I’m Back and the Pirates get High-Jacked

6/21/09                       Pirates vs Rockies Game 3

                 Happy Father’s Day to all of you who have done the deed.
Dad you once told me the older I get the smarter you get. I understand now.

I hope all you dads enjoyed your special day. I did. My father’s day gift was attending the Rockies/Pirates game with my family.

Today was autograph Sunday and the four players assigned signing duties were Carlos Gonzalez, Seth Smith, Yorvit Torrealba and Dexter Fowler.

I opted for Torrealba because of the four he was the one I was still seeking.
IMG_5459.JPG Yorvit was cool and signed Mylee and Hunter’s bats and my baseball on the sweet spot.
IMG_5452.JPG                                                           My baseball
Thank you Yorvit!

We could have snagged another autograph but the Pirates were taking batting practice and I loves me some sunny BP.

IMG_5467.JPG Hunter and I hurried back to the Pavilion to salvage what was left of BP.

The only real opportunity I had to snag one was shortly after I reached the pavilion. It sailed two feet over my head, bounced and I was slow on the snatch up by a second.

                                Hunter and Mylee were shutout too.

No worries, today was about some much needed sunshine and a Rockies win.

  We were treated to both and it was a fitting ending to a day well spent hanging with my family and friends.

I have to bring attention to a guy who clearly deserves it. One of the unwritten rules of baseball snagging is that if a player tosses up a ball intended for a specific kid and the kid drops that ball. Whoever picks up that ball in all good conscience should give the ball back to the kid.

This fine fellow snatched up and pocketed a ball that a little girl dropped. I don’t see that too much at Coors as most BP regulars “Get it”.

        Mr. Mustache here clearly does not. So for that thoughtful move he is the winner of The Rant’s newest award:

                  DOOZE BAG OF THE DAY

IMG_5478.JPG                                  Here’s the video of it.


                  Congrats buddy, way to make a little girls day J

      I ran into R-Luv/Marianne, her son Joe and husband at batting practice.
IMG_5447.JPG They were enjoying the game from the first row today and were able to go onto the field for the autograph session.

So glad you were able to see a Rockies win and it was very cool to see you all again.

                    Thanks for the gift. Best seats in the house.J
We left the Stadium to enjoy cheese steaks for lunch and returned just as the game was starting.  Krista and the kids headed off to the Rockpile and I did my loop of the stadium taking pictures along the way.


                      Just doing what I do, somebody has to:)

                                         Credit to this fella, nice hat brotha!

       Jorge De La Rosa not quite on time here but did his part to ensure a Rockies win.
IMG_5541.JPG                                                             Brad Hawpe
IMG_5537.JPG     Ryan Spilborghs was on it today. Must be the performance enhancing sunglasses :). 
IMG_5550.JPG                                                          Troy Tulowitzki
IMG_5551.JPG                                                           Coming home
IMG_5556.JPG                                                              Ian Stewart
IMG_5559.JPG                                                      Catcher Paul Phillips
IMG_5561.JPG                                                      Another one of Jorge.
IMG_5570.JPG                                        Garrett Atkins covered first base today.
IMG_5571.JPG                                                                Got him!
IMG_5574.JPG                                                         I like this picture.
IMG_5594.JPG                               Almost a full house today. Lots of daddies around.
IMG_5607.JPG                                                  Best haircut of the game.
IMG_5615.JPG                                                      Hottie of the game.
IMG_5618.JPG                                                                    Tulo
IMG_5623.JPG                                                    Phillips not quite there.
IMG_5633.JPG                                                           Dexter Fowler
IMG_5645.JPG                                 Fowler not even close to being tagged out.
IMG_5653.JPG                     Seemed like he hurt his knee on this play. Hope he is ok.
IMG_5654.JPG                                               The Dragonslayer Josh Fogg
IMG_5660.JPG                Great game, Rockies win 5-4 and are now 16 of 17. That’s flippin amazing.

Thanks for all the kind emails I have received recently. Sorry about the lack of blog entries. It’s not just the internet issue. I have to finish a few things before the end of the month and they are priority.

