Playoffs never grow old even when it’s cold


I can’t believe it. Tomorrow I’ll be at Coors Field watching my Colorado Rockies host the Phillies in Game 3 of the Division Series.

Div Series Home Game 1.jpgThey did it. After a confusing/frustrating 2008 season the Rockies are back. Back to hopefully prove to the world 2007 wasn’t just a fluke.

This Rockies team is a different playoff team than it was in 2007. This time the Rockies didn’t make the post-season on a last minute historic run. The Rockies played solid baseball for most of the last half of this season and thus deserve to be exactly where they are.

I’m loving the fact that this Phillies series is split. Coming back to Coors two games down would have been really tough to overcome. Now it’s even, the Rockies are at Coors Field for two and this series could end right here at home.

Onward and upward baby. 

Tomorrow’s game will probably be the only post-season game I’ll be able to attend as the tickets are very expensive. I’m just happy I have the chance to attend, take a sh*t-ton of pictures, and cheer on the best team in baseball.

Guess who’ll be with me….Andy from Spring training. Here he’s posing with his first ever homerun ball. 

Andys first home run ball.jpg It’s only appropriate that he be there with me as he and I attended the first five Rockies pre-season games together earlier this year in Tucson.

                     Remember the Mobile Blog Unit?…Oh Yeah..Good times.Rockpile Ranter Believer.jpg

I’ve been plugging this team online in blog form for two years now. I believed then, I believe now.
RPR and kids.jpg

Rockies…Have fun with this but never lose sight of the goal. We want a World Series Championship in Colorado.

The Colorado Rockies are “home grown” and are on their way to being well known. 

The combination of teamwork, friendship, skill, and a big hearted skipper who tells it exactly like it is has enabled the Rockies to flourish this season…

Tomorrow I want to see a stadium full of Rockies fans giving it their all.  I personally plan to lose my voice. Give me a shout if you see me on TV. I think I sit just behind Dan.

    Go Rockies, don’t worry if you see the cold wind blowing, those are the winds of change…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG



  1. luvmyrox

    Don, have an AWESOME time. I’ll keep an eye out for ya. :0)

    I am SO proud of this team. I am SO proud to be their fan. Let’s do this Rockies. . . we believe in you.

  2. raysrenegade

    The Mobile Blogging Unit.
    Seems like just yesterday we read you tooling down the highway in the MBU towards Spring Training camps.
    Been a wild ride this year with bangs and bumps, and I am not talking about just your truck and car.
    But the Rockies made it back to the promised land, and performed like veterans.
    The young bucks like Carlos Gonzalez, Dexter Fowler and Seth Smith shows the talent level that will keep the opposition sweating for years to come.
    Playoffs might have come to a screeching halt, but we are all looking forward to the reporting date already.

    Rays Renegade

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JULIA-It was 🙂
    LUVMYROX-It was a great year…It was an honor to meet you and your family. You’re nice people and hard core Rockies fans.
    MATTHEW-I was under the assumption the Rockies were trying to win the Division? Welcome to the Rant brotha.
    RAYSREN-Elegantly put my friend as always. You do have a way with words…You’d make a great motivational speaker…and not the kind living in a van down by the river :).
    The wait begins…D

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