He signed the ball, but the Sky Sox fall


SSF Colorado Springs 5-3-09.jpgHunter and I left Denver early so we could get to Colorado Springs early enough to visit my buddy Joe and catch the Sky Sox batting practice if there was to be one. We arrived at Joe’s house in at 10:10 am and he informed us the game that was scheduled at 1pm was now a double header that started at 11am.

So Hunter and I said a quick hello and goodbye and were off to Security Service Field where the Sky Sox call home.

I only had two missions today. First was watch some warm/dry baseball and second was try to get # 40 David Ortmeier’s autograph on his first Rockie home run baseball that I snagged during this past spring training.

We arrived, parked and were inside the stadium by 10:45.

One of the first players I saw out on the field was Ortmeier. Security Service Field was empty so Hunter and I positioned ourselves as close to the Sky Sox dugout as possible.
our seats 5-3-09.jpg

Ortmeier auto on HR ball 5-3-09.jpg David came right back and then autographed this monumental baseball. No special inscription but he signed it on the sweet spot. Thank you David.Hunter first baseball of 2009.jpg



Hunter posing with his first baseball of 2009—–>

Hunter managed to snag three actual game baseballs The first one was from Sky Sox first baseman # 8 Christian Colonel.

The second one was from the opposing first baseman and the third one was from hitting coach Rene Lachemann 

Rene and Hunter 5-3-09.jpg  Rene was giving away balls to kids that he picked randomly out of the crowd.

He would first ask if they were going to cheer for the Sky Sox. Of course every kid said yes. Then he would give them the ball, as they turned to walk away he would shout “You better not be lying” .

Take a look at Hunter’s face when Rene shouted “You better not be lying” at him. I took a lot of great pictures today but this one is the best 🙂
Hunter and Rene 5-3-09.jpg

This was my boys first game this season and I’ve been missing that smile:). Hunter is exactly like me. My guy just likes hanging out at baseball parks and snaggin baseballs. 

                                    Thanks Rene, Hunter and I needed that.

About the 8th or 9th inning I heard a voice tell me “Excuse me sir I’m going to have to ask you to leave the stadium” I turned to my right and was thinking WTF?.

Standing beside me was Tom of Rocky Mountain Way. He said was in town to see some good weather baseball. So far the weather was pretty damn good.

Nice to see you again Tom. 

Sal Fasano auto 5-3-09.jpgI managed to snag a few autographs besides Ortmeier’s. Remember Sal Fasano?

Well Sal stopped and signed a ball for me. 

Sal wasn’t sporting any facial hair and when I asked him why he shaved his trademark mustache he mentioned that Sky Sox have a no facial hair rule.

He also mentioned to me that he didn’t like it very much.

 I agree,… Sal Fasano without a mustache is like a hot dog without the fixins. Sal I respect you brotha, we all got to do what we all got to do to pay the bills.  

Sal Fasano 5-3-09.jpg

                   Here is # 34 Randy Flores pitching and # 44 Sal Fasano catching.
Randy Flores and Sal Fasano5-3-09.jpg                    Outfielder # 6 Matt Miller was another autograph I was able to get.
Matt Miller Autograph 5-3-09.jpg
Matt Miller Autograph ball 5-3-09.jpg
EY jr 5-3-09.jpg




 Lastly, Hunter and I both were able to get Erik Young Jr to stop and sign for us..

Here’s a shot of the ball he autographed for me.
Erik Young Jr auto 5-3-09.jpgThat was it, I ran out of baseballs to get autographed.

I couldn’t let these great seats go to waste so I just started taking pictures.




 Security Service Field has a Hot Tub you can rent during the game. Today’s tub was a boppin. 

                      All I can say is I hope they change the water between games.

