Forget the loss, show the Giants who’s boss


ouch.jpgOuch yesterday’s loss to the Padres hurt.

Onto better things, I’ve been waiting for a day like today. Damn near every Rockies game I’ve attended so far this season to has been cold or wet.

Today I have a few things going for me. First, I’m off work today. I tend to have a lot more energy on days that I haven’t gotten up at 2:30 am and worked a ten hour shift before going to batting practice.

 The weather today is supposed to be beautiful and the last game I attended I snagged five baseballs so I’m feeling it. I’m just hoping they’ll have batting practice.



Last baseball season  I made a wager with a Giants fan I work with named Todd. The wager was which team “the Giants or Rockies” would have more wins in the month of Sept 08. 

The loser had to wear the other’s jersey at work for a day.

(Giants fan Todd wearing Todd Helton’s jersey for a day—–YEAH ! ———>>)

Well that same bet is on this season only it’s for the entire season.

But wait there’s more, a second wager was placed on which team will have more wins in just the Rockies/Giants series this season. The loser has to purchase and cook hot dogs at work one day in September for everyone working.

 Right now the Giants are a win up on the Rockies in games they’ve played against each other and three games above the Rockies in wins this season.

That sheet needs to change quick like, I don’t like playing catch up.I hate losing to the Giants.

randy johnson simpsons.jpg

 Most baseball fans have players they admire/respect besides the ones on their favorite team.

Today I get to witness one of mine in action. I hate when the Rockies have to face this guy, but I love any opportunity I get to see him pitch.

That player for me is Randy Johnson.  The Big Unit.

So the scenario I’m going for tonight is Randy pitches well for his run on the mound and the Giants relievers blow it in the later innings.

      Rockies get the win.

I might even pull the Ranter jersey off, head over to the Giants dugout and see if I can get the Unit’s autograph.

There are not many players I’ll do that for.


                                ROCKIES FAN PROFILE

The Rockies fan profile is something that I will do periodically throughout the season. I will have a link on my sidebar to a page where you can view them all. 

I will always post them in a blog entry first.

The first Rockies Fan Profile has to be Dan Sauvageau.

DAn S  Emily and Ryan5-6-09.jpgDan is a true Rockies fan in every sense of the word. He has introduced me to a lot of really cool people at Coors Field and is always doing something nice for someone whether it be hooking them up with tickets or physically taking someone who needs help to the game and getting them home safe. 

Anyone who knows Dan or has met him can testify to his kindness/generosity.

Bottom line Dan loves baseball and loves sharing it with his family.

 I respect that. 

He and his daughter Emily are regulars at Coors field and can always be found in Row 1 of the left field pavilion handing out baseballs and cheering on the Rockies.


Dan writes an MLBlog for his daughter Emily called Dinger’s best friend.

            These are the Rockies Fan Profile questions and here are Dan’s answers.

Q– How long have you been a Rockies Fan?  

A- 1993,  I hate to say it, but I was a Cubs fan before that. 

Q Your Favorite Rockies Player. A) current   B) past  

ATodd Helton and Larry Walker.

Q-  Who is your favorite baseball player of all time. 

A- Mike Schmidt.

Q- What is your best Rockies moment personal or witnessed. 

A- When I caught two home run balls on the fly in the SAME inning off of Mike Lansing and Jeff Cirillo.

5. Rockies player you’d most like to have a beer and a burger with. 

A- Larry Walker

Q- Tell me your favorite donut. 

thanks baseball.jpg
Plain chocolate donut.

                 Thank you Dan for all you do.

For supporting the Rockies and for being part of the Rockpile Rant pretty much from the beginning.

I have a feeling that today is going to be one of those good days. Watching baseball live is like fishing. There are no bad days.

                          Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image


  1. bk2484

    Ranter, I agree with you on watching Johnson tonight. He looked like vintage Big Unit last time we faced him. I hope we can touch him up for a few more runs tonight. Nice job on the fan profile (see if you can squeeze me into one). I love reading your blogs and seeing the pics. I’ll try and come by and say hello at the game today. Peace, Love and Baseball.

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    BLAKE-Send me an email with a picture, a little bio and the answers to the above questions and I’ll do you’re profile.
    The next Rockies Fan Profile will e R-Luv…D

  3. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Have a great time at the game. I think with the luck you’ve been having getting autographs The Big Unit’s is in the bag.

  4. luvmyrox

    Game just over. . . didn’t turn out quite the way most of us expected it to, I think! But hey, that’s quite OK with me! đŸ˜€ Hope you got the graph, but yikes. . . to take off the Ranter jersey to do so? Dang. LOL

    Cool Fan Profile. I can attest to Dan’s generosity to fellow Rox fans. :0)

    ~ joy

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