Giants can’t Hit…Rockies get the Split

8/4/10                     Giants vs Rockies Game Two

This game was my first day game of the season. Day games are difficult for me to attend because I’m usually working. However today’s day game happened to fall on my day off so Giant Todd and I (not being square)had no excuse but to be there.

I made it in time for batting practice and Giant Todd showed up just before the game started. The Rockies didn’t take outdoor batting practice today so it was just the Giants out in the sunshine taking swings.

I managed to snag one ball at today. It was a homer that I realized was heading for the tunnel so I was the first to duck in there and snagged the ball as it was bouncing around the cement walls.

About the time Robert realized where the ball was heading he looked over and I was already there. He didn’t like that and let me know it. I thought it was funny.

                                 Check out Mustache Giambi and Spilborghs               Mustach Giambi and Spilborghs.jpg

Normally I poke fun of guys in skirts. But guys in skirts sport’n axes I have no beef with.

Guys in Skirts holding axes 8-4-10.jpg

Anthem 2 8-4-10.jpg

Anthem 8-4-10.jpg

Pitchers 8-4-10.jpg                Here’s Ubaldo doing what I call the Pre-Game Walk of Shame”.

                 (It’s not really a Walk of Shame, but they sure make it seem like it.)

Today I was feeling lucky so I took a chance and stayed close to the field where the Rockies warm up. When Cargo was finished his routine he walked over and was kind enough to autograph my baseball on the sweet spot.

                                                      Thanks Cargo ! Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Carlos Gonzalez auto 8-4-10.JPG                     Official Plate washer? Is this cosidered a service industry job?  Cleaning homeplate 8-4-10.jpg Ian Stewart 8-4-10.jpg       This dude not only had a cool shirt he had something moving on his right of dad.JPG

                                              I had to take a closer look.

Rockies Cricket 2.jpg                                            Grasshoppers were everywhere..                             

                                  I call this picture Hopper watching Hawper

cr cricket.jpg                                                                Get it?Brad Hawpe 8-4-10.jpg

                     Starting catcher Chris Iannetta sharing some sharpie luv.Ianetta 8-4-10.jpg

                                   Then as quick as he arrived he was gone.

Ianetta Walk 8-4-10.jpg                                             There was color everywhere.

Colorful crowd 8-4-10.jpg

The game was beginning to start so Giant Todd and I headed over to our seats over in the Rockpile. As we were beginning to sit I looked down at Robert and Dan and it looked as if they were trying to tell us something. 

We finally figured out they were trying to let GT and I know there were two seats in the front row of the pavilion we could use.

              When we got down there Dan took my camera and I donned my glove.

 From this point forward all the pictures in this entry were taken by Dan

 I believe Dan was helping me free up my hands in the hopes of snagg’n a homerun ball so he took the pictures for most of the game.

His eye is a bit different than mine and it was really cool checking out the action pictures he took with my camera.  

GT and RPR 8-4-10.JPG                                       Here’s a shot of us all in our seats. Us in the front row 8-4-10.jpg Had a homerun been hit anywhere close to us I believe Dan may have backed off a bit and maybe let me go for it. I can tell you 100% for sure, even though Robert has snagged 50ish game homerun balls, he and I would have battled for it…That’s Robert.

I’ve mentioned this to Robert before and a few other people. Whether Robert realizes it or not I’m eventually his replacment 🙂

We both have VW busses, beards and the hair. We’re both super competitive when it comes to ballhawking. We both chug around cameras searching for the perfect action picture.

                                           Shoot, even my middle name is Robert.

                                                     Think about it?  🙂

The game today had a totally different feel. Rockies fans have a bit of a swagger on a day we know Ubaldo’s on top of that sand.Ubaldo and Troy 8-4-10.jpg The opportunity to swagger is new to Rockies fans so excuse us as we get used to it and don’t get mad if we bump into you.

 I believe before the start of this game Ubaldo had previously won eleven games this season pitching the day after a Rockies loss so that tidbit of information had me feeling confident.

Burrell catch 8-4-10.jpg Helton at bat 8-4-10.jpg Helton gets to first 8-4-10.jpg    With Helton on first up comes Rockies current “King of Swing” Carlos Gonzalez. Cargo at bat 8-4-10.jpg

                                                            See Ya! Torres watches the homerun 8-4-10.jpg Cargo Scores 8-4-10.jpg Rockies Score 8-4-10.jpg                                   Mora comes up but then goes down…Scary Mora goes down 8-4-10.jpg Ball in Crowd 8-4-10.jpg                                     Messing around with Robert’s camera. RPR playing with Roberts camera 8-4-10.jpg Nice catch Todd 8-4-10.jpg Random pavilion shot 8-4-10.jpg Sandoval 8-4-10.jpg IMG_5277.JPG Stewart slide 8-4-10.jpg 

Ducks in the pond 8-4-10.jpg  Cargo in the outfield 8-4-10.jpg                                                                   Chill’n

Chill'n 8-4-10.jpgx

Belisle 8-4-10.jpg Rockies win 8-4-10.jpg Post game Show 8-4-10.jpg For Rockies fans this game was sweet justice for the loss the day before. Rockies split this mini two game series with a 6-1 win over the Giants.

After the game Giant Todd wasn’t hanging around for the celebration so Mike and I headed over to the Post Game show to cheer with the rest of the Rockies fans.

Tom of FSN told the crowd he wasn’t allowed to jump up on the ledge anymore so he took off out of his seat and came running around the corner and started Hi-5ing everyone in the crowd.  

When I got home Joy had posted these pictures of Mike and I. These pictures are actual shots of her TV. 

                                                        Thank you Joy !

RPR TV 3 8-4-10.jpg

Postgame report 8-4-10.jpg RPR TV 2 8-4-10.jpg RPR TV 1 8-4-10.jpgProps to Dan for taking some sweet pictures and giving Giant Todd and I the opportunity to hang out with y’all in the first row.

      No game homerun catch for me this time. The said baseball pursuit continues…

       My next entry is for Goose Gossage Day in Colorado Springs..Look for it soon.

I’ll also announce the winner for the Rockpile Rant’s “Pitch Your Team” Video Contest.

                                                        Go Rockies…Dranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg

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  1. luvmyrox

    That was a great game. Wish I’d been there that day, instead of the night before. Glad you got to enjoy a Rox win – my last two games have been losses; sigh. Cargo’s autograph – way cool, and that pic just makes it all the more awesome. Next game is Sunday.

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Nice to get that win. It’s been a rollercoaster ride since the ASG and if we lose one more game for lack of effort I’m going to hurl. That being said, it’s been cool watching Carlos become a force to be reckoned with and Ubaldo finally becoming the Ace we all knew he would be.
    Cool that you made it on FSN like that. You’re becoming more of a celebrity every year. Hmmmmm, maybe some day you’ll have your own spot on FSN during the game. That would be cool.

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    LUVMYROX-Looking at your TV makes me realize how old mine is. Thanks again for the pics. We’re not picky, we welcome all species as Rockies fans.
    R-LUV-You’re right it’s cool, Cargo and Ubaldo have developed right before our eyes. FSN couldn’t keep up with me…D

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