In Your Face and All Over the Place


           I’ve had this media pass thing on my mind and I’ve come to a conclusion.

press_pass rpr.jpg                                I know I look good on there but it’s not real.

I didn’t get this far with the use of a media pass so I’ll continue to chug on without one. If it happens it happens and I won’t put another thought into it except this.

Rockies let me just say…The Rockpile Ranter with a Media pass…Look out, I’d be breaking so much new ground you’d think Coors Field was under construction…Think about that.

                        The Rockpile Rant is and will always be pro-Rockies.

I challenge any paid writer for the Rockies to convey the feeling/atmosphere of a Rockies game in words or pictures better than me.

                                      They can’t do it and I’ll tell you why.

You’d have to show up really early all the time. Not many people show up early for work.

Sitting up in that booth behind home plate takes you away from the finer points of the game. Not in a vision sense, but in a physical sense. The press box is basically a crowd buffer.  

                                      It’s just better hanging with the crowd.

                                                                       Photo by Robert 
Kids n me by dugout.jpg In the booth you don’t get to experience the vibe in the concourse when Chris Iannetta blasts a walk off homerun. You forget how fun it is waiting in line ten minutes to take a whiz or killing an inning waiting on a burger.

When you’re out of the mix you miss the sharp but loving insults provided in abundance by Captain Earthman. The remnants of shelled peanuts crunching under your feet. Rockies fans heckling the visiting outfielders. Drunk college kids who can’t dance getting their groove on.

I feel sports writers who take shelter in the press box or who watch the game on TV are cheating themselves and the fans who read their half-hearted works. It’s all about being there in the mix and that’s why I don’t write about road games. I can’t share if I’m not there.   

You’ll find me at Coors Field in the middle of it all because that’s what I do and that’s what my readers expect. Think about this, how long would the Rockpile Rant be the number one Rockies fan MLBlog if I ignored the kind folk who come up and introduce themselves to me?

It would tank because I’ve met a whole lot of Rant readers and they are the ones who support the Rockpile Rant. Without them this blog would be nothing.

With an excellent platform like MLBlogs to blog on you can’t continue to ignore online bloggers. Soon we will be the norm…Then look out. 

Tell me what to make of this interaction?

Remember when Robert and I went to Kansas City? Game two we were in the parking lot of Royals stadium doing a little pre-game tailgating.
Robert n Me Kauffman.jpg As we were standing there enjoying a local brew Thomas Harding (beat writer for the Rockies) drove by and was turning around by where Robert and I were standing.

                  I recognized him immediately and said “Hey Thomas”.

Thomas looked at me (I know he knows who I am), had a strange look on his face and sort of nodded at me then sped off. He didn’t say “Hi”. He didn’t give me the chance to shake his hand and formally introduce myself. He just sped off like I was going to jack his car or something.

Thomas..If what I’ve said above is untrue, please comment and tell me what really was going on…Because in my eyes dude you just blew us off? You know, the only two Rockies fans standing out there amongst the small crowd of loyal Royals fans.

Anyways I still think Thomas Harding is a good beat writer I’d love to know what was up that day?

I’m feeling like it’s just time to step my game up again. Videos are going to be a bigger part of the Rockpile Rant. I love creating them and if you get the right song it really conveys the atmosphere of the game.

This past east coast road trip was abysmal. There’s something about going on the road after the All-Star break really puts a kink in the Rockies win groove. I also figured if anyone could break the dreaded All-Star curse it would be Ubaldo Jiminez.

No such luck because as it looks right now post-All Star Game Ubaldo doesn’t resemble pre-All-Star game Ubaldo whatsoever, that needs to change quickly.

I think the Rockies need to take me and my energy on the road with them. Seems like they could use a little taste of home on those long road trips.

 Game One vs the Pirates this evening, I’m there with “B” and I’m not leaving without a win. After the win look for me on TV postgame. I’d love it if someone could get video of me and “B” cheering during the postgame show. 

     I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter, I always call ’em as I see ’em and I haven’t given up.

                                                      I’m just wondering??

                                                  GO ROCKIES…PLEASE!!! 

ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg


  1. raysrenegade

    I have been kind of friendly with our Media people for years.
    And this year I have asked for photographer credentials only for special events ans concerts and have only been turned down once (John Fogerty).
    Been front of the stage for the first three songs for every 2010 Rays concert, plus on the field for a few pre-game photo shoots ( with the Rays approval).
    Sometimes you have to take baby steps and let them see your work….
    I might never get full credentials, but them showing me a little Rays love from time to time means just as much to me.
    Just a suggestion……But sometimes you just got to be overconfident and thrust for what you want…..I think you can do it!

    Rays Renegade

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    RAYS RENEGADE-Believe me brotha, I can thrust with the best of them, just not sure in which direction I should be dry hump’n? :)…D

  3. garyx

    Yo D!

    Keep pluggin’ at it, brotha. I’m sure they’ll eventually notice you and give you some press love. You’re certainly workin’ it!

    Alannah X and Jay D3 will be with me today and we’re gonna try to hit BP. Cya then!

  4. rocktober_93

    D –
    I love your passion and I hope that you get some success. I’m sure that some day sports teams will recognize some bloggers as real journalists. And on that day you will be on the cutting edge.

    Enjoy the game tonight. I will be there tomorrow night!


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