Ba-Da-Bing….Cha-Ching is King


Rockies vs Red Sox Game One

This game was the “Blogging Without Borders” game with Dr Rocker of the MLBlog:

 “Sox Rocker”

                                                   Dr Rockier and RPR 6-22-10.jpg In reality this was more of an experiment, you know just to see what it would be like to blog about the other’s team.

The first thing I discovered is that it’s not easy to put on another team’s colors. Secondly I was confused as how to write this entry. I wondered whether I should stick to my routine or try to adapt the “DR’s” style of writing,….. but that’s easier said than done.

The Dr is a bright guy and his entries are deep, thoughtful, witty and well written. Sometimes when I read the Dr’s blog I feel like I’m listening to Dennis Miller back in the day when he did football broadcasts.

A bit over my head and I spend more time trying to figure out what he’s saying than actually listening to what he’s saying.

            Dr I mean that with full respect. I just can’t do your style, you do it much better.

So, I backed out of the jersey swap at the last minute. The thought of wearing Red Sox attire bothered me so much I had trouble sleeping the night before. As much as I wanted to do this “for the sake of doing it”, the jersey swap wasn’t happening.

Truth be told I despise the Red Sox. I hate the smug attitudes of some of their fans. I hate the vibe of Coors Field when the Red Sox fans are in town. I hate the color Red. I hate the way Yukillus stands at the plate when he bats. I hate the fact that when the Red Sox fans cheer “Let Go Red Sox” it’s as loud or louder than the Rockies fans.

                            This entry is one of the hardest entries I’ve written to date.

                            Ok with that said…Here we go..Red Sox ..Here we go. 

 This Rox/Sox rematch is always a battle of the fans in my opinion. The mighty Red Sox fans who habitate in Colorado and for one reason or another can’t make it back to the promise land of Boston to support their team make their mighty presence known by taking over Coors Field for three games.

I showed at the Rockpile Gates at my normal time and a mob of eager, baseball hungry Red Sox fans were way ahead of me.

The line for batting practice was insane as the red shirts showed up to support the Red Sox on the road. It almost seemed as if it was organized?

 I’m positive the high numbers weren’t for the free Rockies promotional hat that was handed out at the gates.

   Once I was situated in the pavilion a dude named Alex came up and introduced himself.

Alex 6-22-10.jpg Alex let me know that originally he thought the Rockpile Rant was some opinionated guy who wrote about the Rockies saying they should do this or they should do that.

Alex said after he read my blog he discovered it wasn’t like that at all and he liked it. Thank you Alex. Alex was at BP today trying to snag his first BP homer on the fly. I mentioned that today could be slim pickins as the pavilion was packed..But you never know.

The fact that I was sitting at 99 baseballs wasn’t on my mind at all because with the crowd I was sure I’d be shut out today and I was ok with that.

Photo by Joy 

RPR Red sox 6-22-10.jpgI watched Jeff Francis and Aaron Cook each toss several baseballs into the souvenir hungry crowd. Not one of those balls managed to find a Rockies fan.

                    Maybe it’s because the Rockies fans were few and far between.
Rockies pitchers 6-22-10.jpg                                   Red Sox fans were ok with that…All of them.
Red Sox Fans 6-22-10.jpg

Red Sox Fans 2 6-22-10.jpg

Red Sox fans 3 6-22-10.jpg
Shortly after the Red Sox took over the field Big Papi came out with his son.

big Papi and son 2 6-22-10.jpg


 As baseballs were hit and would roll to a stop, his son would pick them up and toss them to the fans in the outfield.
Big Papi and son 3 6-22-10.jpg This father son moment was one of the top five things I’ve witnessed during batting practice. Props to you “Big Papi” for living up to your name. I do believe you “Get it”.

                             It’s fun to be around and watch when players “Get it”.

Red Sox 6-22-10.jpgI finally was able to visit with looong time Rant Regular LUVMYROX aka Joy and her husband Jim. It’s the first time I’ve seen them this season and we chatted for spell.

Photo by Joy

Joy and Jim 6-22-10.jpg I was standing close to them for part of batting practice and decided to take a chance and move back a few rows. Within minutes of switching places one of the Red Sox hit a screamer which I thought was going to sail way over my head.

Instead I was able to reach up high, lean back and the milestone ball landed perfectly in my glove.

All I could think of was “I did it”. Then I yelled out “Yeaaaah 100 baby” I’m not sure why I did that but it felt damn good at the time. I had to take a look back at my pictures but to the best of my knowledge it was this Red Sox players BP homer that helped me reach the 100 mark.
Daniel Nava 6-22-10.jpg                           Number 60 left fielder Daniel Nava. Thanks Daniel.

                           If you look at this picture in a mirror it would say 100.

RPR 100th ball 6-22-10.jpgWithin a few minutes of that snag I was back standing beside Jim and Joy. A nameless BP homer was hit and was cruising toward our section.. I located it, followed it, and then realized I really didn’t have to move to snag this one.

