It Was Real and it Was Fun…But it’s Done

9/24/10                 Giants vs Rockies Game One

Giants vs Rockies 9-24-10.jpg                                    Weather: 80 degrees, clear
                                                     Wind: 4 mph, R to L
                                                                T: 2:21.
                                                            Att: 49,071


Ok, I’m where I’m supposed to be at the time I’m supposed to be there.(Starbucks pre-game hav’n a coffee to wake up and blogg’n).

 I was rock’n to the same music I always play on my drive to Coors.

                                 You know…Mojo music.

 My routine is exactly as it should be and I expect the same from the Rockies.

By that I mean, it’s a Friday home game at Coors Field and it’s fireworks night. There’s probably a sold out crowd or damn close. 

Rockies…Do what you do best and pump us out a weekend of wins. Give us some glimmer of hope. 

I know the D-Backs put a hurt’n on all of you the last three nights. I bet that’s still fresh in your heads.

Return the favor and lets show the Giants what we do at Coors Field to visitors with a whole lot to lose.

 I wanna see some attitude. I know it’s there because I’ve seen it many times this season. That Rocky mountain swagger baby. 

 I refuse at this point to give up. Mathematically it’s possible and I believe we’ll all know the Rockies destiny tonight.

Let’s take the Giants down a few notches. Let tonight’s fireworks celebration be for a huge win instead of the beginning of the last week meaningless games. I love me some baseball but it not as much fun live when it’s for not.                            

                              Rockies don’t go out like chumps…

Never Surrender…Just become a season ender.

I’m head’n to Jackson’s Hole to meet up with a buddy. Then it’s time to go snag some baseballs and take some pictures.

I’m sitt’n at forty-fve baseballs for the season and I’ll be attending three more games. Wonder if I can hit fifty?

                                             Stay tuned…”D

4:00 PM

Today I was hang’n with my friend Dana and his girlfriend Kerri. We were third, fourth and fifth through the Rockpile gates but in reality we should have taken our time.

The batting cages were out on the field but the Rockies were not. Also at the game today was my friend Giant Todd and his family. They were doing their part and cheering on the Giants.

 The Giants had the grassy part Coors Field all to themselves and took full advantage of it.

The first people I noticed as I arrived at my spot were super Rockies fans Gary X, his wife, and Alannah X.  Also in attendance today was master photographer Mike(no relation to the X family although he and Gary X do have a slight beardy resemblance 🙂 ).

The X-Family were set on gett’n some autographs today and headed over to the Rockies dugout as soon as that part of the stadium opened up.                                       

X Family and Mike 9-24-10.jpg                                           Here’s a shot of Dana and Kerri.

Dana scoreboard 9-24-10.jpgAs I was geting situated I looked over to my right and standing beside me was looong time Rant Regular Missy. It had been a long time since I had seen Missy and It was nice to see her at a Rockies game actually watching it instead of working it.

RPR and Missy 9-24-10.jpgMissy is a long time Rockies employee, HUGE Rockies fan, memorabilia collector, and just a cool lady..

Missy my friend it was great to see you again and thank you for hang’n around the Rockpile Rant for as long as you have…I really appreciate it.

         I tried to catch a BP ball for her but I was shutout…So much for reaching fifty.

                                   Here’s your Colorado Rockies pre-game.

E and D 9-24-10.jpg

EY Jr and Seth Smith 9-24-10.jpgUbaldo walked over to the fans and just started signing. I swear he was out there autographing stuff for a good twenty minutes. Ubaldo’s cool like that. 

Ubaldo signing 2 9-24-10.jpg                            Jorge was out there sharing some sharpie luv too.

