Rockies on a streak, it’s been a helluva week

9/9/09                              Happy B-Day to my beautiful wife Krista…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before about how I love having a routine. I don’t like surprises and I like to know what’s coming way ahead of time. I decided to take four days off from work and originally venture out to KC and attend a few Royals games. The trip was cancelled but I still had full intentions of making every Rockies game this past weekend.

                                     In hindsite I should have made the trip to KC.

Here’s the result of what happens when a pedestrian blindly walks into a major crosswalk, the big jacked up Ford F-250 in front of me had to stop short and I had no reaction time. I plowed into his tow hitch and it went completly through the front of Krista’s car.

k car.jpg
 The truck’s damage consisted of a thumbsized dent. I was ticketed for following too close.IMG_3595.JPG

                                  That was day one of my vacation 🙂

Anyways, without boring you with more details this vacation was a total bust.

I can tell you I have experienced all the joys of mountain living in the last couple of weeks short of running out of firewood.

Here’s a positive note… 

The Latest Leaders List came out for August and Rockpile Rant moved from the number 9 spot in July to the number 5 spot for the month of August. My friend Emily writer of the Blog “I Live For This” came in number 4. Props to you Emily and all others who made the list.

Check this out….That puts two Rockies blogs in the top 5. That’s never happened before. It’s taken a few  years and a helluva season but people around the world are starting to notice this team.

That was part of my mission when I started blogging and promoting the Colorado Rockies and I believe I’ll take just a little credit for that…Good Job D :)….(It’s my horn I can toot it).

I’ll be at Game 3 vs the Reds today. It’s a beautiful day and I got a feeling.
I have some pictures that haven’t made it into my blog that I would like to share.

Here is Robert getting interviewed for FSN All Access. I saw it and he did a good job. When it aired it had a lot of video of Robert’s catch of Spilborghs first home run this year and guess who else was in that video?

It was video of me chasing Robert as we both went for the Spilborghs homer. I couldn’t knock him down and he had the jump on me. All I could do was follow him and hope he bobbled it…Of course he didn’t 🙂


               Dan and Emily a few games back. Hey FSN when does Dan get his interview??

                                                 Hunter sporting his new haircut.IMG_2888.JPG 
                  Here are a few more pictures of a Rockies fan known as “Banner Jack”.IMG_3658.JPG

As I’ve mentioned before Jack’s thing is banners. I hope the old guy has his playoff banners printed.

                           The Queen of all Ushers minus the granny glasses, Queen Geri 🙂IMG_2892.JPG

Hey…I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for reading my Rockies blog. I have no fu*king idea why so many people read this sh*t.

I’m ready for the playoffs and I’m starting to wonder how the whole playoff ticket thing is going to go down. I painfully remember a few years back taking the day off and logging into my computer, sitting there excited ready to go, logging in, getting to the confirmation page, then nothing…still nothing…That hurt. Somebody totally dropped the ball there and they know it.

Don’t do that crap again “Rockies Ticket People”. I know there will be some kind of drawing for people who registered(I did), but as you read at the beginning of this blog I don’t have good luck spouting out my as-s on a regular basis.

                                      I just want to be there …Know what I mean?

  This is it Rockies fans, this “IS” the year, I know you know it, get out there and show it…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG 



  1. luvmyrox

    Wow, I’m sorry about your accident, Don. Glad you were OK, though. Yikes.

    Saw that RAA with Robert’s catch and you chasing it. I think that was the same epi with Banner Jack? Can’t remember.

    Sorry we missed ya Sunday. Like I said, K wants the Rockpile Ranter to sign his floppy hat. =D


    Hey Don – Mucho congrats on being #5! And thanks for the picture of moi – I look much better! I don’t have any info on getting playoff tickets, except for the special that they’ve been running this homestand. We may have to exchange phone numbers in case I do get information. See you at the ballpark!

  3. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Dang! Sorry about the car, you really aren’t having good Carma this year (not to be confused with Karma). Hopefully this is the end of your car troubles.
    Congrats on #5! Doesn’t come as any surprise to those of us who regularly read your blog.

  4. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JULIA-Thanks, congrats to you for holding a top 5 spot all season 🙂
    LUVMYROX-I’d be honored to sign for K anytime.
    QUEENGERI-Cool, we’ll have to do that.
    R-LUV-Carma…LOL, thanks for the kind words and thanks to all who read the Rant on a regular basis…D

  5. crzblue2

    Sorry about the car accident. It almost happened to me yesterday for following a bus too close. I wanted a pic of the back of the bus because….it has a picture of a Dodger! Congrats on moving up to #5! Wow! Oh, your Rockies are too close in the Dodgers rear mirror. Give us some room! we don’t want a collition! lol.

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