Yeah the Sun’s Fun…Bring on Game One



 It’s 6am and we’re waiting to board the Frontier Airlines Fox. Salt River Fields here we come. 


Shortly thereafter…

The flight was a success and as soon as we picked up our rental car we headed for Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.
Within about 20 minutes us arriving at the training facility I ran into Rant favorite Tom Helmer.

Tom Helmer SRF.jpgWe chatted a bit and he said to hit him up before we leave as he had some T-Shirts for us.
Here’s a picture of the T-Shirts that Tom had specially made.

Helmer is my Homeboy.jpg If you’re a Rantic, there’s a good chance you’ll get one of these. I’ll be sporting the shirt under my Ranter jersey tomorrow during the game.

          Here’s some pictures of the new stadium and some of the players warming up.SRF 1.jpg Here’s a peek inside the main gate. Look at that grass berm…Absolutely perfect 🙂

View from main gate SRF.jpg
                         Jason Giambi and Todd Helton doing the first base thing.

Giambi SRF.jpg

Todd Helton ball toss.jpg

 Here’s a shot of the kids and I peeking through the fence looking for homers. Tom Helmer let me know that one of the batting practice homers I snagged was Giambi’s.

RPR and Hunter.jpg
               Hunter snagged three, I got two and Mylee also managed to snag two.

Kids and I snagg'n.jpg


While the kids and I were snagg’n baseballs George Frazier and Drew Goodman walked by. George stopped and said “I remember you from Rockies Fan Fest” and shook my hand. George, that made my day..seriously thank you.

                                 Drew said hi and then they went on their way.

                             Really nice guys…We’re damn lucky to have them. 
Rockies Practice Fields.jpg                                        the Pond.jpgFranklin and Jorge

Franklin Morales SRF.jpg

SRF Rockies pitchers 2-25-11.jpg

Drills SRF.jpg

Drills SRF 2.jpg 
Giambi and Helton SRF.jpg

Giambi SRF3.jpg                                            Mylee showing me how it’s done.

Mylee SRF.jpg
Writing on the wall.jpg              Dexter Fowler taking batting practice with EY Jr and Jim Tracy watching. 

Dexter Fowler Batting practice.jpg

                                                       The Team Store

Team Store SRF.jpg The practice field with the green screen is made to the exact dimentions of Coors Field.
Rene hitting SRF.jpg                                    In between the Rockies practice fields.
In between the practice fields.jpg At this point we had to take off for a quick visit with my sister-in-law and then head on down to Yuma so the kids could spend a few days with my parents.I’ll be getting up at 3am so I can drive three hours from Yuma and be at the new stadium by 7:30.

  It’s been my plan for over a year to be the first fan inside the new stadium.

RPR SRF happy.jpg                         I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter… A man work’n his plan. 


  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Gah!!!!!! I wish I was down there with you but I’m happy you’re there. I definitely want one of those Helmer Ts. Totally cool. Looking forward to hearing more about your time down there and if you see Tom again tell him I said Hi!


    Great post D! The stadium and area look amazing! It’s 18 degrees here now and lightly snowing. It’s been overcast all day, so you’re in a better place. Keep us updated on your antics, as I know you will! I enjoy living vicariously thorugh you in AZ!

  3. rocktober_93

    Hey D

    Nice to the Ranter a sprinting! Hope your back is still holding up well. Who was jacking the balls out of the park and was that from a practice field or were they on the main field? Bummer that you are missing the snow here in Colorado…..Not! I am so jealous.

    – Ken

  4. garyx

    Yo, D!
    Looks like you and the kids are havin’ a blast!

    Love the “Helmer is my Homeboy” shirts. Gonna start seein’ those around Coors, methinks 🙂 Great idea for a promotion. Do they have the ROOT sports logo on ’em or just that on da front?

    Post more pix! heh

  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    MIKE- I’ve got a large for you.
    R-LUV-I’ve got one for you too.
    KEN-That was from the main practice field not the stadium. And it was Giambi that hit one of the ones I snagged. Tom Helmer confirmed that for me.
    QUEEN GERI-Thanks, the weather here is perfect.
    GARY-Dude, I’m so tired you have no idea, the full entry will have to wait.. I apoligize but I’m running on little sleep here and I still have to get up early to get to Phoenix from Yuma tomorrow morning to catch our last game…D

  6. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    So excited about the season starting. Can’t wait to get a Helmer T and can’t wait to go to a game. Wasn’t thinking about going to Opening Day but I’m thinking I’m going to have to be there. Hoping you make it in early, can’t wait to hear about it!

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