Not yet…But Soon You Can Bet

8/27/10         Dodgers vs Rockies Game One

Weather: 88 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 5 mph, Out to CF.
T: 3:19.
Att: 41,964.

Dodgers vs Rockies 8-27-10.jpg 
Dodgers logo.JPG
Rockies logo.gif









It’s been a while since I’ve been to a game or at least if feels that way. I had tickets but had to miss Tuesday and Wednesday’s games due to an injury. I really hate that. 

I discovered something called sciatica. Not fun stuff especially if you enjoy having feeling in your legs. 

Because of this, I’ll have to change my snagg’n game plan, at least until I’m back to 100%.  Instead of being able to run and chase baseballs, I’ll have to use my superior tracking skills to be a little more choosy on the batting practice snags I attempt.

                      Such is life I guess…Gett’n old sucks. 

Today I got lucky and snagged the first one of BP within a minute of entering the pavilion. It was a fairly easy catch, the only hiccup was manuevering between the seats to get to the rail in time.

I gave that ball to a young Rockies fan who was nearby. I can always use karma points :). 

Shortly after my handoff, Rant Regular Ken snagged a Tulowitzki BP homer.

                                                Here’s video of it shot by Dan

                              I believe Ken’s total for the day was two, nice job.

Mike is back from his big East Coast baseball trip.

He mentioned he took a thousand pictures including some of “interesting fans” along the way..

                                     Here’s a few of Mike’s pictures…PNC Park


Long Island Duck.jpg

                                                  Citi Field Hosers.IMG_5718.JPG


                                           Thanks for sharing Mike!

Starting pitcher today is Ubaldo Jiminez aka known as“Nasty Fasty” here on the Rant...

                     Here’s Nasty Fasty doing the Pre-Game Walk of Shame

                   (If you listen closely, you’ll hear me tell Ubaldo he has nothing to be ashamed about)


Stewart and Helton 8-27-10.jpg
Ubaldo's crew 8-27-10.jpg

Carlos Gonzalez 8-27-10.jpg
Stritmatter 8-27-10.jpg                        

I couldn’t tell if Franklin was staring me down or posing?

Franklin Morales 8-27-10.jpg
                                                 Rant favorite Eric Young Jr. 

EY Jr 8-27-10.jpg

Rockies pregame 2 8-27-10.jpg

Rockies pre game 8-27-10.jpg
      Here’s Tulowitzki playing his “I have a ball and you don’t game” with the fans.

Anthem 8-27-10.jpg

Gett'n it right 8-27-10.jpg
                      Today’s game had a movie theme. I really got a kick out of these.

Miguel 21 8-27-10.jpg

Cargo Dude 8-27-10.jpg

Troy Story 8-27-10.jpg

Book of EY 8-27-10.jpg

The Toddfather 8-27-10.jpg

Dex 8-27-10.jpg

Spilly Spillover 8-27-10.jpg

Ubaldo Dominator 8-27-10.jpg
                                         Here are a few random game pictures.

Helton and Podsednik 2 8-27-10.jpg

Helton and Podsednik 8-2710.jpg

Tulo Double 8-27-10.jpg

Tulo and Podsednik 8-27-10.jpg

Nice to see Helton can still Belt’em.

               Todd hits his 5th homerun of the season in the second inning with two out.
Thumbnail image for Rockies home run 8-27-10.jpg


Eric Young Jr out 8-27-10.jpg



The Handoff 8-27-10.jpg
                                                        Good Job Ubaldo !


Blake’s grand slam in the 8th really killed the whole mood.

                     The Dodgers have owned the Rockies the last couple of years.


I was really hoping the Rockies would pull this one off for Ubaldo. I wanted to be able to say I was at the game where Ubaldo achieved his 18th win


Matt Belisle 8-27-10.jpg
                                                       But not this time.Dodgers score 2 8-27-10.jpg                Rockies lose to the Dodgers at Coors field with a final score of 6-2.

                 The hunt for Ubaldo’s 18th win continues…Where will it happen?
RPR Sunflower.jpg
I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter, 
and I wanna see Nasty do it here at Coors.

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  1. luvmyrox

    Hey man, sorry you’re not feeling so great. Hope you’re on the rebound soon! * I have seen Tulo (assisted by Stewie) playing that very game. Haha. * I think you can take Frankie. * Those movie shots rock!! * Next game Sept. 8. Hope we can catch up with ya.

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    LUVMYROX-Thanks, I’m already feel’n better. The theme stuff this season has been fun, nice touch by the Rockies. My next game will be this Thursday, that one game against the Phillies…D

  3. rocktober_93

    D – Good to see you at the game and glad to hear that you are feeling better. Don’t work too hard at work it is killing your favorite hobby. Thanks for posting the video of me catching that ball that Tulo hit during BP. At first it didn’t see the ball until I realized I was standing nearly in the right spot. Good BP as I was able to snag a ground rule double from Manny as well.

    Too bad Ubaldo didn’t get his 18th. I think he will get it Wednesday in San Francisco as the Rox take the series from the Giants. Why didn’t Tracy take him out after the 7th? If a Manager can get an error Tracy deserved one there.

    Loved the movie theme on the player intros. I think my favorite was Dex. What time is the game on Thursday against the Phillies?
    – Ken

  4. raysrenegade

    Love it when a team’s game day promotional department can be creative and poke a bit of fun with the players and not go overboard. Seen a few over the top displays over the years, but I loved the movie idea. Kudos to the Rockies staff for getting the perfect movie with the right guy. Especially like “The Toddfather” and “Dude, Where My Cargo?”.
    See my buddy Hambone (Jason Hammel) has acclimated himself quite well within the Rockies rotation. Glad to see him having a great year.

    Rays Renegade


    Hi D – great blog once again. Sorry you’re not feeling well, but it’ll get better. My comment is I’ve been checking your page daily for the last week just to see when you’ve posted something new. Now it says August 27th, but I didn’t see it until today! I feel better because all of the other comments are from today too, so it just must be the cosmos.

    BTW Thursday Sept 2nd game time is 5:10PM Ken. Hope to see you all there soon!

  6. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Nice sunflowers.
    That’s a drag about the sciatica, I know it’s extremely painful. Hope you’re fully recovered by next year. Can you believe this season is almost over???
    Luv the movie theme for the game. Troy Story was a hoot.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the 12th.

  7. surfer5280

    Hey that Great Blue Heron was suppose to be Hosers from the Long Island Ducks Game. But it is a famous heron that has been stalked for weeks by birders. I just stumbled into him that day. The correct photo is on the way. Thanks for posting them.

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