It was in the bag, what a drag

6/8/10                                 Astros vs Rockies Game Twogame sign 6-8-10.jpg

 Weather: 76 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 17 mph, Out to LF.
Time: 2:38.
Attendance: 26,201.

Just me today and this blog is going to be a short one. If the Rockies won’t put the forth the effort in to beat the freggin Astros at home, then I’m gonna slack a bit on this entry.

I was the first in line today at the Rockpile gates but the Usher checking me in today had a scanner that wasn’t cooperating so it took me an extra three or four minutes to get through.(Not his fault) 

The Rockies were out on the field but nothing was hit in my direction. Actually, not much of anything was hit or tossed to left field while the Rockies were up. However right field and center field were blasted with BP homers from sluggers Brad Hawpe and Jason Giambi.

 Too bad you can’t snag over there until 30 minutes after the stadium opens. The Ushers grabbed every one of those baseballs. I have no idea what happens to them from there.

The Astros took command of the field and did a decent job of scattering baseballs. Robert had the day of his life and snagged eight baseballs.

I had to mention this as I busted on him last entry for having a dry spell for the last couple of weeks.

 The first ball I snagged was hit about 1/3 of the way up the pavillion, I moved right from my spot and snagged it surrounded by four dudes.

 I gave that ball to a little girl and her family who were sitting a few rows behind where I caught it.

Gave away baseball 6-8-10.jpg                               I was a good catch but it came with an injury.

Shin damabe 6-8-10.jpg  In the process of making that catch I managed to snag my right leg on a bleacher corner.

What sucks is there is no meat in that spot and after the adrenaline wears off it started to throb.

Some call it the hazzards of the hobby, some call it a souvenir.

I call it painful, but not debilitating. 

 My second BP homer was headed about twenty feet to my right and I gloved it perfectly. It was all mine as nobody else seemed to be tracking it.

          I gave that ball to another little girl and her family as batting practice ended.

I did see for the first time an Astro named Gustavo Chacin that Zack Hample put the “Hample Jinx” on a few years ago. I believe Zack put the jinx on Chacin because he went out of his way to remove a ball from Zack’s glove as he was performing his glove trick. 

            Since Zack put the curse on Gustavo his career has been in the crapper.
Chacin 6-8-10.jpg

                       Here’s a link to Zack’s blog so you can get the whole story.

                                   Hample Jinx on Gustavo Chacin 

Gustavo did have a chance to toss a ball into the crowd. At one point I thought he was actually going to give it away…But he didn’t.

I only took a few pictures of the Rockies warming-up. Clint Barmes was the first one out to sign for the fans.

Clint Barmes signing 6-8-10.jpg                                                           Melvin Mora

Melvin Mora 2 6-8-10.jpg                                              Brad Hawpe for Queen Geri 🙂

Brad Hawpe 6-8-10.jpg

Mora, Helton and Tulo 6-8-10.jpg                                                                 Safe
 Manzella safe 6-8-10.jpg                                                  Random dugout shots.

Random dugout shot 6-8-10.jpg

seth smith 6-8-10.jpg

Melvin Mora 3 6-8-10.jpg

Barmes getting walked 6-8-10.jpg                                                            T-Shirt toss

Tshirt toss 6-8-10.jpg

Helton on first 6-8-10.jpg

Belisle 6-8-10.jpg

Squishy kid 6-8-10.jpg                                                 Waiting for the hand-off.

Waiting for the handoff 6-8-10.jpg                                             In comes Franklin Morales

Franklin Morales 6-8-10.jpg
out goes franklin morales 6-8-10.jpg                                            Out goes Franklin Morales.                                             

                                          In comes Rafael Betancourt

Rafael Bettencourt 6-8-10.jpg

Camera kid 6-8-10.jpg

Shot along first base 6-8-10.jpg

Cool Sky 6-8-10.jpgAs soon as the Astros scored in the 8th I had to get up and leave Coors Field. Rockies fall to the Astros 4-3. I’ll be there Wednesday with Hunter.

                               Please Rockies don’t look like chumps tonight.

                                I can’t handle losing two in a row to this team

                                             GO ROCKIES, PLEASE…D

                                 Ready for something different?…Get Ready for:

                                    BLOGGERS WITHOUT BORDERS

We haven’t worked out all the details yet but during the Red Sox/Rockies game in June the writer of Sox Rocker and I will switch places.

                “J” will blog about the Rockies and yours truly about the Red Sox.

Who knows, you could see a 6’6″ guy walking around in a Rockpile Ranter jersey? We both plan to attend the Tuesday game on June the 22nd. I’ll do an entry about this soon…D  


  1. luvmyrox

    We were supposed to be there. I’m glad we weren’t. (Thanks, Dan.) I was so ticked off at the end that I really considered taking a hiatus from watching Rockies games for a couple of nights. I just don’t need the aggravation, UGH!! But, sigh . . . I got over it, as I always do. I’ll have it on again tonight, as usual.

    See you Friday. And since this is the first time since Opening Day that we’ll be able to get there early AND in front row seats, there had better be batting practice!!

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Sigh….why is it we always seem to do awesome against tough teams but suck against teams that are struggling? Do they just decide they don’t have to try with those teams? Frustrating to say the least.
    Luv the idea of Bloggers Without Borders. Definitely will look forward to that entry.
    Hope to see you Sunday (you too luvmyrox).

  3. soxrocker

    Dr Rocker here – I will be tentatively titleing my titillating tale (bad alliteration, I know) from the Sox/Rox game, ‘When My Sox became Rox” or maybe “Rox Off”. Thanks to D for partnering up on this bit of blooging hi-jinks. Who says we are only interested in “our own” teams? Share the love and vitriol BABY!

  4. rocktober_93


    Great snagging. Too bad the Rockies couldn’t snag a win. Took my son to BP for the 1st time at Monday’s game and he got two balls tossed to him from Jhoulys Chacin and a ball from an usher in the pavillion. I was able to snag a line drive BP homer from Pedro Feliz that was right above the railing that almost took my son and his friend’s head off. Gave the ball to his friend who thinks that baseball is boring. Maybe he doesn’t think that so much anymore.

  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    LUVMYROX-Loved the pictures you took from that game.
    R-LUV-It really does seem that way. I hate that.
    SOXROCKER-Let’s do it brotha.
    TRIPLETROX-Thanks. Wow two baseballs for your son’s first BP? That’s great. Sounds like the Pedro Feliz homer was a nice snag. Bring em to batting practice once, that usually hooks em…D

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