just have to stick to Facebook, until they start charging like Flickr and they do here.

  6. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    2131 and BEYOND-Thank you and welcome to the Rant. I love that idea, I think we at least deserve that. I wouldn’t count on it though.
    MICHAEL-Thanks, I use a Nikon D-3100. Funny how facebook can reach the entire planet and they don’t have to charge their members to upload pictures? There’s a reason for everything I’m told, still trying to figure this one out…D

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