Rant is down, but no need to frown


Just wanted to let you all know I’m not gone. I have no internet until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. So I apoligize for my lack of entries.

It figures this would happen when the Rockies are on a serious hot streak. Anyways I’m still here, I’ll be checking comments as often as I can and I’ll be back to blogging full speed by next Wednesday.

                                                     Thanks a bunch…D
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  1. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JULIA-Don’t know what you got till it’s gone really makes sense to me now.
    R-LUV-Thanks, you’re part of the Rant and I appreciate that. Hang in there my friend.
    All is good in the world right now. Wish I could blog and tell you about it. SOON…D

  2. raysrenegade

    I am surprised you are not heading out to the local coffee shoppe that offer WIFI and cranking out some more great stuff.
    Just like a mother baking cookies, you give us a taste and then tell us to wait until after dinner.
    Fine, D.
    Anyone else and we would be long gone.
    Anxious to see what you got going on my brother.
    Stay safe and we will see your muses again soon.

    Rays Renegade


  3. brooklynnn

    hey! i’ve never commented on here before, but am a frequent reader of the rant. just wanted to let you know that i saw you at the game today (father’s day)! i just saw from the back that your shirt said rockpile ranter haha :]
    anyway, it was a great game and hope your internet is up and running again soon!

  4. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JULIA- Thank you very much.
    LUVMYROX- Who needs little blue pills to get it up. A little blue sky did the trick đŸ™‚
    RAYSREN-Thank you my friend. As much as I LOVE coffee. Wifey doesn’t want me hanging around in coffee shops. Not really my crowd anyway.
    BROOKLYNNN-Welcome to the Rant. Say hi next time.
    EMILY-Thanks, I did and it was…D

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