This Manny’s cool, the other one’s a fool

5/10/09                       Marlins vs Rockies Game 3

                                               Today was a special day.

Manny glove close up.jpgJust when I was questioning where the antics of one Manny (and numerous others) were taking my sport of baseball, I was able to witness another Manny doing something so special that I’m convinced baseball will be around for a long time.

                                         That’s powerful stuff from a RanterMe and Hunter 5-10-09.jpg

                                      (Above photo taken by Robert Harmon)

We waited in line for the chain to drop so we get a good spot and pick which player we wanted to get an autograph from. If you remember my entries from last season there was always an Usher who wrote the names of who would be signing that day on his hand.

Well he hasn’t written them on his hand in a while but he did write them on this piece of paper he was holding. 
paper 5-10-09.jpg                              This Usher’s name is Dan and he’s a really nice guy. 
Chain Usher 5-10-09.jpgOff to the right in the distance I could see this. Which explains why I was standing in line for autographs instead of snaggin baseballs.
Tarped Field 5-10-09.jpg

               This is one seriously empty pavilion. It actually looks kind of peaceful.
View of the Pavilion 5-10-09.jpgThe three of us had a plan, I was going to get Jeff Baker’s autograph, Hunter wanted Manny Corpas’s autograph and Krista was going to take pictures of both of us.

                                                      They were ready.
Krista and Hunter 5-10-09.jpgWhen the gate dropped Hunter and I took off and lost my wife in about 15 seconds.

I had no idea where she was the whole time I was standing in line waiting for Jeff Baker to sign.
Standing in line 5-10-09.jpg                                                Here we are in the mix

In the mix 5-10-09.jpgI thought to myself, did she twist an ankle, should I go look for her? I decided a twisted ankle would heal but how many times do you get a chance to get Jeff Baker’s autograph?

             Just then Franklin Morales tossed his warm-up ball up to Hunter. 

                               Here’s Manny Corpas signing Hunter’s baseball.

Manny signing Hunters baseball 5-10-09.jpg
                                             Here is Jeff Baker signing mine.
Jeff baker signing my baseball 5-10-09.jpgWhen I finished I watched Manny sign Hunter’s ball and we started to head up the steps .

With the help of a few Ushers relaying the message, Manny was calling for Hunter to come back down. 

We worked our way back down the stairs and Manny told Hunter to meet him over by the dugout after he was finished signing autographs. 

 When a player tells you to meet him over by the dugout that’s usually a good thing.

 We headed over to the dugout without delay and I kept trying to call my wife who wasn’t answering her phone. That added some much needed pressure to the whole drama. 
Hunter and I by the dugout 5-10-09.jpg                                Hunter and I were positioned and staying put.

So think about this, I’m a picture guy right? I’m about to see Manny do something really cool for Hunter (or so I think at this point), and my wife has the camera and she isn’t answering her phone.

 Normally I’m as cool as a cucumber but at this moment I was on the edge of seriously wigging. There was no way I was not going to get video of this.

Finally my phone rings, It’s Krista and I freak on her “Where are you, are you ok? You’re ok, good get down to the dugout right now…Hurry” She replies…”Look up” I looked up the stairs and there she was smiling.

Ok heart rate slowly going back to normal now, breathe Don…All is good. Dammit you’d think I was the guy waiting to meet Manny at the dugout. Some of us have to live vicariously through our children 🙂

 While we were waiting for Manny, Krista took a picture of my Jeff Baker autographed baseballJeff Baker autograph 5-10-09.jpg

                      Shortly thereafter Manny showed up and I shot this video.

I just want to to say that it was an accident that Hunter got hit with the ball. When Manny tossed the ball into the pavilion Hunter saw it coming and misjudged it and that’s why it hit him in the chest.

                  Manny didn’t have to do what he did. He owed Hunter nothing.

In the video Hunter tells Manny, “Next time I’ll catch it”. The other funny thing is Manny realizes he can’t sign a black glove with a black sharpie and he goes out of his way to find a silver sharpie. That was classy.

                 Thank you again Manny, that whole experience was trippindicular.

We had great seats today(Thank you Dan). Krista sat behind us a few rows at her request and took some pictures.

