Basketball’s Fine but Baseball’s Divine


let the games begin.jpgTomorrow is the first official Rockies spring training game of 2010 against the D-Backs.

                                                     HELL YEAH !

I so wanted to be there welcoming the players and wishing them good luck. My smiling face was doing just that the first game of spring training last season and look how far the Rockies went…I’m just say’n 🙂

The has been sending out questions to Rockies Bloggers and they’ve been posting my responses along with several other Rockies Bloggers. 

Here’s the question from Feb 24, 2010:

If free agent infielder Felipe Lopez can be had for a bargain price, should the Rockies consider bringing him in to give Clint Barmes some competition at second base?


The other question was from today and it was:

The Rockies have been notoriously slow starters in the past few seasons, often digging a deep hole for themselves in April. Is it the cold weather in Colorado, or something else that keeps the team from performing well early in the season?


Answering questions about the Rockies is fun in anticipation of the regular season but thank god for basketball, it fulfulls my need to watch live sports and take pictures in the baseball off-season and doesn’t break the bank(Thanks B).

In a month we’ll be watching the Rockies play the Mariners. I have several goals for those two special games.

You ask why is it a special game? Honestly I’m not sure but the ticket prices suggest something special so when I figure out exactly what it is that justifies the extremely high cost of tickets for these two games I’ll let you know. (The cheapest ticket is $25.00)

First I’d like to get Ken Griffey Jr’s autograph(Yeah I know who wouldn’t). It’s doubtful he’d sign for me dressed up in my Rockies gear but my wife Krista will be with me and that levels the playing field.

Second I’d like to catch a batting practice homer and/or possibly a game foul ball.

Third, I’d like to get Jason Giambi’s autograph. Yes I know I have all season to do that but I figure I’d get ‘er done early and that’s one less thing to do.

By the way if you’re attending this game and would like to trade your BERM tickets for tickets in section 120 give me a shout.

I attended the Nuggets/Pistons game on Feb 26th with my buddy Tom and Vanilla Ice was the half-time show. This is the second time I’ve seen Vanilla Ice at the Pepsi Center as he did the same thing last season.

           I’m not a fan, the video was shot only for future laughs. 

                           Here are random game shots from the third level.the Birdman 1.jpg                           A shot of Kenyon Martin who’s been injured. 

Birdman and Melo.jpg                            This is a No-No, c’mon dude this was a good game.
Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders 2-28-10                           George Karl, being a trooper and working through his illness.
Nuggets time out
Birdman under the basket.jpg
JR Smith 2-26-10.jpg    
DN cheerleaders.jpg
chauncey billups 2-26-10.jpg
Melo 2-26-10.jpg If you’ve ever wondered why they call Chris Anderson “The Birdman” here’s why.                                
birdman flying.jpg                                        The Nuggets beat the Pistons 107-102.

           Next weekend is Frozen Dead Guy Days in my town of Nederland, Colorado. 
frozen dead guy picture.jpg I plan to do a huge entry with pictures on FDGD explaining exactly what it is so you’ll have to check back to read it.
fun in the sun.jpg                   The games have begun, and I’m ready for some fun in the sun.
Believer.jpg                                                  D..The Rockpile Ranter

                                                          Go Rockies

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  1. angelsgirl012

    Ahhhh what a “divine” blog post lol! I’m going to Denver, CO during Spring Break and I can’t wait!! I love Colorado because it’s so fresh and clean compared to Los Angeles 😉 And what great sports teams they have

    I love basketball too but i’m so happy it’s almost baseball season!

    All my thoughts and prayers to George Karl as he battles through his cancer. The Nuggets are a great team and he’s a great coach too. Best of luck to him. It’s so unfortunate.

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Looks like the team is shaping up nicely. Man I can’t wait for the regular season to start.

  3. raysrenegade

    It is so wild that Ken Griffey Jr has gotten so old and we stay the same….maybe.
    Seriously, he is one of my icons that I treasure having his autograph and you should do everything short of stepping on the field to get a scribble from a guy who helped define baseball for us.
    My other fav was Frank Thomas, and I caught one of his foul balls in 2008 and he signed the ball the next days and told me ” nice catch”. It found its way to the Jumbotron becuase I leaned over the rail and back-handed it.
    Being an old third baseman paid off that night.
    I have never been a BB guy. Not even in High School when people wanted me to come out….Do not know why the sport did not click with me.
    But our favorite is back in less than a month and I am trying to push the clock as fast as I can here.

    Rays Renegade

  4. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JOHNNY-Welcome to the Rant, and you are correct. Thanks for noticing.
    MIMI-Yea, I feel for George Karl, I wish him my best. Say Hi if you make a Rockies game during spring break.
    R-LUV-Hell Yeah it does, Seth Smith looks great, Cookie is smoking..Can’t wait for April 2nd 🙂

  5. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Was dreaming that I was at a game this morning just before I woke up. What an awesome way to start the day. 🙂

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