A’hoy Mate….Arrrrr Rockies Not So Great

7/27/10                      Pirates vs Rockies Game One 

Pirates logo.gif
CR Logo 1.gif
You have got to believe.jpg

The Rockies need to forget the disasterous road trip that just occured. The rest of the regular season starts today and we’re not out of it by any means. There was a time not so long ago that it didn’t bother me when the Rockies were down a few runs because I knew magic was gonna happen.

The magic may have fizzled a bit but you fix that by starting out with the easy card tricks and working your way back up to cutting someone in half.

                    Baby steps may be small but at least you’re going forward.

I managed to catch one ball during batting practice today. Dan was telling me that they asked him at the last Rockies home game if he wanted to do the Quest trivia challenge. Dan asked if they would let Randy answer the questions instead and they did.

Randy got all the questions right and won a little HD video recorder which he then gave to Emily. Dan brought it to the game today and he managed to get video of my catch and a near catch.

     Check out Dan’s videos..Here’s where I was robbed by D.J. Carrasco  đź™‚                  

            I think the reason he put so much effort into that catch is earlier I did this.

                               Here’s the video I created for this game.

                          Here are a few pictures that didn’t make the video.

Tulos Girls.JPG
Gary and the Group 7-27-10.jpg
Douglas and his buddy 7-27-10.jpg            There were cowboys and indians everywhere, I have no idea why.

Squa 7-27-10.jpg                Here’s the Rockpile Cowboy. You’ve gotta love those fuzzy chaps.

Rockpile Cowboy.jpg                                                   Lost fan of the game.

Lost fan of the game 7-27-10.jpg  Losing to the Pirates at home isn’t good. Rockies if I haven’t given up you can’t either.

Final Score 7-27-10.jpg                                                Go Rockies

                                                    “D”ranter hat-thumb-40x29-2107421.jpg 


  1. luvmyrox

    Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. I will never give up, but nights like tonight – losing at HOME to the freaking PIRATES?? – make me want to throw my laptop through the plasma. GAH!! (And by the way, I saw you cheering that disgusting loss, LOL) We’ll be there tomorrow, hopefully for bp. Sigh . . .

  2. garyx

    D — as usual, good seein’ you and Robert before and after the game 🙂 Throws for Alannah and I at BP from Manny and Ubaldo — love it. Also, glad one of “us” snagged that Barmes homer (yeah, Robert!).
    Sorry we couldn’t make that post-game beer. Mebbe when I get back from my road trippin’.

  3. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    What’s happened to our team? They’re playing like they don’t care anymore and it’s breaking my heart. I still luv them and always will, just wish I knew what was going on.

  4. rocktober_93

    D –
    Good to see you at the game on Thursday. Nice snaggin’ during BP. How do you get a ticket to go down to the front row during BP?

    Nice pictures of TULOS! Ha

    Two game winning streak. I changed my user name from tripletrox to rocktober_93.

    – Ken

  5. crzblue2

    Your Rockies are breaking your heart like my Dodgers are. When will the bleeding stop!? Our starters have done well but our bully has gone to the pits and the hitting has been so anemic. Will the Padres ever go on a slump?

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