Sweet T Makes History in Front of Me

7/22/09                             D-Backs vs Rockies Game 3

IMG_0640.JPG                          Sweet come from behind justice today on those D-Backs.

Honestly some baseball games are boring and you’re glad when they’re over and some games you wish would would never end.

                                   This one was the later, I didn’t want to leave.

If you know anything about me or my blog Todd Helton can do no wrong here on the Rant. I like all of the Rockies but Todd is my guy.

Today was his day, he owned it and I was able to witness it. The initial words that come to mind are “F*CK YEAH”.

 Here’s a picture of Todd at bat in the third inning. You all know what happened next.

Check out the guy in the yellow shirt just to Todd’s right. Guess he “picked” the right game to be at 🙂

Helton 7-22-09.JPG

       So did Mylee and I, but you don’t have to wash your hand after you shake mine. 

We arrived at Coors half-an hour after the gates had opened. Not because I wanted to arrive fashionably late but because I haven’t quite mastered the Nederland to Coors Field drive time.

  I’m still trying to figure out the exact equation to use to calculate the “Tourist”(also known as gapers) factor into my scenic mountain drive.

As Mylee and I entered the first row of the pavilion batting practice was in full force and the D-backs were scattered all over the outfield. Although not a D-backs fan whatsoever, I’d like to give props to one player who tossing baseballs to all different parts of the stadium just for sh*ts and giggles.

                                     Here he is tossing a ball into the seats.

This guy probably tossed ten baseballs into random parts that have never seen a baseball before.

           Mylee and I watched him toss one into the Rockpile meant for a specific kid.

It rolled all the way down to the front and some pot-bellied goofy looking older guy picked it up and stuffed it into his pocket. The player who tossed it up yelled for the guy to give it to the kid, but the funny shaped guy just stood there with a blank look on his inconsiderate face and played dumb.

So what did the D-Backs player do? Well he tossed up another baseball and the intended recipient snagged it that time.

Extremely cool and something you don’t see all that much. The D-backs were acting really confident as if they were on top of the world

 I wasn’t digg’n on that too much. If you want to be cocky and confident be that way in your own stadium.  

The D-Backs suck at hitting batting practice homers and It looked like Mylee and I were on our way to a shutout today. On a seriously cool note, right before the D-backs left the field one of them walked up and handed Mylee a ball.

IMG_0561.JPG I would love tell you these players names but a lot of the D-backs had their names and numbers covered. Sorry D-backs, I don’t have time or enough brain cells left to memorize your entire roster or any teams entire roster for that matter. 

                                                  We both thanked him.

After he gave Mylee the ball I noticed something weird on the fence in front of me. Check it out, you might want to shield your childrens eyes.

I’m not sure but I think these two dragonflys are “doing it” and taking in a ball game at the same time. How romantic is that?

                  It’s either that or this kinky fence thing is a dragonfly’s version of a 69. 

                  What a great idea…sex and baseball…we all could learn from bugs 🙂

IMG_0583.JPGThat was it, BP was over and Mylee and I went for a walk to see what was to be seen. When we noticed the huge crowd beside the Rockies dugout we decided to skip autographs and started looking  for a shady spot to sit, relax and wait for the game to start.

bacon cooking.jpgDid I mention that it was HOT today? Holy heatstroke man, I now know what bacon feels like.


I noticed that usually in the 8th inning when there is a pitching change they play a Rockies clip of the Rockies making catches and shots of fans from previous games. I recently found out that I’m in that clip along with Robert. It’s for a brief second but you can clearly see Robert and I. It’s a shot from when Robert caught Spilborghs homer earlier this season.

          Here’s the video, if you pause it you can see us around the 45-46 second mark.

          Seeing that brief shot of the old man and me on the big screen made my day.

Mylee and I had great seats today (Thanks R-Luv) in the pavilion. Dan was kind and hooked Mylee up with a booster seat so she could see over the railing, thanks Dan.
IMG_0577.JPGI called my buddy Chuck to verify he would be at the house warming this weekend and also because I had a strange feeling he was at this game.

 He answered and said “Hey I was just thinking about you”. I said “Funny, I was just thinking about you”.

 I mentioned in a bragging sort of way about the great seats Mylee and I were sitting in for this game. Chuck informed us he was acting as the host for a group of people today who had rented a suite.

         Here’s a shot of Chuck looking at me from his fancy suite from behind home plate.
IMG_0596.JPG                         Chuck came down and visited us in the front row for a while.
IMG_0611.JPGAnd in the 8th inning he called me and invited us up to visit the air-conditioned suite. Here’s a shot of us after the game.
IMG_0655.JPG The best thing about the suite other than the shade is the free peanuts, you can’t beat that. Other than that, I’d rather be in the pavilion trying to catch a home run ball.  

 Ok the view is pretty sweet too. When the game was over we watched the stadium empty out. Let me just say this, the atmosphere at Coors was electric and I was thrilled to be part of it.

                                                 Lets go backwards a bit.

Ok, it’s the third inning and Todd Helton walks up to the plate. I’m thinking, should I bust out my camera? Reality hits me and I realize that any of Todd’s future at bats could be the big one and if I’m not ready, I’ll miss the historic moment.

I whipped my camera out just as Todd took his stance at the plate. Here is a shot just after he hit the baseball. Look at the dude in the blue shirt to Heltons right shoulder in this picture. The baseball looks like it’s stuck to his glasses.Thumbnail image for IMG_0572.JPG

 At first it looked like he hit a home run but it wasn’t long before I realized this was gonna be it. This was going to be his 500th double and I scrambled to get a shot of Todd reaching second base.