                          I held up my glove and the ball hit the pocket square.

Immediately after I caught it I realized I was standing right beside Jim and that it was his glove directly under mine. So in actuality, had I not put up my glove Jim would have owned that ball.

                 I immediately gave him the ball as it should have been his.

Sorry Jim,…. the truth is I didn’t even see you. My eyes were on that ball. Jim was totally cool about it. Nice to visit with you both, sorry I totally spaced taking a picture of you.

Dr Rocker showed up during batting practice to say “hey” and officially kick this “Blogging Without Borders” thing off.

After batting practice I headed over to the Rockies dugout because I wanted to talk to Alanna Rizzo. I had heard that recently she had been hit in the head with a baseball during practice. As I was waiting to talk to Alanna I overheard her mention to someone else that she had been clocked in the head not once but twice in the last couple of weeks.

When it was my turn, I said “Hi Alanna, I’m D The Rockpile Ranter, I caught my 100th baseball during batting practice today and I wanted to give it to you”.

Alanna Rizzo 6-22-10.jpgAlanna said “Was it from a Red Sox player, if it was I don’t want it”. (At first I thought she was serious).

I said “I’m not going to tell you” (Actually, at that point I wasn’t exactly sure who hit me the homerun ball).

Alanna then said, “Well thank you very much, are you sure you want to do that…Why?

I explained that I felt bad that she had been hit in the head with a baseball and I hoped this would make her feel better….That was that.

I always give luv to the FSN Rocky Mountain crew for a couple of reasons.

1. I like ’em and think they do a good job.

2. Maybe someday the luv will be reciprocal as far as the Rockpile Rant is concerned…

Remember Alex? (the dude I had met in the pavilion earlier). Alex walked up to me excitedly and let me know that he had finally snagged his elusive batting practice homer on the fly.

Imagine that, even with all the Red Sox fans packed in the pavilion like little red sardines, the man did what he set out to do and nailed that snag.

               Props to you Alex…As I’ve mentioned here before, the addiction starts now.

                                  Here are the Red Sox pre-game pictures                                   .

Boston Player 6-22-10.jpg

Boston Player 6.jpg

boston player 7.jpgAs I took pictures of the Red Sox players and their fans I hate to admit it but I think I started to understand the long distance Red Sox fan’s mentality. I’m fortunate because I attend over forty games a year and get to watch the Rockies warm-up all the time. It’s routine for me.

Red Sox fans seemed grateful for every second spent watching their team before the game stretch, goof around and play catch.

stretch red sox.jpg When you only get to see your team once every couple of years you soak in even the tiniest of details….I can respect that.

                                     Here are my Red Sox game pictures. 

Pedroia at bat 6-22-10.jpg                     Not quite.

Pedroia out 6-22-10.jpg

Youkilis and Cargo 6-22-10.jpg

           Jon Lester gives up only one hit in six innings with six strikeouts..Nice Job!

                                 Click HERE for video of Jon’s performance.

Lester 6-22-10.jpg

sea of red 6-22-10.jpg

Hat exchange 6-22-10.jpg

Big Papi first base.jpg

duck 6-22-10.jpg

Out 6-22-10.jpg

Coors Field Rakers 6-22-10.jpg                                                  Brat with a reddish view…

IMG_3167.JPGMartinez at bat 6-22-10.jpg

red sox fan 8.jpg

Youkilis 6-22-10.jpg


Yuk swing 6-22-10.jpg
Herrera slide first 6-22-10.jpg                                    A few shots of the hosting Rockies.

Helton and Herrera 6-22-10.jpg

Gonzalez and Spilborghs 6-22-10.jpg

Ryan Spilborghs 6-22-10.jpg
Brad Hawpe 6-22-10.jpg squeeze.jpg Cargo and Hill 6-22-10.jpg                Cha-Ching was money tonight as he pitched 6 2/3 shutout innings.chacin 6-22-10.jpg

 Say what you want about his shaky batting average Clint Barmes can work that shortstop position. I know he doesn’t have close to Tulo’s arm but the dude is instinctive and extremely athletic.

Check out Clint’s game ending play to give the Rockies the win in this game one rematch at Coors Field with a final score of 2-1.

                                             Clint’s one hopper 

Coors Field was bump’n. Red Soxs fans who paid big bucks to see their teams winning streak continue were left silent. Leaving Coors Field a loser is a strange concept to the BoSox.

This is a talented team, that’s part of why I hate them so much. They play hard because their fans expect no less. Boston has a fanbase that is scattered all over the country and willing to travel to support their team.

For the Red Sox players it’s like always playing in front of the home crowd. That can be good and bad.

Colorado Rockies fans celebrated like it was game one of the 2007 World Series with a different ending. I wonder if a win like this or possibly taking the series from the Red Sox could change the Rockies Mojo?

