I see the light, let’s hope I’m right.


2011_Predictions2.jpgI normally don’t make predictions about how I think the Rockies season will turn out because I don’t want to jinx anything. This is my fourth season blogging about the Rockies and they have yet to win a World Series so I figure a little speculating can’t hurt right?

With the buzz of the new spring training facility and general good vibes it’s creating, good thing are going to happen this year.

Plus it’ll be fun to check back at the end of the season after we win the World Series and see how accurate I was.

                            Rockpile Ranter’s 2011 Rockies Predictions…

First off the Rockies finally break the road curse and become the team to beat on the road winning ten more road games in 2011 than in 2010. This is in part due to the Rockies strength in the bullpen this season.

Ubaldo Jiminez throw 4-27-10.JPGUbaldo Jiminez had 19 wins in 2010

In 2011 Ubaldo will dominate the National League with 22 wins.

Thumbnail image for jason hammel 8-15-10.jpgIn 2010 Jason Hammel had 10 wins

In 2011 Jason Hammel will step it up a bit with 12 wins.

Thumbnail image for Aaron Cook 7-1-10.jpgIn 2010 Aaron Cook had 6 wins.

In 2011 Aaron Cook will improve locking in 8 wins.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for chacin 2 7-6-10.jpgIn 2010 Jhoulys Chacin had 9 wins.

In 2011 Jhoulys Chacin will continue to make his mark with 12 wins. 

Troy Tulowitzki 5-16-10.jpgTroy Tulowitzki will have his best season to date.

In 2010 Tulo had 27 homeruns, 95 RBI and 11 stolen bases

In 2011 Tulo will hit 36 homeruns, 107 RBI and will steal 18 bases.

Carlos Gonzalez at bat 8-15-10.jpgCarlos Gonzalez will also have his best season to date.

In 2010 Cargo had 34 homeruns, 117 RBI and 26 stolen bases.

In 2011 Cargo will hit 35 homeruns, 120 RBI and will steal 28 bases.

Dexter Fowler bunt 5-16-10.jpg

In 2010 Dexter Fowler had 6 homeruns and 36 RBI and 13 stolen bases.

In 2011 Dexter busts out with an incredible 21 homeruns 65 RBI and 25 stolen bases.


    2010 season win/loss record was 83-79

                                       2011 season win/loss record will be 94-6

                                                        Which means..

National league champions ring.jpg                        This time Jim Tracy’s Rockies are all business.
Thumbnail image for Mylee and Jim Tracy RF.jpg 

World Series Champions.jpg                         Rockies take the World Series in five games.

                            I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I can see the f’kn light.

LIght at the end of the tunnel.jpg                             2011 is the Rockies year… Rantics do you feel me?ranter hat.jpg 


  1. greatestgame

    Well, I’d love to see your predictions come true. I believe the Rockies will be contenders this year. But I’m not a huge fan of predictions when it comes to baseball. One of the beautiful things about the game is that it is by nature so unpredictable.

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,

    My predictions are:
    The Rockpile Rant will attain the #1 blog standing and keep it for most if not all of the season
    The Rantics will start to be featured regularly on Root Sports

    See you in the post-season 🙂

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    GREATEST GAME-Agreed, but there is something to say about the power of positive thinking…Welcome to the Rant.
    R-LUV-I can tell that you also agree with the power of positive thinking…I like the way “post season” sounds :)…D

  4. StlCardinals06

    I will commend you on some of your predictions, because they seem to be very likely to me too, but I will say that the Cardinals will definitely be winning the World Series (Only cuz I’m a Cards fan). The Rockies look solid and seem to have a bright future, and I can see them taking a title in the next few years with the young core they have. Good luck this year.

  5. giantintherockies

    Yo D,
    I got a hot dog on each of your predictions.
    Pretty bold with the Dexter Fowler bit.
    But I challenge your 25 stolen bases.
    DF is going to steal 40 this year.
    Why don’t you have Cargo hittin’ 40 homers?
    Yeah, the postseason is nice.
    It’s going to be tough getting past the World Champion San Francisco Giants.
    Welcome back,

  6. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    CARDINALS-Welcome to the Rant and Good Luck this year.
    GIANT TODD-No betting this year, remember we didn’t have our bet last season and you won the World Series…Good Luck this season brotha, I enjoy the baseball back and forth we roll with all season…D

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