                                             My famous Brat with a view 
Brat with a view 2 5-10-09.jpg

                                  Hunter earned his Hagg’n point for a Brat too.
Hunter's brat 5-10-09.jpg

            Barb the Usher. I’ve mentioned Barb on the Rant before. She’s Good People !
Barb the Usher 5-10-09.jpg

                                Captain Earthman as Captain Earthman
Earth 5-10-09.jpg                                                   The view to my right
My view to my right 5-10-09.jpg                                                     The view to my left

To my left 5-10-09.jpgIt was a little crowded to the right of me, but other than Hunter it was primo snaggin territory to the left of me. Wouldn’t you know it, nothing was hit even close to our area.

            Oh well the lack of a home run ball didn’t put a damper on this day in the least.

                                 Rockies take game 3 over the Marlins 3-2

I wanted to thank this fine group employees for the extra time they took to make our food. There were exactly two people in front of us and we had to wait ten minutes to get out eats.

          I call this picture “A Brat takes an inning, I hope we’re still winning

Fast food not so fast 5-10-09.jpg    Yeah ten minutes. No it wasn’t a special order, it was three freggin Brats,…Plain.

I usually don’t mess with food service but an effort like that deserves some recognition so here ya go fellas. Congrats on a Brat cooked with extra extra love?

PS. It’s all good but save the party for after work food service fellas. I have a feeling if I had wanted fries with that Brat it would have been another inning 🙂

                           RPR’s Hagg’n points for this game

1 point- Attending the game.

2 points- Jeff Baker’s autograph.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

2 points-  For two pictures with Ushers.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat at the game.

1/2 point-  For snagging two extra season tickets after the game.

                                                    Total Points = 7.5

                                    Hunter’s Hagg’n points

1 point-  For showing up.

4 points- For Manny Corpas’s autograph twice.

10 points- For a piece of game used equipment (Manny’s glove).

2 points- Tossed up baseball from Franklin Morales.

1 point- Eating a foot long Brat.

1 point- Staying until the end of the game.

                                                     Total Points = 19

                                          Our next game is Tuesday night.
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Yes I do refer to myself in the third person at times in the blog, but I figure I own all of my persons and I should be able to use them at will.

 To one person in particular only: You can copy my format but you’re still my doormat…D


  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Oooooooooooh! I can’t wait to hear what happened! It’s nice to know that our players are paying attention. It was so nice to win today.
    OMG! I just played the video! THAT IS SO COOL! Manny you are the absolute best! I can’t believe he did that! Can this season get any better for you guys?! Wow! Wow! Wow!

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    DONNIE-That glove is on Hunter’s shelf, he’ll be buzzing for a few days 🙂
    R-LUV-It was nice to see that win. Manny’s top notch in my book. This season has been really fun so far.
    LUVMYROX-Thanks, I did mention to Manny to not let this incident stop him from tossing baseballs into the pavilion.
    I’ll finish this entry and the previous one after work Monday…D

  3. raysrenegade

    There ya go!
    Awesome score by Hunter. I guess getting great collectibles runs in the family now.
    I hope he uses that glove for his BP needs for a few weeks before retiring it to his collection.
    That is so cool that Manny did that for him.
    Guess it goes to prove that if you treat a player with respect and like your neighbor, good things can happen.
    Major Kudos and high-fives for Hunter.

    Rays Renegade

  4. 07nlchamps

    Hey Don, you’re welcome for the seats, and the ushers name is Dan 🙂 I see him all the time while Emily and I wait for Dinger in the bottom of the 2nd. See you tomorrow. Dan

  5. iliveforthis

    Oh man, now I know the Usher’s name is Dan. I was totally going to guess Jim. Oh well. Don… what a totally awesome gift that Manny gave Hunter!! I wanted to go and see if he was okay after I saw him get hit, but I figured that’d be totally weird since he doesn’t know me at all. I’m glad he’s okay, but HOW AMAZING!!! What a true gift. I’ll make a note that to get Atkins glove, I need to get hit in the collar bone.

  6. Kylie

    Ohmigod, that is the sweetest thing ever. I can’t believe he did that, but wow, is it ever nice to see some class from a player once in a while. Good job, Manny, and congrats, Hunter. That’s pretty cool!
    Kylie —


    It is true that baseball is here to stay and many of us will not see the end of it. When I get time I will form part of your group and visit pitches when teams are working out as we get autographs from our favorite players. How about that? – Jordan

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