                                    Our players are healing, and I gotta feel’n.

               I’m “D” The Rockpile Ranter. Rockies fan extraordinaire who cares.

                                            I did like I said and I tried it Red.ranter hat.jpg


  1. soxrocker

    Tough one for me to write too. Stick to your guns and let it fly! The Rox got 2 good wins. We’ll see how tonight’s ends up! VIVA BASEBALL! We’ll have to get to another game together and nyuk it up.
    Dr. Rocker

  2. rudyrob

    It was a very entertaining series. Sorry the Rox couldn’t pull off the sweep, but fun games to watch. The blog is entertaining as always. Hope you get #100 soon….


  3. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Congrats on #C.
    And I’m not surprised that people are coming up to you and introducing themselves, you know you have quite a following 🙂

  4. raysrenegade

    You are not aloowed to do that again….ever!
    I popped on the blog expecting to see you throw up some great analogies and props towards the Papelbon meltdown and systematic heave to the plate the Jason Giambi depositied where it belongs…in the stands.
    Instead I got multiple photos and experiences I would and could never fathom (since I am NOT even a closet member of any other team).
    But I do understand the logic and give you mad props for the photos and taking on a challenge like making the Red Sox look entertaining ( sorry,that is my AL East side talking).
    You are a better man than I am Gunda Ranter, because I could never see myself writing for another team….And for that, you are the Man this weekend… and beyond.

    Rays Renegade

  5. luvmyrox

    Hey D. That was a great time and I’m so glad we were there for the first two games of the series. (Thanks again to wyobuff if he happens to be reading the Rant.) I’m glad I was finally able to catch up to you on my 9th game of the season!

    Hey, absolutely NO WORRIES about the ball that you and Jim were both after. He knows you’re all about the snag, and it’s no big deal to him. We were totally just givin’ you crap, ’cause that’s what we do.

    Seriously weird vibe with all the BoSox red and blue jerseys there. And as bugged as I was by all the booing of Rockies players in their own house, it was awesome to see those same people walking quietly with their heads down after their two losses. Yep, that part seriously rocked. 😀

  6. garyx

    Yo, D! As always, another blog totally worth reading. Gratz on hitting the century mark with snaggin’! I’ve yet to snag my first, but A’s got two from pitchers, so I get to live vicariously through her!

    With regard to writing about the Sox, it’s a true love of baseball that will let such an ardent Rox fan give some of his expertise to ‘the enemy’ (he said VERY facetiously). You handled it very well, when you coulda been snarky and took cheap shots at the Sox. (and Dr. Rocker did a pretty good job in return). I look forward to other inventive takes on your blog in the future!

    Also good to see that other people are taking the time to say “hi” and let you know they like The Rant. This is just another progression of the fandom. It’s always nice to see the faces that you put in of people are reading the blog — just makes being a Rox fan that much more fun.

  7. cogridironzebra

    Hey D…thanks for sharing the ball. It proudly sits on my desk at work. Almost had one the next night but got undercut by a guy wearing a NYY jersey in the front row.

  8. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JIM-Your welcome, thanks for being cool.
    GARYX-Wow super kind words brotha I thank you. I take a lot of pride being the first to do stuff in the Blogosphere.
    LUVMROX-Agreed, Boston fans are best silent 🙂
    RAYSREN-Thank you my friend. I gotta keep trying new stuff. But I promise you I will never do THAT again.
    ALEX-You’re totally welcome. I’m sure I’ll run into you again.
    R-LUV-I like folks saying hi. It’s a good feeling when you know people are reading your stuff.
    CHRIS-Thank man, been there done that now 🙂
    SOXROCKER-Great job brotha, what’s next for the dynamic duo?

  9. raysfanboy

    Now THAT was a post! Damn! There was something for everybody there, for sure. But my favorite part was your description of your hate for the BoSox. I could not agree more. Back in the day, I felt sorry for the Sox. Now now. Winning has totally ruined the one-time humble fans of that team. Oh well. Everybody’s gotta have a nemesis, and those Sox are certainly that for my Rays.

  10. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    RAYSFAN-Thanks brotha, I know that you of all people feel me (maybe even more so) on the Red Sox hatred. Thx for the props…D

  11. thomasox

    Thank you for trying. This was great to read. To understand why some fans “hate” the Red Sox is good for the soul, too. I mean, it’s important to be a good fan and sometimes my compatriots can be real a**holes. Take Dodger blogger Emma’s visit to Fenway to see Manny, where she was subjected to racist comments. Anyway, I applaud your efforts and love the photos, as always. And, of course it was easier for me to wear a Rockies hat when they were playing the Padres, who I naturally can’t stand, for reasons I don’t really understand myself.
    Cheers to you. Also, I love the Alanna Rizzo moment. I say they ought to give you an interview.

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