Tracking the Antics of the Rantics

12/21/10                          I have a great idea, a couple of them.

New coke can.jpg I’ve been using the term “Rant Regulars” to refer to the tight group of folks who hang out at Coors Field (usually in the pavilion) paid or un-paid who frequent this blog.

                                  I only used that term for lack of a better one.

I think I have a better one..(With your approval) I’d like to refer to the “Rant Regulars” as the “ROCKPILE RANTICS”.

      RANTICS just seems more fitting to me. Let me know what you think please?

        Every one of you are Fanatical about the Rockies and you read the Rant.

Please note: If you are not a Rockies fan and you read the Rockpile Rant you do not have to consider yourself a RANTIC.

                              Please by all means continue to read đŸ™‚

                                               Ok..My other great idea…

Peanut butter and Jelly in a jar.jpg                                      Kidd’n…Ewww, do people actually eat this?

 In the very near future I plan to have a link on my sidebar that you can click and:

                               Meet the Rockpile Rantics.

If you consider yourself a “Rockpile Rantic” and you’re proud to show it… Email  me a picture of you or If you’d like I can use one of mine.

              Send in a small bio and include whatever you’d like to say about yourself.

In addition…Tell me how long you have been a Rockies fan.

Who your favorite Rockies player is.

Your favorite Rockies moment, story or maybe your favorite Rockies piece of memorabilia.

If you’re a snagger you can send your previous years stats…Home Run catches, batting practice snags, or maybe tell us about something special a player gave you, etc.

If you wanted to say something to the Rockies “Meet The Rockpile Rantics” would be your chance. Remember this is a Pro-Rockies blog đŸ™‚

       Please send the information to: THEROCKPILERANTER@YAHOO.COM

The RANTICS have been kind to me so I’d like to give something back. This would be the Rantics little sub-section of the Rockpile Rant. Let the world and the Rockies Community know exactly what kind of Rockies fan you are.

                                              Let’s have fun with this.

I’d like the first Rantic inducted to be Dan…He was the first one to ever talk to me about the Rockpile Rant and has been extremely supportive of the Rant, myself and my family for over three years now.

As I get bio’s emailed to me you will be able to click the link on my sidebar and see who it is and what they have to say.
Thank You.gif

 Remember last week when some the RANTICS and I went to the Celtic Tavern to watch the FSN Top of the Rockies Fans Choice Awards?

                                      I mentioned in that blog entry called…

                        FSN Rocky Mountain and dinner were both winners

       … that I would love an opportunity to interview the FSN Rocky Mountain crew.

I also mentioned in that same entry that Tom Helmer (Rockies pre-game and post-game host) told me that he’d check out the Rant.

Tom Helmer on the wall.jpg check it out.gifWell Tom was nice enough to send me an email stating that he checked out the Rant and really liked it. He also mentioned that he would totally do an interview.

 The kind tone of his email and the fact that he actually sent me an email blew me away.

I plug the Rockpile Rant all the time and most folks forget about it before they get home. Tom took the time to check it out and even write.

                                         Thanks Tom, I appreciate that.

 I have a handful of what I think are really good questions..I’d like some help and participation from the RANTICS…I’d like all of you to send me a couple of your best questions. I’ll ask as many of them as I have time to.

What would you do.jpg                            What would you ask Tom if you had a chance to?

Maybe he can explain to us exactly what will be happening to FSN Rocky Mountain when it turns into Root Sports in the spring.?

      This opportunity will be cool. No details have been worked out and I’m in no rush.

I’m looking for some good questions so step up “RANTICS“, give me your best and I promise you’ll get mine.

Also “Pitch Your Team” 2011 is up and going and feel free to submit your videos at any point. This season’s prizes haven’t been decided on yet but I’ll have a full entry explaining everything in January. It’s really the same as last year.

Send me your best video (Five minutes or less) “Pitching your Team”. This is open to all MLB teams and you don’t have to have be a blogger to participate. All you need is a video camera and a stong will to promote your team. I usually finish my video around mid-May.

      No I can’t win, I just like to make videos that include my friends and the Rockies..

     Don’t miss out this season…Judging will take place during the All-Star Break.

                 I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter…Happy Holidays to all of you.
ranter hat1


  1. rocktober_93

    D –

    I like the new moniker and I will get you a bio sometime this holiday season when work is not distracting me. Anything I can do to support the RR I will do my best. Keep up the great photo blog next year.

    Hope you back is healing well and that you will be getting back to work soon.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    – Ken

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Rantics huh? I Like It! I’ll try and get a bio to you before the Holiday break is over and I will definitely get a “Pitch Your Team” video to you before the All Star Break.
    I’m glad your back is getting better. Hope to see you again soon.

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