Hot tub 2-5-3-09.jpgHot tub 5-3-09.jpg                                              Jason Hirsh on the mound
Hirsh 5-3-09.jpg            First base for Game 1 of todays double header was Christian Colonel.
Christian Colonel 5-3-09.jpg                                                    Jonathan Herrera 
Herrera 5-3-09.jpg                                                              Safe
Safe 5-3-09.jpg                                             Catcher # 17 Edwin Bellorin 
Edwin Bellorin 5-3-09.jpg

                                                       Herrera strike
Herrera Strike 5-3-09.jpg                                                        EY Jr and Herrera
EY jr and Herrera 5-3-09.jpg                                                     # 34 Randy Flores
Randy Flores 5-3-09.jpg 
Flores 2.jpg
Catch 2 5-3-09.jpg                                           Third baseman # 19 Kenny Perez
Kenny Perez 5-3-09.jpg                                                Outfielder # 21 Chris Frey
Chris Frey 5-3-09.jpg                    Here is the final Score for the original Game 1 vs the River Cats.

Game 1 final Score 5-3-09.jpgThis game was the continuation of Friday’s game which was eventually called in the second inning. Saturdays game was never played and Sundays game wound up being a double-header in which we only stayed for one game.
Autographs 5-3-09.jpg The Sky Sox also lost the second game today with a final score of 7-4. This is the first time this season the Sky Sox have lost two in a row.

Great day, sorry we had to see a loss.

In other news, the Rockies lose today and give the series to the Giants. (I hate losing to the Giants). On a positive note the Nuggets won game one against the Mavericks in round two of the NBA Playoffs.

I love watching the Sky Sox play. The ballpark is so small it is like being at spring training game. Most of the players I saw today were the players I was watching for nine days in Tucson during a few months back.  

Everyone we asked to sign today did so without hesitation. Here is a close-up of the autographs that I received today.
My autographs 5-3-09-1.jpg Not all Major League ballplayers “Get it” but when you go back one level to AAA, most of these fellas do.

Too much fun and a great day spent with my son. Hunter and I are ready for a round of Coors Field batting practice. It’s only a fifteen minute drive 🙂

                                                       Go Rockies…D
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                                      All photos taken by the Rockpile Ranter


  1. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    HAPPY-LOL, those “babes’ were from Colorado Springs. Military town. I wasn’t sure if they were tubbin or bathing 🙂
    JULIA-Thanks, great day…D

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Glad you and Hunter had such a great time at the Sky Sox game. I know what you mean about seeing that smile on Hunter’s face. As a parent there’s nothing better in the world than knowing our kids are happy especially if we had a hand in it.
    Sal looks soooooo different.

  3. kingofcali

    Very cool to get all those balls signed. Cool to get EY Jr. Very funny about hoping they changed the water….hahhahah

    My Giants were able to get 2 out of 3 from you guys. It’s just our great pitching right now. We cant put up runs for nothing!

    ~ King of Cali

  4. .

    Yo, yo…My bad about not leavin’ some love lately on the Rant, D, but I’ve been keepin’ up with your coverage in the Rockpile, don’t you worry. Your Hagg’n stats are looking good. Too bad they don’t count at Minor League Games :/ I was going to travel to a Minor League team’s facility for a game this past Sunday, but, with the rain, it was postponed. Ozzie Smith had planned to be there to sign, along with his son, Tino Martinez, Tim Raines who is the head coach of the home team, Newark Bears, and there is also a few former Mets on the team as well that I wouldn’t mind having sign a group ball. So, I’ve been keeping up with this trip brotha…I plan to go to Kansas City for three days afterward for 3 of 4 games at Kauffman Stadium. If you have any updates for me, as far as tickets goes, let me know. I’m trying to plan out the cash flow situation as soon as possible. Thanks again man! And I can’t wait to see Hunter out-snag me that week…I don’t know his ballpark like he does.

    – Donnie

  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    SUE-I didn’t recognize him at first. I was weird.
    R-LUV-Agreed, I know you know 🙂
    K of C-Round two coming up on Wed brotha. I say Rockies take two of three. What say you?
    DONNIE-All is good on my end. I let you know about the tickets when I know. Hunter out snags me all the time.

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