Ranter vs the Deer, that buck f’ked my truck


Alternate titles: Buck vs Truck and  Deer Wrecks My Day Then Hops Away Leaving Me To Pay.

So the Rockies vs the Phillies on Wednesday. I knew the Rockies would do it. I helped you believe all season..Yadda Yadda..I seriously need to Rant…Go Rockies

Ok I’m sitting at my computer, it’s 4am and I’m waiting for daylight so I can assess the damage on my truck. I know I at least need try to pry away the bumper a few more inches so it doesn’t rub on my tire and puncture it. Then get my butt into work.

This morning as I was leaving the cabin on my way to work in the city a deer and I crossed paths or should I say lanes.IMG_4589.JPG

The mighty buck was bobbin when he should have been weavin and chose to take the low road instead of the high road.

 I saw his big as’s (literally) from a distance due to my keen eye (kept ever so sharp from tracking baseballs), but by the time my truck and the deer were up front and personal I was still moving about 15 MPH….Boom.

Truck 1- Deer 0 

IMG_4590.JPGAfter the deer and my truck collided I didn’t see him.

 I was angry so I hopped out of my truck and ran toward the front of it and commenced to giving that big buck a piece of my mind.

 I guess my cussing at it brought it to it’s senses because that big buck shot up, shook his head and bolted away jumping over a guard rail in the process and headed back into the woods. 

Revised score, seems this one was a draw.

 Smart move on his part, that truck wrecker didn’t want to mess with me I was piss’d. Beyond piss’d. I wanted that buck to come at me. I wanted my tie-breaker. I wanted me some justice.

That buck straight up f’ked up my truck.

Now I’ve got two jacked up vehicles and it’s not like my VW bus is a daily driver. Our place is looking like an auto junkyard.

So here I sit typing away my adrenaline and frustration instead of wrestling with a buck at three in the morning on a cold windy mountain road. 

Things I Recently Hate:

I hate the fact that a deer had the f’kin gall to be on the road this morning when I was. Nobody else was out there. Why today, why me? Any other day I love deer. This morning I’m thinking venison.

At least my airbag didn’t deploy.

I hate that when I try to be good to people, people don’t get it…c’mon people recognize when someone does something cool for you. I try to when someone does for me. People who actually care are a rare breed, they make good friends.

I hate that the statement I hear all the time”.Wait till you spend your first winter in the mountains” is so true. but damn you for saying it.

I hate that winter hasn’t even begun and we’ve had our share of “mountainy things” happen. Things like hitting a deer, squirrels putting pine cones in your sewer vent…You know normal everyday stuff.

I hate that dental clinics tell you they accept your medical insurance, then when the bill arrives it tells you a different story. You call them and say “WTF” and they act like they’re doing you a favor when they cut the bill 20%…Gee thanks. You lied and I have to pay…That seems fair.

Insurance company 1- Ranter 0 ..You can only complain cause you sure can’t fight it.

I hate that busses don’t operate at the time I go to work. I really could have used public transportation today.

I hate that despite attending 44 Rockies games this season a home run ball still eludes me. Most of you have seen me in action,… I’m awesome..ok I’m decent :)…My time will come I guess, I just hope I have a vehicle to get there when it is time.

I hate that the Rockies Phillies series in Philly is on so early. I’m going to miss part of game two. The whole country should be on the same time…we could get used to it.

I hate that now I’m totally freaked about driving. The problem for me is even when you are in complete control of your vehicle you’re not. There are a lot of other factors beyond your control that can cause you to have an accident as I’m rapidly discovering. 

                                              I swear I’m a good driver

I’m done, I feel a little better and my hands have stopped shaking. How was your morning?  :)…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG


  1. luvmyrox

    Wow, Don. . . you and your cars are not havin’ a good year. I’m sorry, friend. I’m glad it wasn’t worse, though, and that you’re OK.

    I hate the times for our games, too. I know it’s probably best for the team, but ugh. . . I’ve watched every possible game this entire season, cheered them on loudly, even through the ugly times, and now I can’t even watch them in the playoffs! Sigh. I’m DVRing, and have threatened everyone at work against telling me the score before I get home! ‘Nuther sigh. . .

    Anyway. . . hang in there. Go Rox.

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Dang that’s messed up! And on top of that the team lost the first game! And on top of that the 1st home game might get snowed out. What a crappy week this is turning out to be. All I can hope is that this gets all the bad stuff out of the way and it’s all good moving forward starting today! Like no snow Saturday and nice temperatures! Hope the rest of the week is goes way better!

  3. cowpattybill@myway.com

    Sorry to hear that bro. I’ve had damage to my truck in the past and had all of it fixed except the last couple of times I’ve dented by back bumper. Unlike you, I’m proabably not a very good driver. Too relaxed. Like Dad. I drive with my thumb.
    Or as dad would sometimes say:
    “Son, when you’ve driven as many miles as I have you could drive with your p*cker.”
    Guess I haven’t driven enough yet.

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