Gett’n our Kix wait’n for Tix


Today Colorado Rockies tickets went on sale at the ticket windows at Coors Field. This is the day when a little patience pays off big. It was a bit chilly but the forcast for today was was mid 50’s. 
Rockies Balloon.jpg The way the Rockies work it is you choose a wristband that’s numbered between 101 and 499. The 100’s represent line one, 200’s line two, etc. Then the second set of numbers decides your position in line.

Line 3.jpg                  Mylee pulled the best numbered wristband of the three of us #313.
Mylee 313.jpg Her wristband put us in Row 3 in the 13th spot. Actually there were only six people in front of us so we were sixth in that line.

Line 1-4.jpgThen the Rockies staff placed four baseballs inside a bag numbered 1-4. A little girl was chosen from the crowd to pick out the numbered baseballs. The order in which the baseballs were picked decided which of the fours row gets to line-up in front of the ticket windows first.

   The little girl picked Row 3 first(sweet), so we were were one of the first six fans at the ticket window.
Little girl picking the line sequence.jpg The Rockies were thoughtful and provided hot chocolate for everyone standing in line.

HOt chocolate.jpg Once the line sequence had been determined the Rockies staff march each individual row over to the ticket window where we waited about ten minutes for the windows to open.

           Here’s the long line of folks patiently waiting for their time at the window.
Standing in line for tix.jpg                               As always Dinger was around to help pass the time.

Dinger and some dude 2.jpg 
Dinger and H and M.jpgThe kids and I were able to purchase four of the last few remaining Rockpile tickets for opening day on April 1st.

We were also able to snag tickets for all of the fireworks games which are on:

July 1st

July 2nd

September 16th.

And all of the Bobblehead games which are on:

April 3rd Ubaldo Jiminez

June 10th Carlos Gonzalez

August 20th Troy Tulowitzki.

                                      Mission accomplished in less than an hour.

RPR and Tix.jpg        Only two weeks until we’re in Arizona opening the new Rockies/D-Backs stadium.

      I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I’m just gett’n all my ducks in row for this season.

Ducks all in a row.jpg

ranter hat1


  1. laloses

    So did they make you guys walk from the Rockpile gate all the way over to the main ticket windows?? You would think they would have just had the windows open at the Rockpile windows.

  2. laloses

    Hey Don, Dodgerfilms called me your “crazy” friend lol. I will come find you on Opening Day to introduce myself, and keep up the good work. I honestly can’t wait for your entry about the very first game at Talking Stick. I will be down there for 8 days in March, and that time can’t come soon enough. Maybe I can meet Dodgerfilms there and he can videotape me robbing him of a home run ball. 🙂

  3. prettyinpurple

    It was nice to meet you Saturday, D. I’m the young girl who was in line 3 behind you.
    I’m super jealous that you got the last Rockpiles for Opening Day; I got some expensive Upper decks, buy hey! I’m goin’.

    This is R year! Can’t wait for Opening Day! If there’s any sign of spring, holding tickets is it.

  4. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    LALOSES- They do it the same way every year. Will be cool to meet you this season.
    PRETTY IN PURPLE-It was nice to meet you as well. Thanks for chatt’n and helping pass the time. Make sure you say “HI” during the regular season.
    TODD-Print your own tickets are the worst. Love a real ticket…D

  5. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go to a game!!!!!! Man, I can’t wait for the season to start!

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