“Gotcha” Macha

6/18/10                            Brewers vs Rockies Game One

Brewers vs Rockies 6-18-10.jpg

                                           Weather: 81 degrees, partly cloudy.
                                                  Wind: 16 mph, In from LF.
                                                      Temperature: 2:43.
                                                             Att: 32,340.

First in line today, first into the pavilion. That was a good thing because as I was heading to my “spot” I managed to snag the first ball of the day after it took a nasty bounce off of a bleacher.                                  

                             Here’s a shot of Gary X, Alannah X and Jay DDD.
Gary and Crew.jpg Gary came up and introduced himself his daughter and JayDDD during batting practice.

Gary is a regular Rant reader and told me that reading the Rockpile Rant had inspired him to show up early for batting practice. Gary asked me where a good location for BP would be and I suggested over by Robert in the corner against the railing.

The fact that I actually inspired anyone to do anything blows me away so I gave his daughter Alannah the baseball I had snagg’d earlier. She later snagg’d a toss-up from Jorge De La Rosa and before they left the pavilion Alannah let me know how excited she was to have two baseballs because now she could give one to her best friend.

That is what it’s all about. Super nice folks. It was an honor to meet and chat with you. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it…D

I also thought is was cool that Gary knew who Robert was through the Rockpile Rant and went over and introduced himself.
Front row 6-19-10.jpg I mentioned to Robert later that maybe he should start a blog so he can make me famous…. I don’t think he got it?

I did have an opportunity to snag a Jeff Francis toss-up. In fact Jeff actually threw it to me but at the last second the dude in front of me stood up and barehanded it. As he caught it the dude’s hand smacked back into my glove and he acted like I was in his space?

Jeff Francis 6-19-10.jpg                  I don’t think so. Thanks Jeff, I knew you were tossing it to me.

                                                       Mike and Geoff.
Mike and Geoff 6-19-10.jpgBatting practice ended and my final tally was one. One is better than none although I prefer catching ’em.

Mike, Robert and I headed over to the Rockies dugout so we could see. You know sometimes you just gotta see stuff. So we stood there and watched and we saw stuff.

Wanna see what we saw? Here you see us seeing Jason Hammel the starting pitcher.

Jason Hammel walk 6-19-10.jpg Ok, I’m sure you’ve noticed when the starting pitchers walk across the field past the crowd on their way to warm-up right?

               Tell me why does it seem like they’re doing the “Walk of Shame”.               

                       You know what I mean….Head down, no eye contact???     

What exactly are they doing before they walk onto the field? ……….I dunno, but it does make you wonder though?

                          Remember, I’m just here to point out the obvious 🙂   

                            Here’s Miguel Olivo, Mark Strittmatter and Bob Apodaca.

Olivo, Strittmatter and Apodaca 6-19-10.jpg                                                    Hey did you know?

did you know 6-19-10.jpg                                                        Nice job Miguel !

                                  Props to Coors Field Hosers for keep’n it wet.
Coors Field Hosers 6-19-10.jpg                                           Todd Helton, we need you brotha!!

Todd Helton 6-19-10.jpg

Brad Hawpe 6-19-10.jpg                                           Second baseman Jonathon Herrera.

Jonathon Herrera 6-19-10.jpg

Helton, Herrera, Barmes 6-19-10.jpgWhile we were seeing stuff Robert let me know he had an extra ticket for the front row next to him and Mike and that I could use it if I wanted…Uhh yep!

                                   I like this view….Photo by Robert Harmon
View is great 6-19-10.jpg                                                         Thanks Robert.

It was just my luck as no home runs were hit into the pavilion. Can you imagine how funny it would have been if a ball actually had been hit anywhere near Robert, Mike and I.

The three of us trying to get out of those three seats in a row at the same time could have been interesting 🙂

                                    Jonathon Herrera sliding into second.

Herrera slide 6-19-10.jpg                                              Dan and family and Big Tom

Dan and Fam 6-19-10.jpg              For Nick the Happy Youngster in case he’s reading…Mr Prince Fielder.

Prince Fielder 6-19-10.jpgNo pictures of Tulowitzki today. If you haven’t heard Tulo got hit by a pitch and has a broken bone in his wrist. We’re looking at six weeks until he returns…Ouch

                                        I call this “Dejected then Ejected”.

           Bad call at first base….Umpire says safe… Jim Tracy comes storming out.

Tracy leaves the dugout 6-19-10.jpg                       The Umpires meet, have a lil pow-wow and reverse the call….Out

Umpires discussing 6-19-10.jpg           Brewers manager Ken Macha flips his cookies it and gets to leave Coors early.

Macha loses it 6-19-10.jpg                                         Here’s the video…You’re welcome 🙂 


            Stuff like this is fun to watch, especially when the call goes in your teams favor.

Another first for me at this game. Some idiot sitting behind me about 25 rows decided to make a name for himself and toss a baseball onto Coors Field. It wasn’t a game homer(I knew that because nothing was hit into the pavilion this game).

                                  I guess he did it for sheets and giggles??

Here’s the video (ignore the first few seconds). The crowd totally pointed the dude out and he was escorted away.

                             I love it when I’m right there when stuff like this happens.

                               Jim Tracy decides it’s time for a pitching change.

Pitching change 6-19-10.jpg


Player of the game 6-19-10.jpg

jason Hammel small 6-18-10.jpg   Jason Hammel getting a standing ovation and a smack on the butt after a job well done.

Hammel gets a standing ovation 6-19-10.jpg                                   

Seth Smith 6-19-10.jpg

                                                       The final score
Final Score 6-19-10.jpg Props to Jason Hammel for his well-roundedness and for helping the Rockies solidify this game one win over the Brewers.

                                 Don’t know about you but I’m thinking Sweep.

                                                      Go Rockies…”D”
ranter hat.jpg



  1. garyx

    Yo, D! Thanks for a great update! Alannah’s really appreciative that you “made her famous.”

    It was a great pleasure to meet you and put a “real” face to the one that writes a great blog.

    Lookin’ forward to chatting with you out in the pavillion again!

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    I’m so stoked that Hammel’s turned his game around. Thought he would after the way he played last season but ya never know. Totally bummed about Tulo, man that sux. Barmie can handle the duties at shortstop but we’ll miss Tulo’s bat. Your pix are, as always, above the cut and appreciate your sharing. A sweep would be awfully nice but I would be happy if we just take the series. Go Rockies!

  3. luvmyrox

    Haha, “The Walk of Shame”. Too funny. Interesting that Jason was making the walk by himself; usually I see Dac making that walk with them. Anyway, that one turned out awesomely for Jason; so happy for him!

    Hilarious vid of that moron being escorted out. Who does that, anyway?? Ugh.

    It is my goal to talk to you on TUESDAY! 😀

  4. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    GARYX-Anytime my friend..Baseball goes best with family.
    R-LUV-I’m more relaxed now when Hammels on the mound. We need Tulo bad, especially right now. His loss is devastating in my opinion. Time for the Rockies to step up like I know they can. Least we got the series.
    LUVMYROX-It was an odd scene. Still don’t know why he did it? Some peoples kids. See you Tuesday…D

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