Jorge signing 9-24-10.jpg                             Todd Helton flashing me the Ranter sign..Yeah!
Todd Helton Ranter sign 9-24-10.jpg

Sand guys 9-24-10.jpg

Cargo 9-24-10.jpg                                                       Edgmer Escalona

Edgmer Escalona.jpg

Melvin Mora 9-24-10.jpg

EY Jr 2 9-24-10.jpg   
The boys1.jpg                                               First pitch of the game.
First Pitch 9-24-10.jpgChacin pitched a helluva game despite the Rockies loss. I can’t wait to see what Cha-Ching will bring next season. 

Cha-Ching 9-24-10.jpg

                                  Eric Young Jr…Doing what he does best.

Props to EY..He delivered the hit that scored Seth Smith providing the Rockies only run of the evening.

Eric Young on first 9-24-10.jpg

Eric Young on first 2 9-24-10.jpg

Eric Young slide into second 9-24-10.jpg                  The Freak…Say what you want…The dude was money tonight.

The Freak 9-24-10.jpg In the 7th inning Burrell swings, connects and hits a two run homer. That was all it took.

Burrell hits a homer 9-24-10.jpg

Burrell goes home 9-24-10.jpg

Burrell heading to dugout 9-24-10.jpg

Cargo hit 9-24-10.jpg

Cargo out 9-24-10.jpg

Tulo at bat 9-24-10.jpg

Helton at bat 9-24-10.jpg

discussions 9-24-10.jpg

the dugout 9-24-10.jpg

Reynolds 9-24-10.jpg

The Freak 2 9-24-10.jpg

                 It’s always exciting when Giambi is at bat. Check out this video. 


          Folks extremely amped up on the field gett’n ready for the Fireworks show.

                                             Two-Stepp’n on Coors Field

                                More proof that white people can’t dance.


                                                        The finale.

             As always the Rockies put on a fantastic fireworks show..Thank you!!

Thumbnail image for Rockies Fireworks 4 9-24-10.jpg
Thumbnail image for Rockies Fireworks 9-24-10.jpg
Thumbnail image for Rockies Fireworks 3 9-24-10.jpg
Queen Geri..Thanks for watching the fireworks with me in the grass my friend. Mike nice hang’n with you too brotha.

              Remember my nice email to the Rockies about Fantasy Camp?
Thumbnail image for sad baseball RFC.jpgI finally was able to get ahold of Jason Flemming. Jason works for the Rockies as the Director of Promotions & Special Events. Jason called me a few days ago and left a message about the email I had sent to the Rockies.

You know, my email asking the Rockies if they would consider sponsoring me at Rockies Fantasy camp so I could first hand blog about the experience.

I was politely informed that the Rockies don’t really do anything like that. That was a bit of a surprise.

     I believe the total cost for five days of Rockies Fantasy Camp is $4300.00 

The sad part is that for no cost to the Rockies whatsoever they could have offered to let me attend camp just as a blogger. I could blog about the whole experience by being there and talking to other fantasy campers not actually participating but documenting.

Shoot, I don’t even need the personalized jersey they have for made for you, I’ve got my own. 

 Allowing me to wander Hi-Corbett, take pictures and talk to people would in reality cost them nothing? 

At the time I’ve posted this entry the Rockies season is officially over. I had tickets to the last two games but I’m dealing with back and leg issues and walking and standing for long periods isn’t a good thing right for me now. Catching baseballs just isn’t happening

      It’s been fun and honor and privledge to blog for you…. “The Rant Regulars”

                                      I’m not sure about next season…???

      I guess I need to to sit back and look ponder some things aka…The Off Season

Thumbnail image for baseball thanks.jpgFrom the bottom of my heart folks thank you for reading my Rockies blog and for helping the “Rockpile Rant” become the Rockies number one fan blog for the last three seasons.

                                          I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter…

Thumbnail image for D the Rockpile Ranter 9-24-10.jpg         Instead of a baseball, toss me a bone, I promise you I won’t miss it…”Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg 


  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    As sad as I am that we didn’t make the play-offs, I’m just happy that we weren’t out of the running come September.

