Family time and the Rant in at nine


 1. Confessions of a She-Fan
2. Red State Blue State
3. The 1 Constant
4. Julia’s Rants
5. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk
6. I Live for This
7. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
8. Phillies Phollowers
9. Rockpile Rant
10. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball

Take a look at that list, two Rockies blogs in the top ten. Although the Rant has slipped three spots(totally my fault with a lack of regular entries the last month), another Rockies Blogger who has been creeping up on the top ten has broke into the top ten with a vengance.

Emily my friend and writer of I Live For This is now a top ten MLBlogger. Some people are destined for good things and I’ve always had a feeling about this young lady. 

          Congrats Emily, you do great work and it is nice to see you getting your props.

Before I talk a little Rockies I have to share our day at Elitch Gardens in Denver with you. With me on this adventure were my wife Krista, Hunter, Mylee, Andy from Spring Training, his wife Amalie, sons Hazen and Austin, and three friends of theirs Jake, Haley, and Meaghan.IMG_0935.JPG                                             Holy hot flash it was hot today. 

I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to bring a camera on our very first ride called the Twister. I looked for signs mentioning anything about a camera but I couldn’t find anything.

So what the hell, I took my camera along for the ride. 

On a frustrating note,… every video that I tried to shoot was cut off partway through the ride.

I’m not sure if it was the massive G-Force or me squeezing my camera so tight it just shut off.  


                                 Mylee’s first big coaster and she did really good.

I took a few pictures of the framework of the Twister. All I can say is I’m glad I rode it first.


                                    I guess that adds to the thrill of the ride?

This ride gives you a 360 degree view of Denver and a nice shot of Invesco Field at Mile High. Be careful, this video will make you dizzy. This was the only ride that I went on that had me spinning around.

                       I don’t really care for these rides, but Mylee was all about it :).


This one is cool because you can see my camera lens just as the video cuts off. Going backwards through a loop is a very un-natural feeling.


                                           I thought about giving this one a try.
IMG_0938.JPG                                                 But that thought was fleeting.

IMG_0937.JPG We spent the last couple of hours trying to cool off at the water park inside of Elitches. We headed for the lazy river first because it had the shortest line and was the quickest fix.

 That cooled us off and gave us the energy to spend an hour waiting to go down just one of the water slides. This place was packed for a Wednesday. After an hour wait for one ride I was finished for the day.

We let the kids play around for a while longer then we headed back to the mountains.

                                                 Lets see…Rockies talk…hmmmm

I got nothing. On one hand I’m glad we split the last ten games as the Rockies usually have a rough go on this road trip.

But it really hurt losing the last two to the Phillies, giving the Giants the lead over us and letting the precious wild card slip past us,….again.

The Rockies are back home again tomorrow. It’s my birthday but I won’t be at the game. I made a deal with the wifey so I could attend the Judas Priest concert on Tuesday.

 I’ll be there on Saturday and it’s floppy hat day so that makes it kind of my day. It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve been to Coors Field and I’m more than ready.

                                          I just hope the Rockies are too…DGreen Floppy Hat.JPG 


  1. Kylie

    Happy birthday!
    I do not do, nor have I ever done, roller coasters. I’d like to blame it on my inner ear problems but really, I’m just terrified of heights. I’m glad to see y’all had a good time though!
    Kylie —


    Happy birthday my brother. I hope you day is full of fun and surprises and lasting memories. Take care. Love ya.


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