Embree breaks a bone at home

7/10/09                                Braves vs Rockies Game 2

Today Hunter and I went to the game with Andy (from spring training) and his son Hazen. This was Hazen’s first batting practice and we were all excited for him.

           The line for BP was huge as they were giving away Brad Hawpe T-Shirts.

                                  They usually fit me until the third wash or so.

When we hit the pavilion I headed to my usual spot and within a few minutes Chris Iannetta hit the first BP homer and I tracked it perfectly and made a beautiful catch.

It felt good to catch that ball. I then focused my attention over to Andy, Hazen and Hunter.
IMG_0019.JPGI was watching a ball that was hit over by Robert’s area and he snagged it off the bounce. Robert turned around and gave that ball to Hazen. 

                                                    Here is the poor video of it:

That would be one of two baseballs Robert gave to Hazen. Robert…. Andy told me to say thanks for doing that for his boy.

Andy and Hunter were shutout for BP. Hunter told me it was because he was helping Hazen get his đŸ™‚

Me, I had one more opportunity for a toss up.

Spilly and Seth Smith had been goofing around in left field and were tossing up a bunch of baseballs to random people.
Spilly and Smith 7-11-09.JPG

Normally I don’t raise my glove for toss-ups but they were having fun so I figured what the hell.

                                  Here is video of Seth Smith tossing up a ball:

When Spilly finally tossed one to my area I took a few steps to my right and was positioned perfect for the catch.

I looked behind me real quick (something I do now thanks to BP blockers), and noticed I was positioned in front of a dad and his son who were in the row behind me.

I had a flash of guilt, and backed off leaving the catch for the dad so he could be a hero in front of his son. He bobbled it and somebody else snapped it up.

           In hindsight I should have just caught the damn thing and gave it to his kid.

             Here’s Dexter Fowler at batting practice with Baylor checking things out.

Fowler BP 7-10-09.JPG                  After BP we walked around and watched Ubaldo Jimenez warming up.
Ubaldo 7-10-09.JPG                                                 MULLET OF THE GAME
Mullet 7-10-09.JPG

                  Here is Todd Helton hang outside of the dugout watching the game.

Helton hangout dugout 7-10-09.JPG                           I was hoping to get a few pictures of Chipper Jones.

Chipper Jones 7-10-09.JPG                                                                 So I did.

Chipper Jones 7-10-09-1.JPG                                                   Here is a shot of Prado.
Helton and Prado 7-10-09.JPG Prado is the dude responsible for ending Alan Embree’s season with one lucky swing.

That sucks, I hope Embree heals and can continue next season. He was doing pretty good for the Rockies lately and that’s a sheety way for a players season to end. 

                                            Here are some random pictures.

Hawpe swing 7-10-09.JPG                        The Rockies fans argued this call but McLouth was safe.

Helton safe 7-10-09.JPG I think it’s cool that this dude can still do this job. These guys are tough. I got thirsty and my back hurt just watching him lug that thing around.

Older Coors Field Vendor 7-10-09.JPGThe elusive Jeff Francis, hang’n with Spilly. He looks ready, when will we see him on the mound?

Thumbnail image for spilly dugout 7-10-09.JPG                                                      Carlos Gonzalez

IMG_0142.JPG                                                           Barmes at bat.
Barmesatbat.JPG                                        One more shot of the gang today.
IMG_0093.JPG                                                       Dexter Fowler 
IMG_0098.JPG                                                          Todd Helton
IMG_0107.JPG We debated waiting around after the the rain delay was called but Andy and I had worked that day and I was exhausted. So we bailed and in the end didn’t miss much other than Embree taking a line drive to the leg and ending his season.

                                     Rockies lose this one to the Braves 4-1.

                                     I hate losing to the Braves at home…D

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  1. raysfanboy

    Tough loss. Looks like you guys had lots of fun though. Great pics. I think that stadium is just amazing and am hoping to make a trip there someday. Maybe I’ll wait for Rays/Rockies interleague, which should be next year.

    Why the mullet pic? I’m creeped out now.

    Nice post.

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    RAYSFANBOY-Mullets are a piece of our history and need to be pointed out, especially the good ones. Read back a few months worth of entries, you’ll understand then…D

  3. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    What a win today! Props to our All Star Brad Hawpe for showing us why he’s an All Star.
    Glad you got your camera back. Really missed the awesome pictures you get every game.

  4. raysfanboy

    Thanks for the history lesson. I’ll start growing mine today!

    Great win for you guys today. Hawpe had quite a day. And Tulo is really turning things around after last season. I think every team would like to have **** like that!

  5. luvmyrox

    Hey D, perhaps you should show raysfan the Crack of the Game. Then perhaps the mullet will not seem quite as creepish to him. Heehee. đŸ˜€

    Looks like a great day for Rox baseball despite the crappy loss. Awesome win today, though! On to the ASG!

  6. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    BALORIOLES-Thanks for the props brotha. I’ve held the # 6 spot around here for a good while now. Your blog is cool, keep it up.
    R-LUV-WOW, Hawpe showed us all why he’s a Super All-Star. I damn near had his autograph yesterday(Sunday).
    RAYSFANBOY-I don’t advise growing a Mullet. Although it is a piece of history, I never said it was a cool piece of history. Remember when reading the Rant there is always a joke here, sometimes you just have to find it.
    LUVMYROX-Coors Field Crack of the game…Ah priceless. Home run derby tonight…Should be fun.
    I’ll have Sundays blog entry up late this afternoon. I have some cool video of the special thing that happened to Mylee…D
    Go Rockies…I’m loving this

  7. orangebirds

    Hey thanks Rockpile Ranter, You are such a great blogger. Hey I got some Cal Ripken JR trivia for you so come check it out. If you get it right you get to go under Ripken’s Trivia winners on the side of my blog. It is mostly to see who is the biggest O’s fan. ahha

  8. raysfanboy

    Thanks for saving my follicles from an unfortunate mishap.

    When are we going to get the home run derby up to you in home run country so we can see some serious slugging? I have no idea where the AS Game is going next. I would imagine that Coors would be on the list.

  9. raysrenegade

    How’s it going Mountain brother.
    I understand the wanting to make the dad look like a hero, but there is a 50 percent change it turns ugly.
    I usually just grab the ball and find a kid afterwards.
    Guess Raysfanboy forgot who we played in mid-June.
    Still feel like crap missing out on that FREE pizza day in Lakewood for Rays fan.
    Hopefully Francis might be back by September to help staple a run that the flag.

    Rays Renegade


  10. raysfanboy

    Oops. Guess I was trying to forget losing 2/3 to the Rocks. Thanks for pointing that out, though, RR.

    I’m still wondering if MLB will get the AS Game to one of the better venues in baseball. That place is just beautiful.

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