   Glad I could toss this entry your way. Thanks for remembering this Ranter…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG



  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    That was so much fun! It was really cool getting to hang out with Dan and Emily (our own Coor’s Field celebrities). The seats there are fantastic. At one point Ryan Spilborghs’ Dad came by to say Hi! to them and Spilly would wave to Emily from the field. Wow!
    Getting to hang out behind home plate to get autographs was amazing. Not only did I get Cargo’s, Torrealba’s and Francis’ autographs but Alan Embree came over to sign for us when someone asked him to. They were all really friendly. I also got 2 autographs from the Pirates (Moss and McCutchen). I have to give props to the Pirates. They were really awesome about throwing balls to the kids both from the outfield and from home plate. What a great bunch of guys. Lastly, I got an autograph from Jeff Huson. He was hanging out with the Pirates with 2 boys I assume were his sons. He was another really nice guy to get an autograph from. It just makes the autograph so much more meaningful when they take a minute to talk to a fan. Thanks to everyone signing that day, you guys are the best.
    And what a game to go see. Those last 3 outs were incredible. Spilly did such a great job and Street just doesn’t disappoint.
    All in all, that was a game I will never forget. Thanks for introducing me to Dan. You guys have given me an opportunity that I never dreamed possible.

  2. iliveforthis

    Hmm… the hat on that guy looks familiar… ha ha. I hope you had a great Father’s Day because… that game was amazing!! The end was great, Spilborghs made some phenomenal catches!!! At least they looked pretty good to me. The picture that you took from the Rockpile that shows the field and the Toyota car, I’m in the first section, you can’t see me because I was closer to the inside, but I was there! Next game I have plans to go to is the 4th of July, I can only assume I’ll see you there.

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JULIA-Thanks, it’s fun being a daddy.
    R-LUV-WOW, you really nailed it. Congrats on a day well spent. Was cool to see you and your family at the game. Spilly has really upped his game this season and it’s visible. Dan is just an all around good guy.
    EMILY-I’ll be at the game on July 3rd not the 4th. Nederland has a cool fireworks show on the 4th. Sorry I didn’t see you at the Sunday game…D

  4. raysrenegade

    Since people are following your fashion sense in the stands, you ever thought of getting a silkscreen print on your hat.
    You could make a Rockpile Rant’s stamp of approval by putting a Rockies rendition patch or image on your hat and maybe even sell them like the T-shirts.
    Just an idea.
    Glad you had an awesome Father’s Day.
    I spent mine watching the Rays deflate the Mets in Citi Field myself.
    Glad you are bad, and why does every stadium have a dooshbag like that? Makes you want to smack him with a mini bat.
    Congrats on watching the guys win 17 out of 18 games. Awesome!!

    Rays Renegade


  5. queenof331@coloradorockies.net

    Wonderful to have to back blogging! It was great seeing you Sunday, althought Hunter didn’t really seem to understand why the usher (me) knew his name. Thanks for the picture of my Bradley on his last day of being 29.

    The 9th inning was fabulous – 5 pitches by Street, 3 outs by Spilly! I wish the Dooze Bag was in my section so that I could give him the semi-official evil eye.

    It was quite a jolt even for me to follow up the hottie picture with a Tulo picture! I’ll be in my usual area on the 3rd and 4th. Hope to see you then.


  6. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    RAYSRENEGADE-Neat idea but the problem is if everybody looked like me I’d have to change. I loved watching the Ray’s here in Colorado. I watched their interactions with “Their” fans and the Rockies fans and you’ll be proud to know I thought the Rays were a class act all around. “Smack him with a mini-bat” brotha I can tell you have a little ranter in you yourself. That’s a good thing.
    QUEEN GERI-(You have a great job by the way). Funny story, you were the second person that day to call Hunter by name. I’ve got it now, Tulo pictures for you and Atkins pictures for Emily.
    My semi-new camera has a line down the middle of the view screen so it has been mailed back to Canon. Internet is up but the camera is down. If I’m lucky I’ll have it back before the Rockies get back…No worries, I’ve got a stash of Rockies pictures to use why the Rockies are on the road :).

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