Day Five and the Fire’s Still Alive

9/10/10        Four Mile Canyon Fire

     The most destructive fire in Colorado History

AP BOULDER, Colo. – Wind is the big enemy of firefighters on the lines at the Fourmile Fire Friday. Residents on the west side of the city of Boulder have been warned to take precautions against a possible worst-case scenario and told to be ready to evacuate if the wildfire moves into town.

Fire officials emphasize Boulder isn’t in imminent danger of the wildfire that has destroyed at least 169 homes in the foothills northwest of the city.

A Red Flag Warning is in effect until 6:00 p.m. Friday for the Front Range foothills including the Fourmile Canyon fire zone and other locations in Boulder County. The foothills of Jefferson and Larimer counties are also included in the warning.

The fire showed no signs of relenting Thursday as wind gusts of more than 40 mph fueled fears the flames would move into the heart of Boulder. Friday’s forecast is better. Winds are expected to gust from 15-30 mph with temperatures reaching about 80 degrees.

                                                       Lets hope so!!

fourmile canyon fire.jpg


four mile canyon fire.jpg

fourmile fire 1.jpg

bombers dropping retartant.jpg 
fourmile fire 2.jpg


fourmile fire 3.jpg
ddd.jpgRant Regular Geoff lives in the evacuation area, he and his wife are ok last he contacted me.

                             I’m sending positive vibes your way brotha!!

A lady I work with was telling me a story of how her friend and her husband barely escaped the fire the first day. They were late evacuating and had to jump out of their vehicle as the escape road was on fire.

They had to abandon their vehicle and escape through the woods with the fire on their heels.

Scary stuff. So far Nederland is safe from this destructive fire but I’d like to see it contained soon. No rain in the weekend forecast just hot and dry.

Props to the firemen whose houses burn down and continued to fight the fire. Stuff like that is straight up heroic.

                At this point Friday morning the they say the fire is 30% contained…Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg


  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Scary times my friend. Glad you guys are out of harms way. I can’t imagine how horrible it’s been for the folks affected by this. Sounds like they’re finally getting a handle on it though, so hopefully it’s almost over. My prayers for those who are still in the path.

  2. rocktober_93

    D –

    Looks like thing are settling down up there in Four Mile Canyon. Great News! In other news the other Rockies are on fire as well…winning 10 in a row in dramatic walk-off fashion.

    Going to the game tonight to see the streak continue.

    – Ken

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