    I know you say you will have to think about being back next year but once the ice of winter starts to melt, and the first of the crocus makes their appearance, your glove hand will start to tingling and you’ll long to breath in the air at Coors Field and feel the adrenaline pump as the first BP ball is hit over the fence into the Pavillion.

    We’ll be there next year, until then don’t be a stranger.

  2. luvmyrox

    Today I walked through Coors Field Gate A, ran up those stairs, and looked out onto that beautiful field for the last time this year. I love that place so much but am sad that it’s over and another long, cold winter is coming. I love my team and am so proud of them, but am disappointed in the way the end came. Very bittersweet.

    The game in this installment of The Rant was the last one before I began to HATE the Giants with the red hot heat of a thousand suns. HOW DARE THEY accuse our Rockies of cheating??? I honestly don’t think I can go to another game where they are playing. They are by far the most classless organization there is. I am SO ANGRY about this that I don’t even know what to do.

    I’m sorry about the rejection to Fantasy Camp. And I’m really sorry about your back problems. Hoping you’re on the rebound soon, friend. And please don’t let recent events get you down. The Rant rocks, and I don’t want it – or you – to go anywhere!

    My friend rockieluv is right. It will all be new again soon enough. 🙂 And rl, I would have known that that was your post, even if I hadn’t seen your name, my friend.

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    R-LUV and LUVMYROX-Marianne and Joy, I just want you to know that I think the world of you both. I love your passion for the Rockies, I appreciate every comment you’ve ever left here on the Rant and I always wait in anticipation for comments from you both when I post a new entry as I respect your opinions.
    I’ll be honest with you, the Rockies not taking me up on my recent email is not the reason I’m contemplating taking a break. Schedule, health, family, finances are all major factors for next season for me. Attending less games means my blog entries will probably drop and that won’t keep a blogger in the top five. I can afford to go to games now because I buy Rockpile tickets usually and just stand most of the game taking pictures. As of late I’ve been having trouble standing for long periods and with standing up for BP and standing up for most of the game I physically just can’t do it anymore.
    So I would need to purchase a seat and I usually make 40+ games a season and a lot of those games I’d have my kids with me so that’s even more money. Of course I would only consider purchasing a seat in the pavilion if I can’t stand so that would add up. Can you see why I was working the Media pass thing earlier in the season 🙂 ?
    A media pass would solve all of my issues. A place to sit, I could get up and take pictures at various times and still attend BP and just take pictures. I’m willing to bet my blog gets ten times more hits than the Rockies Beat Writer blog does. No disrespect to Thomas Harding, he just doesn’t pump out a lot of MLBlog entries as I’m sure the Rockies have him on various other assignments. I believe I would be able to do remarkable things if given a Media pass to some of the Rockies home games. Take a chance Colorado Rockies, try me once and see what happens? (Anyways just wanted give a little insite into my current mindset).
    I always have given what I can, I could use a bit of Rockies Luv/support back.
    Who knows, you could be right Marianne? When spring takes hold baseball is in the air? Best bet you can find me in there somewhere because for me each game is an adventure and I savour every little detail of it.
    Much Luv to all the “Rant Regulars” whether you’re silent or you,re Loud and Proud…”D” The Rockpile Ranter

  4. rocktober_93

    D –

    Thanks for the photos this season…loved them! You are a die-hard and I know you will be back even if your back isn’t in the best condition.

    I’m already anticipating what next season will bring for the Rockies and I know you are too. I know that you will bring it next season because it is in you. Plus, you still don’t have that game HR that need to put on your mantle.

    Looking forward to your photo blogs next year…until then peace out.

    – Ken

  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    KEN-Brotha it was extremely cool to meet you this season. You sir are a HUGE Rockies fan and you share that with your family which I can relate to. I appreciate your input here on the Rant and look forward to keeping in touch. You couldn’t be more right on the HR ball, guess whoever ends up hitting it to me will have to hit it right to me…I’ll get one..Next season…Who knows??..Have a Great Winter Ken…I’ll be right here…D

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