New glove new hat, when do I get to bat?


                                      First off thanks for all the birthday wishes.
IMG_0991.JPG For my birthday I received a Mizuno glove, hand made cards from my kids, a delicious dinner at Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery in Nederland, and a much needed win in Game 1 against the Cubs at Coors Field.

I wasn’t at this game but this series against the Cubs is one of my least favorite because the Cub fans usually out-number the Rockies fans during this series.

         For some reason, Cubs fans like to be extrememly arrogant inside Coors Field.

None of that mattered last night. All you could hear on TV were the Rockies fans. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Of course I’ll be at today’s game early trying to out-snag a Cubs fan during batting practice.

 If you listen closely during the game tonight you might even hear me trying to out cheer a Cubs fan :).

               I’ll also be sporting a new Ranter’s hat along with my birthday glove.

IMG_0999.JPG            Go Rockies…I’m feeling it, I’m seeing it, I can’t wait to be there doing it…D

Green Floppy Hat.JPG



  1. luvmyrox

    Awesome hat and glove! And love the b-day wishes on the kids, LOL Hope you’re having a great time at the game. As I type this, it’s the 4th inning, and Jason has just walked in a second run. Sigh. . .

  2. johnnyk42

    Sweet glove, happy birthday. Just to let you know I had a GREAT time in Colorado. The mountains where amazing, the people where really nice, and we got to see the broncos training camp facility!! Colorado is the BEST


  3. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    The B-day wishes on the kids are perfect. I’m still waiting to hear how JP was. Hope they were great and you had a good time.
    Nice win for the Rox yesterday, really made up for the loss.

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