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Wow, when you’re not working you have a LOT of time to think. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s counterproductive. Despite back surgery and the fact that I’m still not back to work I’m in good spirits. Baseball it seems isn’t just during the season it’s year round when you’re a Rantic.

I’ve been thinking about what drives me to keep the Rant going. I think I know what it is. The thing I miss most from my days in the Army are the friendships and camaraderie that you build in a short time. I’m still in touch with several of my Army buds.

The Rockpile Rant has evolved. Over the last three seasons what was only to be a picture diary of the games the kids and I attend has transformed into a tight community of Rockies fans that is growing steadily. I’ve found out by blogging that I’m not alone.  

The Rantics are a group of super-Rockies fans and as I said earlier baseball is year round for these folks.

 For most of the Rantics it starts with batting practice. I personally won’t go to a game unless I have time to attend batting practice. For me it’s part of the game and I know I’m always going to see a familiar face hang’n in the pavilion.

 What other sport can you show up early for and actually participate in their warm-up? I don’t care who you are you haven’t lived until you’ve shown up for your team’s batting practice with your glove. Yeah it may take you a couple of games but eventually someone will hit a ball to you or one will bounce your way.

As soon as you snag that ball, you’re adrenaline is pumping, folks cheer and clap for you. You look quick to see if you can figure out who hit you the homerun ball.  Right then the seed is planted and the addiction begins to grow.

Each catch is different. Each one is special. I know if I catch a ball I’ll be able to make a Rockies fans day by handing them that ball. Two memories created from one little baseball.

I hang out at Coors Field because it’s comfortable. I’m surrounded by people who love and support the Rockies more than I do. There’s a camaraderie there that fills the void left from the military. I know if something happens the Rantics have my back and they know I’ve got theirs. 

Some folks don’t understand and that’s ok. I don’t blog for them, I blog for the ones who do.

I can’t mention everyone but I have to mention these Rockies Fans/Rantics who have been there from the beginning.

Dan-Thanks for teaching me the ropes and for always being there with support and a good idea. I always appreciate your input and have the greatest respect for what  you do for so many Rockies fans. You sir are a selfless Rockies fan who goes above and beyond the call of duty.  

R-LUV and LUVMYROX-Thanks for always being there. Both of your comments throughout the years have inspired me to keep blogging. Even when I wasn’t getting a lot of page hits I always felt like I was blogging for you both. Thank you both for being so supportive of the Rant and for being my friends.

Robert-Robert is my road trip buddy. We’re a lot alike except I have more hair and he has a better camera. I just hope I can do what he does at his age. Robert and I talk Rockies baseball all year long and I’m getting his seat when he retires.

                         There are many more Rantics but I have to start somewhere.

                                                                  Thank you!

                     I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter..One of many Super Rockies fans.

                                                         See you at Rockies Fest…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha


  1. rocktober_93

    D –

    It is no lie that your Rockies fan site is the best of any out there in the world wide web. Especially, when it comes to photos. Keep it up brother!


  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Without you I don’t know how I would make it through the non-baseball months and your unique perspective during the season is beyond priceless. See you next Saturday 🙂

  3. bk2484


    What makes your blog not just one of the best Rockies blogs, but one of the best MLB blogs is that it is clear how much you love the game, and how it is intwined into your life. As somebody who feels the same way, it is nice to read from a fans perspective. Not overly analytical like some bloggers do on theirs. It’s just nice to read ideas and see pictures of somebody who I would love to have a brew with and chat hardball with.

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