Pack’n my Glove and Sharing the Luv

2/18/11Baseball logo.JPG                                All is good in Ranter Land.

I’m back to work and in less than a week the kids, Krista and I will be boarding Frontier Airlines and flying (that’s right flying) to Arizona for a visit with the parents.

It just so happens we’ll be in Arizona the same time as the Rockies/Diamondbacks home opener in their new stadium. 

                                                     How cool is that?

This will be the fourth year in a row I’ve been fortunate enough to attend at least two Rockies spring training games and blog about them.

I’d like to thank Denis from Phoenix for sending me an email and letting me know that parking is a bit scarce at Salt River Fields and that I should arrive early. 

 No worries, Robert and I will all be there early standing in line to open the new stadium. I’m hearing Bud Selig may be in attendance and that’s an autograph I’d like to obtain.

Rockies in Tulsa.jpgThe Rockies will be playing their final Spring Training game on March 30th in Tulsa, OK at ONEOK Field which is home to the Tulsa Drillers AA Rockies farm team.

Tulsa Drillers logo.jpg The Drillers have officially started an MLBlog called “Driller Bitsand here’s a link to the Drillers FACEBOOK page: Tulsa Drillers Baseball.

                                          This is Hornsby the Drillers mascot.

Drillers Mascot.jpgThe new Tulsa Drillers blog is gonna be a good read. I’ve been told it will have player interviews, daily statistical up-keep and various other things that will be of interest to Rockies fans.

                              Give the Drillers your support and check out their blog.

                 I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter, packing my glove and sharing some luv.
ranter hat1


  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Have a fantastic time and please, please, please, share your time down there! Can’t wait to hear about it. Don’t think I’m making down this year but hey, ya never know.
    Glad you were able to get back to the job. I know that’s been hard on you and it means the back is doing better 🙂
    Look forward to your experiences.

  2. raysrenegade

    How great is it you get to visit Arizona and spend time with the in-laws, plus get baseball. I know the in-laws thing can be stressful, so the side effect of seeing a few games will get you back into your Zen groove.
    But think about it…warmth, shorts and fly balls in the air….Smells like Spring to me.
    Enjoy my friend, thaw out and have a memorable trip.

    Rays Renegade

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    KEN-Thanks brotha, taking the photos isn’t the problem, it’s finding time to upload and share them :).
    R-LUV-I plan to keep a running blog open , meaning I’ll add stuff as I can…I’ll have to finish the entry when I get back to Colorado. I’ll try to make it worth your while to check back often. Just like spring training two years ago. Being back at work is great, I feel human again.
    RAYS RENEGADE-Actually, it’s not the in-laws it’s my folks. But you got the warmth, shorts, and fly balls right my friend. This trip is all about making the memories, and sharing them with the rest of the Rockies community. It’s my job to mentally take you there when you can’t physically be there. Thank you Cliff…D

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