See what I mean about “Pitch Your Team”

3/17/10                                HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY

ROCKIES HAT GREEN.jpgI’ve had a few people ask questions about the “Pitch Your Team” video contest. So I did a quick one to give you an example. I’m going to enter a video but I can’t win this contest.

                       FYI…As good as this video is… This is not my entry 🙂

Robert sent me a new batch of pictures from Hi-Corbett in Tucson. Here’s a shot of Tulo homering in the Rockies/Cubs game. 

tulo sends it outta here!!!.jpg                                   Time for the Canadian to get back to work.

Jeff Francis 21.jpg                                                              Safe 

Rockies cubs final score.jpgLast night I helped out at the Nuggets game. I was hoping for a chance to sit under the basket and take pictures but unfortunately my pass wouldn’t quite get me that close. Chauncey and Old Referee.jpg

                       So I took an empty isle seat in the 4th row. It had a nice view. 
Chauncey and JR Smith.jpg 



Chauncey and Melo.jpg

Unknown good pic.jpg 
Chauncey and NeNe.jpg

                                                   Random crowd shot. 
Guys in Green.jpg                                  K-Mart..who knows how long he’ll be out?

Kmart-1.jpg                                                 NeNe Slam dunk.

NeNe slam.jpg

Melo shot-1.jpg

Denver Nugget Dancers.jpg                       5′ 5″ former Denver Nugget Earl Boykins scored 5 points.

           DID YOU KNOW…Boykins weighs 133 lbs and can benchpress 350 lbs.
Height difference.jpg

Coach Karl.jpg                                              Rocky looking for a little help.

 Rocky Praying.jpg                   worked, the Nuggets came from behind to zap the Wizzards 97-87

Final Score 3-16-10.JPG

                         Thanks to Robert for the pix and thanks to “B” for the Tix.

             Here’s a shot of a young fox we saw close to the house chill’n in the sun.

Foxy 2.jpg                                                    D..The Rockpile Ranter

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  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    That pitch was Awesome! Ok, so mine probably won’t be anywhere near as cool as that but I’m still going to give a go cause I Luv my team.
    The pix at the Nuggets game are amazing, really could be another career for you ……..but I especially like the pix of the fox. Too cool.
    Counting down the days my friend 🙂

  2. raysrenegade

    Got to agree with a above comment.
    Maybe you should shop some of your great photos to some of the small publications around Denver and get you a nice part time gig doing photos for someone.
    You have a great eye for it, and might as well use it.
    Plus with your new rural setting, you might be able to do some landscape pics that could be popped into frames and sold at small consignment shop for extra cash.
    I know times are hard everywhere….. and talent should always be rewarded.

    Rays Renegade

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    R-LUV-Thanks, took us a few takes to get it right. I’ve got a lot of ideas. I need some video from inside Coors to finish mine. Can’t wait to see what your family does.
    EMMA and MIMI-Thank you, this was my first fox picture and Robert can really take a good picture.
    RAYSREN-Unfortunatly my camera is not quite pro-quality. Although you can do some amazing things with a mid-range camera. Thanks for noticing brotha, I appreciate you saying that…D

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