1. mlbmark

    Great blogging as always. Hey, I want to ask you and your audience who are members of the MLBlogs community to please leave a comment at http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com with any wish-list items you would like to see in terms of our MLBlogs functionality both in the software and on the blog pages. Reloading the big guns for 2010 blogging and beyond and want to make sure we have all of our existing MLBloggers’ wishes represented, everything considered and could be any platform (currently Movable Type). Nothing would be lost if we make transfers but right now just need to get the wishlist out there…and fast. Have about two-dozen musts already, from video uploading to speed to easier photo usage and so forth. Would need this tonight or first half of day tomorrow. Can you please spread the word and thanks everyone who helped make this the best and biggest baseball blogging community in traffic and volume of blogs. – Mark/MLB

  2. andy2022@hotmail.com

    Robert is so dedicated in making sure tat Rockies fans are represented well every time. I have the invitation hence I cant abscond the party. I will be there and I am sure it will be great fan just like we do on the pitch. – Jordan

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