Rockies win the set, but yet I still fret.

5/31/09                                  Padres vs Rockies Game 3

           Below is Nederland, CO. Proof that hippies and yuppies can live in harmony.

Nederland 5-31-09.jpgSorry this entry has taken a while to get to print. The combination of too much stuff to do and sloooow internet has taken it’s toll on my baseball creativity.

Once the move is finished and we’re settled and the other house is painted and ready to rent, I’ll be back to full speed.

                                                          Then look out 🙂  

There was no batting practice today but it was Rockies Autograph Sunday. Too bad it was the weather was perfect.

     Hunter and I decided to wait in line for Randy Flores as neither of us has his autograph.
Flores signing for HUnter 5-31-09.jpg Randy was very cool and signed using my pen and on the sweet spot. After Randy signed for us we glanced over at the other three lines and realized there wasn’t enough time to get another autograph as they were way too long.

I scoped the area and saw Jim Wright talking and signing over to my right so we headed over there. Jim was great and signed for us both.

Jim Wright 5-31-09.jpg                                    Here are the two baseballs I got autographed.
Wright and Flores autographed baseballs 5-31-09.jpg

                                      Here are the two Hunter got autographed.
Hunters baseballs 5-31-09.jpg

Today we sat behind home plate. Normally I don’t care for these seats but other than the annoying netting I was able to take some sweet pictures.

                                          But first here’s “Brat with a View”
Brat with a view 5-31-09.jpg

                                 Here’s Jorge and Tulo. Tulo was 1 for 3 with an RBI.
Jorge and Tulo 5-31-09.jpg                                      Garrett Atkins went 1-4 with a run scored.
Garrett Atkins 5-31-09.jpg                                                      Helton working it.
Helton 5-31-09.jpgBarmes was 1 for 4 for the day. If you click on this picture and expand it you can clearly see the stitching on the baseball.
Barmes at bat 2 5-31-09.jpg                                           Here’s Barmes just after contact.
Barmes at bat 3 5-31-09.jpg                   Todd Helton was 0-4 today. A rare off day for the big guy this year.
Helton at bat 5-31-09.jpgMrs. Colorado was at the game today. She wanted a picture with me but I agreed to do it only if she wore the Ranter hat.
Mrs Colorado 5-31-09.jpg
 She agreed to do it then backed out. Next time I’ll get it in writing. I slipped a Ranter card into her bag 🙂

  Brad Hawpe went 2 of 4 with a hit and a run scored. Hawpe is having a great season.

Hawpe at bat 5-31-09.jpg
                         Yorvit Torrealba went 2 of 4 with an RBI and two strikeouts.
Yorvit at bat 5-31-09.jpg
This at bat was one of them.

Yorvit struck out 5-31-09.jpg
I had to get a shot of Tony Gwynn, you know…with him being partly responsible for our win the day before.

Gwynn and Helton 5-31-09.jpg
                                                    This one got by him.
Helton trying 5-31-09.jpg
                       De La Rosa at bat. If you look close the ball is right by his hands.
De La Rosa at bat 5-31-09.jpg
                                          Tulowitzki went 1 for 3 with an RBI.

Tulowitzki at bat 5-31-09.jpg
                                          Best Haircut of the Game
Best haircut of the game 5-31-09.jpg

I’m not sure why we dropped the ball this game. Rockies lose game three to the Padres 5-2.

I’m going to blame it on Mrs. Colorado. She must have distracted the fellas with the crown and the pretty smile and all.
MC 5-31-09.jpg

                                     RPR’s Hagg’n points this game.

1 point- For attending the game.

4 points- For Jim Wright and Randy Flores’s autographs.

1 point- For consuming a brat.

                                                         Total = 6 points

                                    Hunter’s Hagg’n points this game.

1 point- For attending the game.

4 points- For Jim Wright and Randy Flores’s autographs.

1 point- For consuming a brat.

                                                         Total = 6 points 

I’m almost caught up on entries. I have one more to go. The next entry will be the game I attended with Hunter and his buddy Kyle.

                                                Go Rockies, I’m feeling it…D
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  1. rockymountainway

    That’s cool you caught me on tv D. I was getting text from people in Colorado after it happend but nobody recorded it of course! That game was a heartbreaker my friend. I’m still feeling the effects and trying to get psyched up for tonight’s. I think I’m staring to get a Rockies ulcer.

  2. luvmyrox

    A Rockies ulcer. So that’s what this is. I knew it had to have a name. :0/

    Don. . . how ya doin’? Are ya OK? It’s gonna be a lo-o-ong road trip. Glad you’ve got the whole house thing to keep you busy. 😀

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    TOM-Ulcer, makes sense. Props to you brotha for making the continued trek to follow our boys despite the losses.
    JULIA-I appreciate that.
    LUVMYROX-LOL-Maybe it is an ulcer, I thought it might be too many brats. A lot of times it’s not easy to be a Rockies fan. This is one of those times. It’s all up from here I hope…D

  4. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Sigh! I don’t know if the team has just given up or what but this is definitely getting disheartening. But on a happier note, Ian Stewart sure came through last night! Go Stewie!

    luvmyrox had a good suggestion on the board last night, they should just forfeit the game today, head out to STL and go to the zoo. LOL

    Like you said, hopefully it’s all up from here. (and love the picts, it’s almost like being at the game)

  5. luvmyrox

    Much less disheartening tonight after that awesome game! I hope they can keep some of that with them through the STL series. :0)

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