I managed to get the picture just as Todd is touching the bag, it was perfect. I remember looking over at Dan and mumbling something about he did it.

                                     Here’s the picture I’ve been bragging about.IMG_0589.JPG

                                  Here is the video of the Coors Field aftermath.


In my opinion Helton is one of the most humble baseball players out there. It wasn’t hard to tell by his stance that all he wanted to do was keep the game going. I heard he didn’t even want second base after they removed it and kept it for him.

                      Todd said he didn’t have a place to put it…That is humble. 

Sorry Todd, you deserve this buddy. This city respects the hell out of you and whether you wanted it or not, you got your well deserved props on “your” day.

This game had the perfect baseball ending. In the 8th inning with the game tied 3-3 Helton hits a walk off home run and wins the game for the home crowd. It’s like it was meant to be. 

                     Here are some of the pictures I took of this game, please enjoy.

     Rockies All-Star Brad Hawpe. It looks like he’s hitting Tulo in the face with his bat. 

                                              Clint Barmes really reaching.IMG_0570.JPG 
New daddy Ryan Spilborghs and Garrett Atkins IMG_0564.JPG

                                Mylee and one of the Rockies biggest fans Randy.IMG_0562.JPG

 In this picture it looks like he’s throwing the baseball through his head. I took this picture at Tuesday’s game.IMG_0539.JPG

                              Seth Smith trying to snag a ball off of the bounce.IMG_0581.JPG

                                            Another shot of Helton on second.IMG_0593.JPG

                                                           Ubaldo at bat.IMG_0600.JPG
                                 Another shot, look at Ubaldo’s face in this one.IMG_0602.JPG

                                                           Clint BarmesIMG_0607.JPG

                                              Tulo sliding back to first base.IMG_0613.JPG

                                                Tulo with a clear runway.

                                       Tulo rounding second while looking at me.IMG_0615.JPG

This is Todd and Ruth, I work with them. Ruth is a huge Rockies fan and Todd is the Giants fan that I have the bet with.IMG_0616.JPG

                     Houston Street doing what he does best, closing and winning.
                                                    One happy group of guys.
Rockies take this series two games to one.IMG_0645.JPG                                                        Next up…The Giants

What me worry1.jpg
  I’m not worried, I already told you they ain’t that damn big…I’ll be at Sunday’s game

                                                           Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Ha



  1. luvmyrox

    Yup, today’s game ROCKED. Almost takes away the memory of last night’s debacle. I said, “almost”. LOL

    SO proud of Todd!!

  2. rocktober2007

    I was at the game too — but I wasn’t in the stands to witness it 😦 — I was working at the game, I’m coming to Sat’s game for photos R you & ur kids comin’ 2?

    BTW: I met the girl with the pink cowgirl hat who has an MLBlog here (I forgot the title) today as I was heading down the ramp from gate E to Dock 6 (where we go to sign in/out) for 2nd call meeting w/Earl. Her father was nice and she was still cute in person although she wasn’t wearing her cowgirl hat.Missyhttp://rocktober-2007.mlblogs.com

  3. matttan7

    Todd Helton sure had one great game, and his 500th career double, now that’s so much fun seeing history in person too. The Rockies are sure to make this a fun wild Card race, and if they can get better they can sure put some pressure on the LA Dodgers too.

    Matthew T

  4. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    I’m glad that you went to this game. Helton is amazing and it’s so cool that you got to see him get his 500th double and the winning homerun. It would have been fun to go but I’m glad you got to be there.

  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    GINNY-Sorry to tease, I’ll have the entry up Friday night.
    LUVMYROX-Agreed, at least we won the series :).
    MISSY-I’ll be at Sunday’s game. Emily’s blog is called Dinger’s Best Friend and she is a sweetheart.
    MATTHEW-Welcome to the Rant, get used to this brotha, the Rockies are going to overtake the Dodgers and win the World Series this year. You heard it here first.
    JULIA-Nice, he must be a cool guy then.
    R-LUV-Thanks again my friend…D
    Hey all, misplaced my memory card in my messy truck but I’ve since found it. I’ll have this late entry up tonight…D

  6. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    I have to mention that the coverpage for MLBlogs has been Manny for a few days. They put this up instead of Helton’s 500th double. That my friends is SAD.
    Somebodies priorities are fuc*ked up. Thats right, promote the drug abusing cheater and ignore Helton’s accomplishment. It’s not the fans that are messed up its the media promoting the wrong agenda.
    This really upsets me…Again, no love for the Rockies…D

  7. raysfanboy

    Great shots. I especially like the one of Helton getting into 2nd. Neat that you got to hit one of the suites. I’ve never gotten into one. I gotta get rich one of these days…

    Who knew Dragonflies were so kinky? As always, you cover the game completely.

  8. raysrenegade

    Only you could find two dragonflies performing whoopie at a baseball game.
    Still, sounds like you had your usual great time, and also got some free peanuts.
    What is it about peanuts at a game that is so great?
    Not sure, but it is always a great $4 spent. I do not know if you guys have this style, but in our stadium now they are selling Cajun peanuts that have just the right kick of spices and hotness.
    Makes even a soda go down fantastic.
    Glad to see the Toddfather is rewarding the fans with great hits and experiences again.
    Keep you head up, the playoffs are just 60 plus games away.

    Rays Renegade


  9. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    RAYSREN-Agreed, you’ve got to have peanuts at a game. I ‘ve got a thing for cinnamon roasted cashews. Helton is a class act working his way to the Hall of Fame.
    EMMA-Thanks, gonna be fun huh? It will be one helluva race.
    RAYSFANBOY-You and me both. Guess we spend too much time blogging and there is no money in it.
    EMILY-Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy…D

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