Everyone Scored at the Rush Time Machine Tour

Everyone Scored at the Rush Time Machine Tour

8/16/10Rush time machine tour.jpgI had purchased tickets to see Rush play at Red Rocks a few years back and I had to sell them last minute due to a unexpected family vacation. That show at Red Rocks would have been my first time enjoying the Canadian trio live.

Rush forest.jpgI’m a member of the Rush Fan Club so I had the opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets a few days before the general public and I jumped on it.

It was completely overcast and drizzling all day and I figured it would rain at some point during the evening.

 Brad and I arrived about two hours before the concert started, prepared to do a little tail gat’n.

Set up like a street corner show a few vehicles down from us was a bare bones Rush cover band. These thoughtful musicians were pumping out Rush tunes and entertaining folks as they walked by.

Here they are jamm’n out Tom Sawyer. Brad and I both agreed the dudes should have had a tip hat out.


While these dudes were spitt’n out the Rush tunes the clouds broke and a rainbow formed. It was at that point I knew everything was gonna be just fine 🙂

   Here’s another video of the parking lot trio..At least they can say they Rocked the Rocks at Red Rocks right? 

What do you do when your the only guy in a suit at a Rush show and you’re too embarassed to stand in line at the Port-O-Pottie?

   I call this set of pictures:

 “Bald Guy In a Suit at Rush Concert Look’n For A Place To Pee”

   H,mmm nobody over here. Bald guy scoping.jpg    Nobody over there. 

Bald guy 2.jpg I think I’ll take a wander over here.

Bald guy in a suit peeing before rush.jpg This’ll do, to hell with lines.

Aaaaah relief.jpgMe with a camera and some time to kill can be a dangerous thing. Besides who wears a suit to a Rush concert?

Here’s the first couple of pictures I took once we reached our seats.

Rush Crowd 2.jpg

Rush Crowd 3.jpg

Me n Brad 3.jpg

Stage at Red Rocks.jpgSee the big screen in the back. Well it flicked on and we started to watch the video below.. At first I wasn’t sure what it was but then I realized this video was the intro to the show.

The characters in the video are the guys from Rush, keep watching as it gets better as it gets going.

All was great until the big screen flickered off and stayed off. You can see it at the end of the video.

 At first we thought it was part of the show, but after several minutes the crowd began to get restless and Rush creeped out on stage and began the show without the big screen.

No worries it came back on after the second song.

Rush 2.jpg

   Here for you is a mixture of pictures and video.

   The launching of the “Official Rush Beach Ball”  (I always wanted to do this).

Rush big screen.jpg

Rush, swinging.jpg

   “Closer to the Heart”

Baby Carriage.jpg

Rush Flames.jpg Baby carriage on wire.jpg

Geddy Smiling.jpg 

Rush Stage three.jpg

Rush Stage four.jpg

Neil Peart.jpg    Here’s only part of Neil’s drum solo and this video is over five minutes long.

Rush Stage five.jpg

Rush STage seven.jpg

Stage eight.jpg   Here’s another video for you.

Rush 1.jpg

Rush stage 10.jpg

Rush STage six.jpg RR with denver in background.jpg   Then with a kind goodbye my evening with Rush was over. Worth every Canadian penny.

I’ve had these Rush tickets for months, but in reality I’ve waited my whole life to see this trio.

  Funny how my three favorite bands are all three piece bands.

1. Rush

2. ZZ Top

3. Kings X.

Mock me if you will, but I likes what I likes. I’ve seen ZZ Top and Rush now at Red Rocks but as much as I dig King’s X, they probably couldn’t fill Red Rocks anymore…Who knows?

Anyways, props to Brad for catching this show with me and thanks to you for tagg’n along. Better go wash your shirt now because after an evening at Red Rocks your ears hurt and you’re smell’n like “OttoMan”.

Otto-Mans-1.jpg  I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I do more than baseball.

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